Sidewalk sale all of 4th street shops! This Saturday
1799A 4th St. Berkeley @ Delaware
Regular Hours: 10-7  Saturday * 11-6ish Sunday - Friday
510 527 1945
Berkeley Outback SAle
And in our favorite "Mr. Roger's neighborhood" Pt Rich window Marjie

Point Richmond Outback
139 W. Richmond Ave
510 237 1199
Regular Hours:12-6 everyday 
Farmer's Market in the (triangle) square,Thursdays starts 4pm  
(did you know there is parking in the rear?) 

 Nameste LoveTribe!   

I'm on my way to LA to shop for fall. just finished all my home and warehouse moves ... whew!
We'll end up our semi-annual sale with an additional  
off all clothing and lingerie 
except for one rack of new fall clothing which will be at 20% off as well as 20% off all scarves, shoes, jewelry, books and gifts ...
and one  additional
70% off rack
Sidewalk Sale 4th street this Saturday!
all fouth st shops will be participating in a sidewalk sale, read more here 

playing Outback 
My cup runneth over with doing, so as my friend Joan posted on my Facebook page: Just keep going!  which i did, along with much stopping to smell the roses.  And my supplements these last weeks that made things flow were;  a miracle a day and one joyful moment at a time (created in a joyful moment with Leslie!).
Just keep going...  one joyful moment at a time.  and come play with our Lovetribe, Outback in the temple of love, beauty, and joy.
xoxo Devi




Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
Johnny Was & Biya cottons, rayons and silks ... JW4
Johnny Was blouses
JW blouse 2013
JW pants
Sunlight summer 2013
Sunlight may 13
SunLight dressing
Nataya Dresses            
  Nataya wedding
Nataya 2013