New clothing in ...
Johnny Was! For Love & Liberty, Pete & Greta, Citron! Biya!
 Sunlight, Cop Copine, Grazia P, Isabel De Pedro
plus Deca, Karen Klein, Weston Wear and more ...
Berkeley Outback 1799A 4th st 510 527-1945
Hours: Everyday 10-6ish
Point Richmond Outback 139 W. Richmond Ave. 510 237 1199
Regular Hours:11-6 Mon-Sat, 11-5 Sunday (did you know there is parking in the rear?)

Happy Valentines LoveTribe!
(And happy valentines to my editor and main squeeze left)
Wow! What a month! Three friends left this dream LJ, Jimmy and Gail ... 3 sweet beautiful people, now angels. Transitions ...
Savour the moment, your friends, family and life ...
This last few weeks I went on a walkabout with a soul brother of mine, David. We met, along with our mutual Soul Bro Romio, 15 years ago. And we seem to connect and walkabout during major transition times for us both. We fortunately both have wonderful love partners that understand, appreciate (and at times put up with) our friendship. We visited friends along the coast and went shopping in LA where I found many beautiful treasures. We also went to Ashland to work out the details of my new shop. You can see some photos of our trip below.
So many great new finds at Johnny Was, Citron, Sunlight and so much more ... You'll just have to come check it out for yourself! Also previous treasures are on our 50% off racks ... great buys. And for you, 20% off 1 item LOVETRIBE and today for Valentines day ... off 2 items! Buy a gift for your loved ones.
The Pt Richmond shop won't be carrying the higher end couture lines, but it will have most of our regular lines and more discounted items, plus the recycled rack. There have been many beautiful Citron, JohnnyWas and Deca on the recycled racks though they have been selling fast ... Please bring in the beautiful pieces you no longer wear and I will be cleaning out my closets soon as well. Please only bring in the lines we carry in great shape for credit.
Grazia P.
One of my favorite couture designers, very whimsical and incredible craftwomanship! The tailoring is amazing, and the fits are beautiful.
  GraziaP Skirt Italian Jacket
Leslie (one of our awesome stylist and Temple hostesses) is modeling the jacket and skirt and Toni (one of our major supporters) is modeling another fab skirt along with a gorgeous soft wool and leather Italian jacket.
Though many of my favorites still need photos! (if they last long enough!)
Johnny Was ... LOTS!

Isabel De Pedro  
Beautiful Linen collection from Spain
Nataya and ... 
Some beautiful romantic dresses in the Temple!
All sizes ... getting married? Fun wedding dresses too
Check out fun Italian sweater, 3 colors, and cop copine tunic 

Home of the Shakespeare Festival and now home of
     The Temple of Venus!

Pictured right Laura, the owner of the building we are moving into and Chloe who will be running the show there. And what a fun show it will be!!!

We will be having a pre-opening Birthday bash (my birthday) and FUNd raiser March 1st.  Spread the word to your Ashland friends!
Karen Klein ... locally made all 75 - 90% off!  
One of the skills David and I practiced on our walkabout was Grok and Drop. Look at the situation until becoming one with it ... understanding from all angles and in a deep place ... Groking it. Then Dropping it ... dropping all of the ideas, beliefs, judgements just letting the story go and opening to a new truth that opens the flow of love.
Life flows in mysterious and wonderful ways when we let it and open to it's gifts ... no matter what form they come in.   be fearless choose love    xoxo Devi

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