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   Birthday song
Hi LoveTribe!

Had a sweet Birthday ... lot's of love from my community and family.
Diva made me some yummy and beautiful gifts and Shaye gifted me with this incredible song of appreciation . We were in the car and all of a sudden this song was playing ... What? How? click here Done by Shaye's childhood friend Tion ... maybe he'd write one for your loved one? [email protected]

This weekend we celebrate International Women's Day.  
Women's day is an everyday event Outback in our Temple of Love and Beauty.  
We are celebrating the international intention to value, protect, love, appreciate and support women and awareness of how vital this is. 
My wish for this International Women's Day is we appreciate ourselves, each other and all women for doing our best in this wild, beautiful, crazy world we share.
And to be as beautiful ... BeYouToFull ... being ourselves fully and anointing our personal Temples, our bodies, in love and beauty. We will be offering 25% off one item this weekend ... buy a gift of beauty for your favorite goddess (includes yourself!).

  xoxo Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
New clothing and jewelry coming in daily... International Womens Day
French tunic and mesh jackets, combined with very fun printed and embellished legging and skirt/dress, comfy and stylin' shoes, Tagua nut jewelry and fun bling sets ($24!!)

Save 25%
Off one piece this weekend for International women's day.
20%  off one piece for the rest of the month.

Offer Expires: 25% off Fri-Sat-Sun  20% off til the 31st