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Aloha LoveTribe    

Fall is making a hesitant arrival ... though at Outback we have finally begun that transition. On these still sunny days, you can pick up an immediate beauty enhancement at a huge discount as the summer things go for one last offer at huge discounts, and find some great new fall items.
I went on a quickie trip to LA and visited Citron (yes fans ... it's back!), Johnny Was (and all affiliated labels Biya, For Love and Liberty, Pete and Greta), Alberto Makali and Nataya. They were all happy to see me and had been saving beautiful assortments for us.
Also in, some great fitting faux suede legging like pants from Lior Paris, and some fabulous jewelry from Konplott. And beautiful boiled wool scarves normally sold for $65 we sell for $39, socks (K-Bell normally $8- 17, we sell for $5 or 3 for 12!) ... you get the picture ... great deals!
See below pictures Heather took today, and a few I took yesterday!
There is a 20% off coupon below (mention LoveTribe). and we can ship! We also have a RECYCLED RACK at the Point Richmond Outback and you can trade in your fabulous pieces that look new for our recyled rack and get credit against new pieces. Bring gently worn treasures to either shop.
Yep! Citron's back in the house.
Left are some sweatshirt styles and right the silks.
 More styles in Berkeley, though also at the point.
Marjie has a quan Yin on her shirt and  on a celadon mug. (gifts!)

Nataya dress            Citron silk jacket             Citron silk dress

Lots of new Alberto Makali
and soft silk with boiled wool scarves
Wool leather coats from Alberto Makali and Mongolian sheep wool vests, worn with faux suede stretch pant legging from Lior Paris, and Sunlight Paris strech pant.
Below, Heather in reversible faux fur and cotton twill jacket... fun!
And Cat in 2 styles of sequined snakeskin print dresses.
Best carry on bag!
This is one of those spinner bags (4 wheels) that are so much easier to use then the 2 wheel ones. Not only does it have very fun styling: It comes with a 10 year warranty, a lock and those cute colorful bags you see are for shoes, jewelry, laundry, glasses. Plus lot's of compartments and wide hold bands. Makes a great gift.
Keiki's ready to roll!
Our Price: $89
List Price: $179
S & H: $9
Johnny Was and ...
Johnny Was hoodies, embroidered velvet and knit shirts, embroidered fleece coat, fur jacket along with Mary Green chemises, tie dyed leggings ...
Men's dept 
Although we don't have much we have some quality mens. Like this great Kenneth Cole Wool Jacket with built in vest.
Our Price: $129
List Price: $250
S & H: $5
(you can use that 20% coupon too!)
Nataya Dresses            
Please excuse typos, bad formats and upside down photos! It's been that kind of month too! Like my friend, Eric Utne's grandmother used to say, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing poorly!" I wanted to get this out to alert you of the new merchandise.

I'll be hanging a bit at the Bioneers conference this weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun), check it out at the Marin Civic Center. It's fun even just to visit the main hall, check out the booths and talks, even if you aren't registered. Though you can also register for half day to whole weekend. I'll also be Outback. Always love dropping in and dressing life up!
xoxo Devi

Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
Sunlight summer 2013
Save 20%
Off of one item
mention LoveTribe
Offer Expires: Oct 31st