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Aloha LoveTribe! Humans of Berkeley
New Fall in! Last of summer out!
End of summer? Probably not ... this is often when summer weather begins for the Bay Area! We are transitioning our Temple/Shop though with a great  line-up for fall... special LoveTribe deals below!
This weekend we can enjoy the beautiful weather and summer clearance of all the shops on 4th and  also our shop at the Point. We will have $6 baskets of shirts, sandals, coolest shopping bags and more, plus $12, $24 and $33 racks out on the sidewalk.
                                                                             Picture by Nancy Rubin for  Humans of Berkeley and the Bay area.
You can read here how the name Outback in the Temple of Venus came about!

SideWalk Sale at both shops Stonewash knits
 Big Summer Clearance .... $6, $12, $24, $33

Inizio (pictured Left), along with Weston Wear, Pete & Greta, Johnny Was and much more....
I know many of you enjoy the ease of the Pt Richmond Shop ... so not to be left out we will also have some sidewalk sale going on there (though not as extensive)

Inizio, Karen Klein, Citron
Additional 20% off for the LoveTribe Only!
2014 fall
But you must ask for it!
Password: LoveTribe

And there are still racks of Johnny Was, Pete & Greta, Biya at additional 25% off and Nataya at 50% off and an assorted loooong rack at 50% off (additional to markdowns already 50% off of reg retail!)

New Fall MeMoi Tights and leggings
25% off  retail & additional 20% for the LoveTribe  (password: LoveTribe) 
Textured tights, cotton lycra tights in fun colors, lace tights, rhinestone tights, ribbed and crochet tights, plus leggings in stonewashed denim, navy, black, plum, brown tweed and more...

Photo: Do Not Disturb
Mary Green mask (Do not Disturb), Karen Klein Blouse, RW wool long johns, GeeWaWa shoes
KK, Ram, Gee,MG

I was scrolling through one of my favorite mags lately (facebook), magazine/movie of my LoveTribe.  

One friend sharing while justifying her life, that others might judge her life as overly consumptive but she was living life fully, having a beautiful life ... a grand life. She loved beauty and beautiful things which she has in abundance in her 3 grand houses and biz building.  "Many people are envious of me because I am able to have this life (although I worked HARD to get it)." Ahg! how many of us have bought into that work ethic!? For many of us it's actually FUN to work hard (if we love what we do). And it can actually be counter productive if we don't! (Myth busted!) 

Then a post of another woman who has accomplished simplifying through de-cluttering almost everything in her life. She said how "things take up time in our life by not only working to buy them but caring for them."  (Again, what do you love?) 

Two opposite views, two perfect "justifications" as well as, truths for them. Wouldn't it be wonderful to discover what really works for us without judging ourselves or judging others.  

Life is a mystery ... that may be scary, that may be magical ...  

We all have our own stories to write ... and each one of them brilliant. Some of us are here to save the world, some to destroy it and some to just enjoy it ... and most all 3!  Can we be passionate without judgement? An activist without anger?  Is that like being a lover without love?  Hmmmm ... don't know ....  

And if we don't think the dark stories are brilliant too, why do so many people love turning them on? (Breaking Bad and many (most?) movies and TV shows)  

I'm loving DeLight though, so I'll stick to my LoveTribes' facebook movies ...  

See ya around the Temple of Love and Beauty  xoxo Devi
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