1799A 4th St. Berkeley @ Delaware
Regular Hours: 10-7 Thursday - Saturday * 11-6 Sunday -Wednesday
510 527 1945
Berkeley Outback SAle
And in our favorite "Mr. Roger's neighborhood" Pt Rich window Marjie

Point Richmond Outback
Regular Hours:12-6 everyday 
Farmer's Market in the (triangle) square,Thursdays starts 4pm  
(did you know there is parking in the rear?) 

Fun Richmond event at Bridge Art Space ... palm reading painting by my friend and long time LoveTriber... what's this? 

 Nameste LoveTribe!   

All clothing an additional 10% this week (now 30%)
(only if you mention LoveTribe when you check out). 
Last week it was 20% off everything and 30% off Johnny Was, Biya, For Love and Liberty,3J Workshop and Mary Green  ... 
now additional 30% off all clothing!  
except $11, $24, and 50% off racks, 20% off all gifts, jewelry and accessories AND ...(Drum roll) ...
additional 40% off!!... Johnny Was, Biya, For Love and Liberty, 3J Workshop and Mary Green. 
Burning Accessories Burning accessories
Heather in one of 6 fun goggle styles now in 

Steampunk inspired ... wearing a fun veiled, hat ... fun goggles (super practical to keep that playa dust out of your eyes)! And a fun selection of leather Hipster belts by Ruby Bettencourt. Carry your money, cards and phones in secret inside zip pockets along with at least 2 outside purses on each belt .
You can see a bit of one here in this quicky photo and more here on Ruby's website... hipsterbelts.com 
You can also see her gorgeous sculptures and medallions she's created with her partner for burningman  at steellovedesign.com and see (contribute!) to her current burningman project that she's putting the finishing touches on now at indiegogo.com/projects/whirld 
Johnny Was & Biya cottons, rayons and silks ... JW4
Johnny Was blouses
JW blouse 2013
JW pants
I'm probably in Las Vegas as you read this and will be shopping the many large trade shows happening there ... finding new treasures, new relationships and wheeling and dealing on your behalf. Which is one reason for our semi-annual sales, they come just before these 2 big shopping trips. As we make room for new things, although most of the pieces are timeless, ... switching it up, change and newness bring in new attitudes, new feelings as we continue to become more peaceful, beautiful, compassionate, joyful people. As in field of dreams ... dress for the god(dess) and (S)he will come!
And as Charlene Bonny (who designed beautiful clothing with me for many wonderful years) and her partner Frederick said, during their recent visit...  
Look Good ... Feeel Goood! (they sure do!)
xoxo Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
Sunlight summer 2013
Sunlight may 13
SunLight dressing
Nataya Dresses            
  Nataya wedding
Nataya 2013