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(Public Sale starts Friday)
Berkeley shop will be opened until 8ish
Point Richmond until 6ish
Ashland Sale starts Labor Day weekend

Berkeley: 1799A 4th st
  This Thursday open until 8 
Mon-Thurs 10-6
Fri & Sat 10-7  510 527-1945
Point Richmond: 139 W. Richmond Ave.   
 11-6 Mon-Sat, 11-5 Sunday   510 237 1199
Ashland: 275 Main St Ashland, OR  
 11-6ish Sun-Thurs, Fri 11-8ish ...  Sat. 10-8  541 708 0695
Yo LoveTribe!
hanging at the Whitney

I've been on the road constantly for a few months ...
New York with friends and family (Joanne* and I at the Whitney museum left), then on to LA and trades shows in Las Vegas (20 of them!).

I found some GREAT pieces for fall.

Now I'm back and working on our HUGE  Semi- Annual Sale. This sale will be the first time in years that I will give an additional 50% off all clothing and the first time ever that we will have 50% off all other merchandise as well! (It was usually 20%).

In celebration of our expanded community and all the wonderful merchandise that came our way from our suppliers this past season. After we clear the space in our shops and warehouse, we will be doing some re-modeling, getting ready for the fall.

In my travels while getting new merchandise for the fall, I couldn't resist some great deals to put in with the sales. The companies asked that I not mention names in my emails as well as advertising, though most of you know who they are. But I can mention we will have a rack of gorgeous silk pants and tanks for $24 (regularly $118-$179) Hmmm ... maybe I need to put out at $48 as the racks will be half off too! WOW! Additional half off our $11, $24 $38, $59 and 50% off racks!).

I continually learn so much from all my diverse friends and family ... each person is such a unique creature. Not only do we all have our unique dna mix, we also have our unique cultural mix. Throw in a lot of insecurities and it's amazing that we manage to get along! We get along when we allow and appreciate each others'  differences ... unique gifts. This is why Burningman (being raised now) is so uplifting ... a world where everyone is accepted for who they show up as.
Come out, come out ... whoever you are ... your paradoxal self, your changing self, your "on the spectrum" self, your beautiful self, your queer self, your lazy self, your driven self, your crazy self, your sane self, your boring self, your creative self, your fun self, your brilliant self and especially your compassionate self...
It's time we make a world that works for all selves, instead of trying to medicate all to fit into, hold onto, a world that works for some. If the world worked for the majority, we wouldn't have such a huge number of people medicated, jailed, hungry ... depressed.
People coming out to who they are when they are happy ... to people that are accepting and appreciating of a different mix from their own.

Let us assist you in finding things that comfort you, inspire you and enlighten you to who you are, assisting you to come out.
Come to the Temple of Love, Beauty and good deals (even better this week ahead!)

Being fearless  Choosing love
xoxo Devi and all the other goddesses Outback:
  Hillary, Gail, Leslie, Luna, Patricia, Clare, Becky, Yvonne, Silvia, Heather,
Sherron, Lisa, Chloe, Jade, Tessa, Susan, Kayt, Michelle, Kelly and Nancy

*Joanne is my bestie for many moons. She was finally acknowledged last week  by Werner Erhard for raising consciousness at a mass level through her ad campaign for MasterCard "Master the Possibilities". She was the first executive "Mad Woman" and a deeply compassionate, spiritual woman in the male corporate trenches.  Yeah Joanne!

Luna Elizabetta Ricardi, Deca

Deca, JW, Dolma, PG
Silvia Friday Goddess hostess

JW March 15

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