Dear family, friends, Lovetribe all ... I'm requesting
Support for my daughter, Shaye's, Lyme treatment

After almost 20 years of pain, often completely debilitating...
Shaye's LA Weeklypic
Photo from Shaye's LA Weekly Article
She was very weak and in a lot of pain
the day this article was written. So the writer
although wrote a great article on Shaye's Pop-up Fashion Library, also "outed" her illness. But that also created the opportunity for her friend and I to do this fundraising campaign. And for her to heal.  

This is my Mother's Day wish. If you have experienced being "Mothered" by me, this support is the Mothers Day gift I would like.
                      xoxo Devi

photo to the right taken by Heather Heitt
for Outback
Mother's Day ad
Shaye is begining to heal from 
Lyme disease ... 
Shaye just finished the first 2 weeks of a minimum three month IV anti-biotic treatment. She has experienced moments in the last couple of days of less pain in her joints and muscles then she's experienced in over 19 years!
Renewing hope that she's on the right track!
The continual doctors appointments, lab tests to monitor the progress of the Lyme, co-infections, liver, gall bladder, etc, medicine, medical equipment, are extremely expensive. Your support will help us to go through this treatment to it's completion and safely.
Whatever support you can give would be appreciated (there is a place for hugs on her site, so don't let money, or lack of it, get in the way).  
Shaye & Devi
Click here to go to her site to donate
... every bit helps. Two days left!
or send check to Shaye Mckenney PO Box 7138 Berkeley, Ca 94707