Confidence Love Attitude!
Devi's Hat
        Sunne ... my Love Goddess Girlfriend rocking our hat in San Miguel de Allende

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Arm in arm yourself in friendship love and beauty ... be  disarming with confidence.
To the right is the group of my East Bay "advance style" friends gathering to see the movie Advance Style about New York Women aged from mid 60's to mid 90's, who love to dress up in many fun and stylin' ways. I also went for a preview of a "LoveTriber's" newest video If I were Enlightened, her first video "Older Ladies are Divine" , (California style), has gotten close to 7 million likes so far! Congradulations Donnalou!.  
  Autobiography of a Yogi
And the next night I saw Awake about one of my spiritual loves, Yogananda. Now he always seemed like a divine older woman to me! (though has been one of my main men for over 40 years)

His book Autobiography of a Yogi opened a spiritual path for millions

Yogananda spoke about the challenge of being "awake" while still engaged in the dramas of life. 

Tips for women to enhance being awake in the world with ease:
  • Women heal and strengthen when we gather (many new studies show this as well as look at your personal experience).
  • The best action we can do for ourselves and each other, is to honor/love ourselves, be our own best friend. When we say yes, check in and see if our spirit is saying yes and if not, see what our spirit can say yes to.
  • As women support and "bring each other along" we will all rise!
  • Honor the body you have with acts of kindness and dress your particular "archetype" to BeYouToFull.
Our Temple of love and beauty is always being gifted with beautiful clothing, and a large range of discounts to fit many budgets.  


Below are some of our offerings for fall ... including your 20% off coupon ...
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Karen Klein Fall
our locally designed and produced! collection of tops, skirts, pants, dresses, coats
A preview of the many styles available
Karen Klein Tops '14

Leslie models Karen Klien dresses with new Konplott jewelry ... gorgeous all! Konplott

Whispers wrap bracelets and rings feel like air on shoes
hand-crafted leather bags for the season & Comfy "lift" shoes
More fun in our Temple of love and beauty ... Inizio! stylin' Italian collection

Sarah and Kate deciding which Inizio piece to get?
Elise's fiance picked this Inizio outfit (and necklace) out for her and this Jhane Barnes shirt for himself.
Mary Green  
 Silk dressing ...

Mary Green gown w/ Karen Klien Cardigan, Citron Dress,
silk painted chiffon layer over Inizio dress, great yarn necklace  

New Fall MeMoi Tights and leggings
50% off for you (password: LoveTribe) 
Textured tights, cotton lycra tights in fun colors, lace tights, rhinestone tights, ribbed and crochet tights, plus leggings in stonewashed denim, navy, black, plum, brown tweed and more...

More hat atiitude! 
a new friend (Temple Virgin) and long time LoveTriber Joanne  

Day of Dead


Additional 20% off all clothing 

And a great tip for all ... From our Temple angel Chris ...
 serving our Temples and the many goddess in it for many years.
He just fixed some lights YEAH! Let there be light (and so it is!) 
He says, "I'm not complainin', just explainin'".
I love that!  
When I get riled up, I say to myself, I don't want to complain, yet I do need to explain how I'm feeling and what I need. And then I start with not complainin', just explainin'. Try it, it works! Thanks Chris! 

And thank-you LoveTribe , angels and supporters in so many ways.  xoxo Devi

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