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As tax month approaches we are reminded how much nicer it would be if we lived in a 100% laissez-faire capitalist society. We feel certain that if we did, our taxes would be 9% of what they are today under our current Mixalism Capitalistic System. But since we can’t stop living until that day comes here is some FoodFor Thought ... for you to chew on.

  • Selfishness Training
  •    Even though Selfishness Training means training in the art and science of becoming Objectivismly selfish a person has to becareful of qualifying selfishness in any form, including this form. But by the same token since selfishness is very widely misunderstood to mean absense of concern for others rights we are forced to qualify what we mean by it, hence for shorthand purposes we mean, Objectivismly selfish.
       Objectivismly selfish means selfish in the sense of being concerned with the needs of the self as needs are used in their proper, scientific sense: survival needs. For me or any individual to satisfy his or her survival needs is good.
       Therefore, Selfishness is good.
       Therefore, Selfishness Training is good.
       For the background on BiO Spiritualism’s relationship to (the) Selfishness Training (Institute) follow the link.

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  • Religion deProgramming
  •    Christians today get some kind of satisfaction in seeing themselves “bashed” by the rest of the world. And to some extent they are correct—they are being bashed. But what they are not recognizing is that it is a deserved bash.
       Granted, Islam with its obviously worse programming methods—i.e., see its youth rocking back and forth ramming unsupported- by-any-rational-evidence ‘beliefs’ down their throats ... or Islam’s sons of parents who tell them they are so worthless they may as well blow their- self’s up in the name of some non-existent entity ... and oh!, by the way, (they the parents add as if it were nothing more than an after-thought) while you’re at it why don’t you take a few infidels along with you on the way to your grave ... – that

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  • State Schooling deEducation
  •    According to the modern philosophy known as Objectivism the only proper function of a government is to protect the individual’s right to life from thugs--thugs foreign and thugs domestic.
       Consequently, the government is responsible for and should be responsible for the military and the police and by logical extension the court system as arbiter of differences that logically arise between volition possessing beings such as non-omniscient human beings. Beings who—in a free society—more or less voluntarily agree to put the use of retaliatory physical force under the control of the government.
       But that’s it.
       The government has no business being involved in a-n-y o-t-h-e-r enterprises.
       These enterprises include business. The government has no business being involved in any business, be that the business of producing consumer products or of producing educated people.
       And this is not an optional opinion anymore than is the Mechanical Engineer’s

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  • New Customers
  •    As of this time BiO Spiritualism Counseling Centers are only available online.
       If you feel you need more than “sounding board” advice as same is afforded you via BiO Spiritualism’s Online processess (including the multiple benefits you can get for $$$ FREE $$$ from just reading the content in`s BiO Spiritualism and Gary’s Venns websides) you are best advised to seek out a therapist with whom you can establish a rapport and get some serious psychological (that is, psychhological) work done.
       For some insight on how you can help yourself manage this aspect of your growth and development go here and click on the “How to choose a therapist” article.

    $150 Value for FREE

    $150 Value for $$$ FREE $$$$ when you become a beta tester:
    Agree to be a Beta Tester of BiO Spiritualism’s new online process called Reflect’ology and receive 3 FREE additional rounds—each a $50 value—redeemable at any time for two years from the end of your Beta Tester round. To be a beta tester requires you to go to www.RaIseBooks.c om and after you have registered order the eM.One product under BiO Spiritualism Products, enter a problem or two you desire help with (you can even make it up if you like) and then start the process by returning it to my email address. Initially you pay $1 for the $10 eM.One (via a $9-OFF Coupon I'll provide) and then later you pay $4 for the $40 eM.Three (via a $36-OFF Coupon I'll provide) and then when you return your feedback, critiquing what you did, did not like about the process and/or suggestions on how you think it would be better, your $5 will be refunded to you and your name noted for your 3 FREE Rounds in the future. So take advantage of this offer that is limited to this development time before the Reflect’ology Process gets finalized. This Offer is limited to the addressee’s of this BiO Spiritualism email Newsletter, so reply to this email letting me ( know you want to be a Beta Tester and I will let you know by private email what to do next.

    Offer Expires: When Reflect'ology Process is Finalized