Our Annual Mothers' Day Sale Event!
Further discounts, gifts, treats and new offerings:
Citron, Sunlight, Johnny Was, Pete & Greta, Biya, some great new Italian lines, and more...
Goddesses dressing in the Temple of Love, Beauty, Fun...
and great prices! Dresses below from $24 -240 (and most in between!)regular prices $89-$695 
4th st Deca, Biya, JW Dolma
Citron now in ... 200+ new pieces  xsp-3xl
New Citron with Devi & Ricki
New Citron with  Devi & Ricki

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Point Richmond
Point Richmond Outback
139 W. Richmond Ave
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Regular Hours:11-6 Mon-Sat * 11-5 Sunday   
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Aloha LoveTribe, 
Welcoming spring, honoring Mothers ...  

Mothering ourselves... 
is loving ourselves unconditionally, a job usually given to the dog-angels, but it's time to be our own dog angel (our inner dog/god). Giving ourselves that unconditional mama love.

And we have a Special gift for mamalove day ... 
additional 30% off  Johnny Was, Pete & Greta and Love & Liberty pieces. Plus 20% off on any 1 other piece!
Mention LoveTribe at check out to get this discount.  

Our sidewalk
sale  has also grown as we've helped many a supplier with their warehouse spring cleaning! $18-49 racks!

Hanging Outback is a nurturing place for many mothers and daughters to hang on mama's day. Join us.

See a couple of the new pieces in video below (unedited - sorry but as Eric Utne's Grandmother says, "if it's worth doing it's worth doing poorly!"
Click on the pic of Shaye to see a spontaneous little video of her modeling a super cool, stylin' and extremely well made jacket and dress from one of the new Italian designers.  
Shaye modeling for Mother's Day 2014
May Day DressBiya Dress
Biya Dress  
This beautiful dress worn with another net slip and boots made it a perfect spring outdoor party dancing dress! Can also be dressed up with purdy shoes/sandles/heels. Gorgeous beading and embroidery on sheer net dress over an (included) knit slip. In S-M-L-XL. Comfy too!

It was a beautiful May Day at Suzettes' annual May Day family, music, picnic, dance, back to the land party, where I saw this dress in action on this beautiful woman, dancing, loving, smiling and having a great time,
like the other 100+ peeps there that day on this beautiful land . 
Thanks Suzette! 
Had fun Cinco de Mayo lunch in Mercedes Hair Dog Cantina in SF. Loved the decor and the food! A good place for a dog make-over!  

In communicating with a friend this morning it brought up just how important letting go of resentment and bitterness is to our life and to the world. It really is OUR movie and the people that bring up our "dark side", that bring up
our hatefullness and fear ... that is what needs loving. Let's call on our Puppysan ... student of dog/god love within to forgive ourself and love ourselves unconditionally RIGHT NOW! And trust in a beautiful world unfolding (being fearless and choosing love) While we work, pray, dream and hold a world that works for all in love and beauty. Join me in our inner spring cleaning! I'm working on an outer spring cleaning for us ... stay tuned...

Be Fearless - Choose Love
xoxo Devi (Grasshopper-mamasan)   
Save an additional 30% off Johnny Was, Pete & Greta, For Love & Liberty 20% off on any one other item.
      Mention LoveTribe at the register.

Offer Expires: 5/30/14
Weston Wear ... $11, 18, 28 ... april 2014
Johnny Was, Love and Liberty, Biya