Aloha LoveTribe!
Just came back from Fall Shopping in LA and 14 Trade shows in Las Vegas!

We have a great line-up for fall from California and
European designers. Plus a new collection of beautiful soft fine wool jersey shirts, tops, leggings and cardigans for men (see, I didn't forget about you all!) and women made from a company that raises the sheep, produces the fabric and dyes with vegetable dyes. And turns out a new venture of a friend (who I was on TV with in a show about businesses for social good) from many years ago!
Also found lots of great jewelry, scarves and the Mercedes-Benz of vibrators (let's see who's really reading this!) Many beautiful and practical gifts!
For this week though ...

I found new wonderful items to add to the sale from Johnny Was, Biya, For Love and Liberty and one of my favorite female Italian designers too!
You can see one of her skirts (reg $597 our price $100) on Katherine here in the picture. Prints of European road signs. FUN!
Also wearing wrap sleeves from Karen Klein reg $128 Our $29!
Fran came by Outback on 4th yesterday and here is our selfie. She's 97! Her boyfriend is over 100 and not fully in body anymore so she's ready for a new boyfriend. Hook her up girlfriends! (she needs a younger guy).
When she was 80, she was
in the communal dressing room Outback on Sacramento St. (fun times had by many in there!) She took off all her clothes and said, this is what an 80 year old body looks like! When asked how she stays healthy she said, activism, yoga and sex. She told me later it was sex first, but she didn't want to make other women jealous!.
Also adding to her vibrancy, Fran always dresses Berkeley beautifully (BeYouToFull) and is filled with love and laughter. Always being fearless and choosing love! To Love! To Life!   

I'll be around Outback this weekend and look forward to dressing, love and laughter with some of you then!         xoxo Devi 
Today in the Temple
 Jewelry, KK, OCpics by Heather Heitt
Johnny Was, Love & Liberty, Pete & Greta, Biya now:
additional 50% off (already half off prices)!

Karen Klein 68-88% off! Dresses & Tunics Summer '14
  special Citron Large size cutNew Citron with Devi & Ricki
Nataya additional 50% off   (already reduced by at least 50% off)
Nataya 2013
Nataya wedding
april 2014
Weston Wear $11- 39
1799A 4th St. Berkeley @ Delaware
Hours: 10-6ish Mon-Sun
510 527-1945
Point Richmond
Point Richmond Outback
139 W. Richmond Ave
510 237-1199
Regular Hours:11-6 Mon-Sat * 11-5 Sunday   
 (did you know there is parking in the rear?)