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This weeks theme is learning to love the tough stuff as it arises (not about liking it, because sometimes it just sucks!) ...  story end of email, along with
an opportunity to VOTE for us for Best of the East Bay. We were runner up Best of Ashland!! (What a surprise as we didn't know we were running!) AND an opportunity to be some wind under the wings of a soul brother of mine. All below the photos ...

Model: poet Lynne Thompson
Photographer: Alexis Rhone Fancher
Clare came by shopping as we were unpacking ... 
Alexis was having a photo shoot, while I was shopping in LA 
Synchronicity strikes again! Clare Bought an IVKO Linen knit cardigan (All sizes available!) and a roll up travel hat (we're going to Bali in a couple of weeks! Woo hoo!) And Lynne modeled the Biya Dress, which the fabulous Photographer (photos right) and poet, Alexis Rhone Fancher ,kept!
AND ... we got the photos just in time for an Ashland ad that was due that day!
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So I was meeting with a small circle of awesome women last night ...
It was an intimate birthday circle/party for a woman (goddess in fullness) who's actions have made large positive impacts on our world and her birthday wish was to become "proficient" in being the love spark to bring others into their fullness (capacity for loving) as she has been and is growing large online gatherings. We reminded her how just being around her does that, there was nothing she needed to do. And then the other women shared beautiful stories, dances, poetry ... speaking to how they've been dancing with what comes, one in a place of receptivity, one walking in beauty and the "self blessing" which that brings. We were noticing how being present in the midst of our or others' pain while staying in love is a useful muscle to develop. Learning to be with pain ... I hear you.... I'm with you... without judging, fixing, or figuring it out (hard for many of us!) Focusing on love, feeling it in our bodies ... breathing in love ... like breathing into a contraction during birth. Watching as the false prophets of guilt, shame, blame and fear lose their grip in love. Beauty is a way to access love as we have such a limited vocabulary for love. Dancing in beauty ...
My daughter Shaye was in the National Flamenco Dance Company in Guadalajara and once as we were watching the contorted faces in the expressions of the dancers, she pointed out the beauty of that "ugliness", the beauty of the pain expressing deep humanity.  It's the beauty of the dance of life and as the beholder we have that choice to look with the artist eye, the poets' words and the beloveds' heart.
There are multiple friends and family situations throughout my life (and right now!) that have me develop this muscle of feeling the love ... breathing into the pain. One is my long time soulbrother David, who has been working hard to develop all of his muscles. He and his family live in Bali where he recently had a massive stroke, bringing him to the edge and coming back to his left side paralyzed. Fortunately his partner Lise is a master at managing health. She noticed the signs and got him to the hospital immediately, then once he was fairly stabilized, she managed to get him medevaced to Singapore and into great care.  He has been working very hard to recover his motor ability and is coming along miraculously ... though still a long road ahead. Some of you know him and most of you don't, but I am putting a link to his fund raiser (to help pay the hospital in Singapore) if you feel inspired to add a few $'s or some words of encouragement, please do.
Many hands make light work and many small amounts make a big difference ... as Mrs Ausabel says, It's all relatives ... spread around what you can and ask for what you need.
Stroked ...
 Photo of David and I taken by Alexis Rhone Fancher last year in LA and David now in Singapore ... coming along!
Bali Family
           Davids family in Bali                          David and Lise                        Lise and Grace                     Grace
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