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Aloha LoveTribe!

Infinite love and gratitude! We're joining the fun (not the fray) bringing love, beauty and further discounts. Shop Small, this "Small Business Friday". 
Another quick trip to LA and another large Citron  shipment in. Their current season clothing is at full price, but WE can give you a LoveTribe discount! Along with past seasons at huge discounts. You can see below for all of the LoveTribe sales & discounts. 

Photo here by Susanne Kaspar: Heather wearing Lan Vie bolero (also comes in black) reg price $69 and with sale coupon below now $14 in the Point and $19 in Berkeley!  Lan Vie tunic/dress reg price $138 now $47, Cashmere tights $44 and now $22, boiled wool and silk scarf $39, now $31..
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See LoveTribe deals ... read on...

Citron ... what? Wow!
Yep! Citron is back in the house, er, Temple.
Back in our Temple of love and beauty:
In all sizes from xs petite - 4x, even some mens!
20% off marked down pieces
off full price pieces
Mention LoveTribe (secret password for big discounts!)
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Jill heathers sis
Jill, Heather's sister, in Citron dress and Nataya coat ... Photo by Heather

Hat's off to fun and on for you! And at a LoveTribe Discount! 

I've started designing and producing again. Starting at the top... with hats!  
30% off .... 50% when you Like us on FacebookFun Gifts!
   hatsheather HatDeviKeiki
Cashmere, angora, merino wool, bamboo and cotton socks, tights  and footless tights 40% off
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MeMoi and KBell brands only 
Photo Susanne Kasparothers 20% off!

Crochet Cashmere tights,Bamboo tights & fur cuffs (half off!)
photo by Heather Hiett
  Textured tights on Heather, Photo Susanne Kaspar
Bling for the holidays
Beautiful range of styles and prices ... now additional 20% off! 
Photographers in order: Shaye, Alexis Rhone-Fancher and Heather Hiett

Additional 20% off! 
Lan Vie coats, tunics           JW shirts              Biya shirt
Marta wearing a Lan    Judy wearing Lan     Karen and Gail wearing JW Velvet               Heather wearing Biya  shirt
Vie jacket, cashmere    Vie coat and tunic     comes in Blk, plum, wine, green                  comes in blacl, blue, turq,
scarf. Jacket coat reg   $138 now $110        Heather wearing black in hat photo             Price same as velvet shirts
$218 NOW $39   
LoveTribe Price: $54
List Price: $199
S & H: $5
Additional 20% off!
Cashmere scarves $23! 
Great gifts for men and women
Made in Germany at a Great price ... $29!
This was the neutral color group, we also have bright colors not pictured.
Very soft and warm.
Our Price: $29
List Price: $59-89
S & H: $5
Yes, I am truly grateful, as are the other stylist and retail therapist/goddesses at Outback in our Temple of love and beauty. Thank you for all of the love, support and appreciation sent our way, many of you for 33 years!
xoxo, Devi

PS Renaming Black Friday Pink Friday!  Pink (love) is the new green (environment) is the new black (mystery) 
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
PS Thank-you to Romio, during my last trip in LA, opening the door for us to get more beauty into the shop and to Alexis and Fancher for hosting me in their LA home
LA Nov2013 LA loft
And thank-you to my goddesses who took care of the Temple and you all this last year:  Heather, Gail, Maria, Becky, Marjie, Margot, Judy and Clare and not pictured here Jane Heaven, Robert, Jose & Maria, Victoria, Gail Gallant,  Luna and Amira in spirit.

additional 20% off everything
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Offer Expires: Dec 4th