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Fearless dreamers...
LA Loft
Alexis and Fancher's Loft in downtown LA ...
opening to new possibilities
Hi LoveTribe!

I went shopping in LA. Alexis and Fancher shifted their life from big beautiful house on the beach in Marina Del Rey, to a big beautiful loft in downtown LA! Wow, what a shift! They are enjoying it immensely and it is very convenient for me to stay and shop!
more on shifts later

I found treasure troves of Johnny Was, Biya, For Love and Liberty, Sunlight, Blingy fun jewelry, odds and ends and LOT'S of beautiful Romantic, Gatsby and wedding dresses from Nataya ...Cast call for softer times ....  

Sunlight summer 2013
Sunlight may 13
SunLight dressing
Johnny Was & Biya cottons, rayons and silks ... JW4
Johnny Was blouses
JW blouse 2013
JW pants

LoveTribe shots ... Alexis took the these shots some bling jewelrybought that day.
 Judy (left) bought this beautiful red top by Johnny Was yesterday. Although we usually get 1 - 6 pcs of a style, sometimes we get quantity in full size range. Which is the case with the Turq blouse worn by Leslie (right) So, yeah! We have enough to offer to ship you one if you are size xs-xl.
Nataya Dreams ... Nataya Dreams
  Nataya wedding
Nataya 2013
Every week we put more on the half off (of half off) rack, $11 rack, $24 rack. Making beautiful things at all prices for most to afford. 
I'm feeling the tectonic plates shifting and the winds of change blowing ... and I hear from many of you having the same experience.

Many just went through a large shift ... in home, in health (self and/or loved ones), in life's work and in income (or all of them) .... others are going through it now. And some of you saying, thank goddess that's not me!

We're all getting adept at rebounding, re-framing and keeping on, keeping on. As our trust in life (and our ability to be in it) grows bit by bit.

What do we do in times like these? Take care of ourselves and each other.
I find we can take better care of others when we speak with the voice of our kindest self. For one of my friends it's a comedic character she preforms through, for another it's the voice she uses when speaking with dogs, for others it a compassionate mother voice, or teacher. Find your compassionate voice. When communication isn't producing a fuzzy feeling ... switch to that voice/character/self. 
Along with servin
g/giving, asking and receiving is such a deep rich and intimate experience. And it is gifting another with the opportunity to give. Which I have been recently experiencing ... I cry reading the contributions for Shaye (and I), both in money and in encouragement. The tears are from my heart opening to receive. Although my "deeper self" knows this value, my personality self feels somehow safer giving. Though now, I'm getting balanced ... and in the nick of time! Thanks for supporting me!

And notice, while sharing gratitude, the gifts of the moment.
 When I was giving birth to Diva, my waters broke in the car on the way to the hospital and she was born about 5 minutes after we got there. When I got to the hospital I was screaming and a nurse put her hands on my belly and said, "The contraction is over, stop screaming". Which I did instantly, as I hadn't noticed! I had a nice reprieve and a moment to regain my strength for the next one.
Next assignment LoveTribe, should you choose to accept ... breathe and be in the gift of those moments when the birthing contractions have stopped. And speak in your kindest voice.

Ahhhh ... what a beautiful day it is today. See some of you Outback...

xoxo Devi

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