Top of the mornin' LoveTribe! 
Ahh spring ... the leprechauns and divas sprinkling their magic in our blooming gardens.  
Thank-you to all of you who voted for Outbacks' nomination for best new clothing shop. Yeah! We are nominated! Now the voting starts! vote. 
We are in transition and many new seeds have blossomed. Some of us are fully bloomed, but most of us in a chrysalis state. Relax into your cocoon and trust in the "unfolding" ...
In our Temple Shop of love, beauty and good deals, we are transitioning with an abundance of new spring clothing at our usual great prices. You can see a small sampling below. Plus fall (and Bay Area year round) clothing on sale at an additional half off. AND full racks at $24 and $38 on our sidewalk sale.
To sing in the new year we have Jenna and her new musical partner Rolf in the house (temple) this Saturday night!
Come get sparked by Jenna and Rolf this Saturday night March 19th at our Berkeley location 1799A 4th st.
Singing in the spring (in the garden of our new spring clothing) 
Jenna Mamina (voted best jazz singer in the Bay Area) with Rolf who she's been touring with this last year.  Their first album called Spark is fitting for the chemistry between the 2 and the alchemy that happens in the room. read more about them at
There is a $20 donation to them ... YET, that can be offset by 20% off any and all purchases that evening (before and or after the concert). There will be food and drink and if you feel so moved bring something to add to the mix.

Leslie S
Inizio Spring Linen and Tencel Linen and tencel
New cotton shirts in classic fit and slim fit mens shirts spring 2016
mens shirts
Vintage 1946

  Khalil Gibran
This is what feeling the Bern is ... it's feeling the fear that Trump is stirring, the boil that he is lancing and holding it in a vision of love, of peace, of trust that we can ride this wave. That we can land on the beach, feeling the breezes blowing off the ocean ... feelings without judgement.
I hadn't intended to add "politics", but since I did speak of feeling the Bern ... I would like to acknowledge Hillary for keeping her feet in the fire. There is no way, at this stage, could we have a "Bernadette" (or Trumpla) get this far. She has been a bridge and we are ready for a woman leader, she may not be the one on the other side of this bridge, I'm not sure. Personally ... Barbara Lee speaks for me! But I have the patience and trust to appreciate the steps along the path.
NOW FOR DRESSING THAT BUTTERFLY ... 20% off one clothing item and Saturday night 20% off entire purchase ... password LoveTribe.
xoxo Pony O'Hara (aka Devi)
Outback in the Temple of Venus has been nominated for Best New Clothing shop.
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  20% off 1 item
Saturday night  March 19th from 4pm until closing 20% off entire purchase
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