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Greetings Customers!

If your question is, what war? my answer for you is: Gary's War of Ideas.

I grant that this war is not of my origination and that there are others (see last paragraph in this link) better qualified to write about the war of ideas as same relates to our (American) culture versus t.h.e.i.r (other's) culture(s) but by the same token I can't claim to be for those better-than-me qualified writers 5 'secular' values of reason, freedom, rights, material prosperity and personal happiness if I can't show how I my-individual-self-me am for these values also.

I am and here's how.


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  • BiO Spiritualism's Six Sigma-Secular Values
  •    BiO Spiritualism's Six Sigma-Secular values =
    5 Secular values + 1 Value-added Gary value

       Why Six Sigma?
        Six Sigma, in Engineering circles, is all about managing manufacturing processes so as to produce higher quality products.
        In Manufacturing Engineering the processes to be managed are all that go into producing the component parts that make up the whole product--from the nuts 'n bolts holding everything together to the individual piece parts the sum of which the whole is.
        In Psychhology Engineering the processes to be managed are the 4 Virtures (see June 2007 NewsLetter) and the higher quality product to be produced is Me, Myself and I (or in your case You, Yourself and You). Me and you that is, qua beings of self made souls, qua valuers of the Six sigma secular values over and above all--save possibly one--of their antithesis values in the nonsecular/religious traditions of soul building.
       But not without first reacknowledging, reaffirming 'our' anti-Secular Humanism position.
       That is, I am a secularist but I am not for Secular Humanism and since I have already explained elsewhere why I am not a Secular Humanist we can move directly to BiO Spiritualism's Six Sigma-Secular Values: One, reason, Two rights, Three freedom, Four & Six material & mental prosperity and Five, personal happiness.
       And we note that the one value-added Gary-value is the sixth one: mental prosperity.
       And also though we won't get into it at this time (because we haven't developed it yet) we will eventually get into the BiO Spiritualism hypothesis that reads like this:

         Ho: Mental prosperity is the a key to longevity.

       Then ... we can pause ... for a couple of moments ... while we dispense with the myth that "everybody" in America is of course for these six "secular" values and as such "we" are just preaching to the choir as it were and consequently this "being-for-your-values" topic is boring.
       The real truth is, most people in America are not for these "secular" values but are rather for secularism's opposites which--not uncoincidentally--are

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  • Personal Happiness
  •    How am I for this?

       To so explain this is a 'no brainer' .

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  • Material Prosperity
  •    If I were in kindergarten and my teacher presented me with 5 things: reason, rights, freedom, material prosperity and personal happiness and then asked me to pick the one thing that didn't belong I would pick this--the material prosperity-one.
       To me it just doesn' seem to fit in with the other 4 things as well as the other 4 things fit in among themselves. That is, our United States Constitution talks about church-state separation and rights and liberty and pursuit of happiness but nowhere does it talk about material prosperity. Or at least it doesn't talk about it for the individual. It does however mention in more than one place (see Article I, section 8 for several such mentions) things that can be construed to be talk about the "material prosperity" of the Government.
       Is this one of our Constitutions errors? Or maybe we could call it a ... defect? It talks about material prosperity of the Government but not of the Individual?
       Unfortunately, not only is this question and its answer way beyond our current scope it is also way beyond my pay-grade as a thinker who enjoys writing about these topics and so for now I accept that those professional (Objectivists) who include this "material prosperity" thing in the secular- values mix know what they are doing.
       Does this mean I am taking it on faith (?!?) that they so know?

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  • Mental Prosperity

  •    Material prosperity is having more money than you need, to meet your basic material needs.
       Mental prosperity is having more time than you need, to meet your basic mental needs.

       Your basic material needs are: food, clothing and shelter.

       Your basic mental needs are: truth, justice and the American way.

       And the first of these is, the American way and the American way is ...

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  • New Customers
  •    As of this time BiO Spiritualism Counseling Centers are only available online.
       If you feel you need more than "sounding board" advice as same is afforded you via BiO Spiritualism's Online processes (including the multiple benefits you can get for $$$ FREE $$$ from just reading the content in`s BiO Spiritualism and Gary's Venns websides) you are best advised to seek out a therapist with whom you can establish a rapport and get some serious psychological (that is, psychological as in Selfishness Training) work done.
       For some insight on how you can help yourself manage this aspect of your growth and development go here and click on the "How to choose a therapist" article.

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