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On the particular part of the planet--southern Minnesota, USA-- where I grew up, June is summer ... summer is fun ... fun is recreation ... recreation is going to the local swimming hole if you are 6 years old, to the horse races if you are 60.

We aren't 6.

Summer fun interrupted ...


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  • Global Warming
  •    Don't bother to examine a folly-- ask yourself only what it accomplishes.
                                - Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead,
                                p.637, pbk.

        Environmentalism ... is a synthesis of religion and socialism.
                                -Peter Schwartz, founding
                                editor and publisher of
                                The Intellectual Activist

       So what does global warming, qua folly, accomplish?
       Global Warming's accomplishment-or at least, partial accomplishment--is to establish Environmentalism as one of the official Religions of the New Millenium.
       Not a bad (slangily speaking), not a bad accomplishment.
       Since a goodly number of modern day people are responding to their old religion as if god were dead, it doesn't mean they don't still have religious needs to satisfy.
       They do.
       Loosely speaking.
       (More tightly speaking, we would call these, philosophical needs but that's beyond our scope here.)
       Loosely speaking a goodly number of modern day men and women are turning to Environmentalism as replacement for their old religion's ... Malevolent Universe Premise.
       As an ex-Christian I know first hand how difficult it is to undo a malevolent universe premise. Because it is an epistemological issue (and I said I wasn't going to get into philosophy ... oh well ... just a bit and then that's it ...) ...


  • 4 Virtues
  •    When I went through my first separation and divorce (thirtysome years ago) I was 29 years old and as it turns out didn't know myself. Then in one particular moment of rhapsody I discovered my consciousness. It was as if I came around a corner and bumped into myself and as "we" stared at each other I had a profound realization: I have met the friend and he is I.
       From that moment forward my life has been an exercise in unpacking the joys of being human.
       {A human being

    Read on...
  • PsycHHology Engineering vs Social Engineering
  •    Social Engineering is all about the government and its lackeys trying to change us one neuron at a time into sheep.
       PsycHHology Engineering is all about us making us more moral one individual at a time so we can have a 100% lfc or ofc society.
       Psychhology Engineering is you engineering you to be a better individual human being.
       Social Engineering is you engineering others to be better at helping you achieve your (unadmitted) goals.
       So that we can say, Psychhology Engineering is you engineering you to be better at you-helping-you achieve your goals.
       Granted, psychhology engineering assumes your phhilosophhy sets your goals, with phhilosophhy understood to mean, Objectivism.
       Objectivism, the quadruple 'h philosophy.
       And what does this mean?
       It simply means that when I use the word philosophy, I mean Objectivism as the best instance of this subject available to us right now in this the first decade of the 3rd Millennium but that the general category 'philosophy' - as same was studied by Aristotle, Plato et al - still has a future and that if it is to be a good future it should be based on Objectivism, hence, philosophy means phhilosophhy ... for now.

  • New Customers
  •    As of this time BiO Spiritualism Counseling Centers are only available online.
       If you feel you need more than "sounding board" advice as same is afforded you via BiO Spiritualism's Online processes (including the multiple benefits you can get for $$$ FREE $$$ from just reading the content in`s BiO Spiritualism and Gary's Venns websides) you are best advised to seek out a therapist with whom you can establish a rapport and get some serious psychological (that is, psychological as in Selfishness Training) work done.
       For some insight on how you can help yourself manage this aspect of your growth and development go here and click on the "How to choose a therapist" article.

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