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This Easter Sunday open 11-4ish
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except Sat. 11-6
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sock egg basket
Aloha LoveTribe, 
Our spring treasure hunt ...
Every year about now we have a basket of eggs, with a paper in each one giving a percentage off which range from 20-70%. Shop, pick an egg ... see what your gift is... fun!
And to add to the fun, we hide a matzah (afikomen) somewhere in the shop ... For this you get 1 free item of your choice!
Saturday and Sunday in Berkeley Saturday only in the Point.

Yes, we will be open on Easter Sunday 11-4 in Berkeley, BUT we will be closed in Pt Richmond, this (Easter) Sunday.

As part of spring renewal, we will be accepting on, Mondays and Tuesdays only, clothing items you no longer wear with the labels Citron, Johnny Was, Biya, Deca, Pile ou Face .. only, for now. For each piece, you will be given a credit against a new piece from either shop.

For my personal renewal, I have a goal for mother's day, which you can see in my daughter Shaye's health update below.
WW Deca Leslie marjie
Leslie in Weston Wear dress and in another WW dress by the $24 rack                           Marjie in Deca
Spring renewal in Biya
This Biya spring tunic and skirt brought on a spontaneous renewal ... exciting!
Mother's Day Goal ... Shaye's Healing path ...
For those who missed my daughter Shaye's article in the LA Weekly a couple of weeks ago (from my last email) you can see it here. ttp://blogs.laweekly.com/arts/2013/02/borrowed_style_fashion_athenaeum.php  
Shaye will be moving back to the Bay Are to begin intraveneous antibiotic treatment for her chronic Lyme disease. We hadn't yet figured out how we were going to afford that and then Shaye's good friend in San Miguel, Billy White, just set up a web page for her at a site that raises funds for people who have big financial medical needs. Which she does. This fundraiser will go until Mother's Day. The possibility of seeing Shaye out of pain ... being able again to use her body in the ways that bring her joy ... dancing, hiking and having more years to express her brilliance ... Now that's a mother's day for me to look forward to.

Romio Shrestha
Romio Shrestha
My friend Romio will be visiting me this week. The author of the large books of his Thanka paintings you may have seen at Outback. It's a busy week for us both, but he would like to support Shaye and I, see some of our mutual friends and meet you. So we may do a FUNd raising evening. If so, I'll send out a "quicky" email to let you know. We're thinking Wednesday or Thursday evening.
In the meantime, I'll see some of you Outback this weekend. xoxo Devi