Our Annual Mothers' Day Sale Event!
Further discounts, gifts, treats and new offerings:
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shot opening night
 nap time
Hola mi amigas y amigos!
Nap time in mi casa...

I took some time out in my home in San Miguel de Allende...
Time out is the best gift we can give ourselves ... time in. Checking in, letting go.
On the other spectrum is the gift of being seen and/or seeing another, and being there for each other. While I was laying here on my bed  I see a FB post of my friend Romio, a little while after speaking with him (in Nepal) on facebook chat ... "OMG the earth is moving!" Since then we've all seen the devastation. Romio and his family are OK in body ... "My soul is crying!"
The Nepalese people are very compassionate, resourceful and help each other, yet I'm sure many of you have heard how the corrupt government is stealing aid! OYE!

My family/friends immediately put together a relief team and have already reached and supported over 5000 people in remote villages and continue on the ground every day. Christine lived for 13 years in Nepal and has a company there for many years since, Cheppu Himal, of goods made in. Nepal (which gives out school scholarships). Her son Bodhi is one of my favorite "sons", here's his words...

"I was born and raised in Kathmandu.  There is no choice for me but to take action in support of the country I love and the people I care for. Sadly, I have done this before.  In the wake of the 2004 tsunami that claimed my home and many of my friends, I started a grassroots relief organization that grew to encompass 15 villages, 120 projects, and a budget of over $4 million USD. 

I am helping co-create this effort because I trust and believe in the people we will support - we know who they are, and we will figure out how to help them."

Any  amount donated will be a direct relief to someone ... along with the feeling of being connected and embraced by the larger world. 

May this "Shiva" destruction lead to the creation of more sustainable architecture and comfortable living conditions for the expanded population that has outgrown the old forms.  

And may the Temples be rebuilt keeping the heart of the city beating, with the sacred seeds from the past, planted into the future. 

This week a percent of our "Mother's Week" sales will go to this relief fund http://www.wehelpnepal.org 

Care for yourself while caring for others.  


At our Temples of love and beauty, it is our intention to see and serve you. We have a large selection and stylists that can help you navigate through it all, offer our input and hear your needs.
Mothers day is like a time out/in for moms ... many have enjoyed sharing it at Outback over the years.

There are 2 more events coming up the following week, which I may get a reminder out about (or not). A special evening in Ashland on Thursday May 14th from 6-8, and the free Jazz fest on 4th st on Sunday May 17th.

Mothers day 2015
  Amira, Chloe,MArgot Jade, Susan, NAdja, ma
pictured above: me and those I've  mothered, Shaye, Jennifer (sister) & Diva
me and my mom (Virginia)
MOMS: Romio's mom, Margot, TB Chloe and Ari, Anandamayi ma, Chloe & Susan, ma laughing (she laughed a lot!), Jade, Nadja and our beloved Amira (May 4 was her BD)
Our Annual Mothers' Day Sale Event!
Further discounts, gifts, treats and new offerings:
30% off all Pete & Greta and Deca,  ... 20% off any other 1 item

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I stopped off in LA on my Mexico trip and got many new pieces (not shown below) of Johnny Was, Biya...
JW March 15

Deca in the house ...
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30% off Pete & Greta and Deca
20% off any 1 item

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