Final Weekend
Semi- Annual Liquidation Sale
additional 50% off all
clothing, jewelry, scarves, socks, tights, scarves, lingerie, purses and hats

70% - 90% off regular retail prices

1799A 4th St. Berkeley @ Delaware
Hours: 10-6ish  mon-sat
 10-5ish Sun  
510 527 1945
Point Richmond
Point Richmond Outback
139 W. Richmond Ave
510 237 1199
Regular Hours:11-6 mon-sat 11-5 Sunday   
(did you know there is parking in the rear?)    

Hi LoveTribe!
The Stylist Goddesses Outback told me to write and give to give you a heads up on the last weekend of our sale.
I just got home from a magical week in my home in San Miguel de Allende, and a couple of very fruitful treasure hunting days shopping in LA at Citron, Johnny Was, Alberto Makali and other great finds.
Most will be coming in this week, though a bit in now. And there are still plenty of beautiful pieces left ... at 70%+ off regular retail! Plus some hot tea and warm women to hang with.
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Free People stretch cords  Mary Green silk dress $49     Brass and smoky glass mirror
in vibrant colors $24 ($78)         Reg. $189                      necklace $18 (reg $78)
Johnny Was embroidered
cotton shirt $49 reg $198
blouses, jackets and dresses            rack full of Citron

Citron an additional 50% off!
French dressing ... our regular price 50% off now an addtional 50%!
Johnny Was ... Johnny Was blouses
Nataya ... 
I will write and send pics of more coming in this week. For now enjoy your cuddly home time or come cuddle with us Outback.
(I'll be Outback this afternoon!) xoxo Devi

PS I just got a request from one of our LoveTribe shopping Outback to ask those that are interested in what is in our food, enviornment, to  make a reservation for their movie Unacceptable Levels. If they get enough reservations, the theater will play their movie. It's a new form of crowd funding for movies. The screening in Oakland at the Piedmont needs forty more peeps in the next couple of days. She assured me that although the movie alerts us to the "bad" chemicals in our food, water and air ... it is uplifting with what we can do together. Here's the link: unnacceptablelevels.com or for the screening places and times.

When I was in San Miguel at a dinner this last week, someone asked me why I thought there were so many people that seemed to be losing memory. I said well, if you look from the scientific point of view, it's endocrine disruptors (due to unacceptable levels of chemicals). If you look from a spiritual point of view, it's because we are waking up from this dream and as we all have experienced, when we wake up  from dreaming... the dream fades. In the meantime, this dream can be heaven on earth, we are blessed to be here ... it is a dream and when we know that while dreaming ... we can fly (especially when we are good at making lemonade)!
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus