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Tashi Deley LoveTribe,
Jan & Devi New Orleans
Jan & Devi in New Orleans wearing our Johnny Was cotton shirts, keeping cool!

Lots of news...

New clothing, successful fundraiser for Shaye, Dali Llama's (and my) visit to New Orleans, and the very popular and fun, annual, city-wide, memorial day garage sale in Point Richmond. 

Clothing... Along with our large shipment of Sunlight I procured another great French Line ...
Cop Copine!
This line runs smaller (FYI), though we still have plenty of larger sizes of Sumlight, Johnny Was and assorted other great lines. We also have more of the light weight printed cotton blouses for $29 that have become a summer staple for many. More of my favorite Miracle Jeans, lots of beautiful summer scarves and so much more! And as usual, at 50% or more off regular retail prices. Plus many "memorial weekend" super sale racks.

Personal news: The campaign to raise money for Shaye's medical care has ended successfully and she is doing well, and well on her way! It moved me (often to tears) and expanded me to experience people's generosity. To allow in the love and support, by acknowledging my needs as well.  

Dali Llama in LOLA
Resilience               impermanence             Compassion    Community
New Orleans welcomes the Dali Llama (and me!).

Jan Michaels (who serves us up her beautiful jewelry to our LoveTribe and off price!) invited me to stay with her in New Orleans for 4 days and it was a relaxing, "off call" time, and soul nourishing as I explored this City's soul. His Holiness the Dali Llama was doing a conference, graduation talk for Tulane University and a public talk. Our friend Gail (holding the flag above), was instrumental in the Dali Llamas visit and I got to be on the inside scoop of its unfolding.

His theme of Resilience, with his laughter and lightness, the impermanence of life with a beautiful sand painting "ritual", and compassion and community, our interconnectedness with all, was well received.

This time, these times, are a pageantry of guns and roses, of fear and love ... a time of being fearless choosing love. A few cool stories:

*In lieu of the key to the city, the Dali Llama was presented with thousands of signitures committing to a compassionate life. You can see the card above which thousands of people signed, (his picture is on the other side), which was to keep. A tool, for as the Dali Llama said, it is a daily commitment ... moment by moment choosing love over fear (as I say).

* Ten miles of prayer flags all over the city ... store owners, businesses and homes put up Tibetan prayer flags, letting the prayers for compassion blow on the winds of the city. Welcoming in the Dali Llama, welcoming in Compassion.

*The Arch Bishop of NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana) gave a beautiful welcome to the Dali Llama and his way of compassion, thus assuaging the fears of many, that this would somehow be in conflict with their religion.  

Nola resident* The final parade (above) after a party by the organizers to celebrate the success of this event merged into a music festival on the river. While sitting by the river, meeting new friends, a man sitting next to me (a many generational resident pictured right), said something about needing guns. I said,"Ahhhh... I don't like guns ..." He said, "  but we need to protect ourselves". I said, "Hmmm... Pretty soon, we are all going to wake up to the fact we are all connected, a different face of the one, of god ... and we will only want to take care of each other, not harm or fear each other"... he smiled, then cried, then celebrated with us.   
So many more stories... but then I wouldn't get this email out in time for those that want to know about the Points Garage sale ... manana!

OH, But one more cool thing ... As I was in NOLA celebrating the Dali Llama, a photography show of Tibet and the Dali Llama, by my friend Craig Lovell, was being put up in our Berkeley store! And other sychronistic Tibetan events came (and coming) our way. Outback as a way station for migrating Tibetan prayers ... stay tuned ...
              Being fearless ... choosing love xoxo Devi
Temple dressing in NOLA
Jan Michaels wearing her jewelry and Katmandu skirt , Deca outfit, Johnny Was tunic
and her Bayou photo below ... Gator siting ... you lookin' at me! 
Johnny Was & Biya silksJW4
Sunlight may 13
SunLight dressing