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Meet Marjie at the Point Wed-Saturday or in Berkeley on Sunday, wearing and standing next to clothing from one of the collections being put out now!
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Aloha LoveTribe, 
Growing with the flow ...
(sounds so easy ... hmmm)

Moving into DeLight ... into spring ... into re-newal. Ok yes, always things to clear/clean out first ... thoughts, clothing, invasive species. Let's get to the clothing first! We are still clearing MANY stylin' pieces on many 50% racks (70%+ off reg retail). And I am coming up with fun ways for you to recycle your clothing, so start cleaning out those closets!
Posing with the LoveTribe - Linda and Devi (in new Biya) and friend in "Line that can not be named"... 

New spring clothing now in at our 50% off prices with a further LoveTribe discount, see below

Clothing is food for our souls ... read about clothing as medicine in the LA Weekly interview of Shaye below (where you can also read about invasive species).
We are now on 4th street, not as a pop-up but indefinitely!  Many of you have asked us to stay, our neighbors have asked us to stay and the owners of the building said they also loved us being here and hoped we could stay for a long time to come.  So, for now we are still on 4th (Yeah!) with many new exciting happenings, features, offerings in the works ... stay tuned!
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Dressing Outback New clothing, new attitude! That's Jan Michaels in the picture (wearing her jewels which we carry)
New Johnny Was, Biya, For Love and Liberty, 3J Workshop, Pete and Greta, miraclebody jeans, and *labels I can't mention ... now in
(*but you can call us and we'll tell you.)
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The 4th street shop has a better selection and the Point shop has better prices.
  Berkeley store:Mention LoveTribe and get 20% off all clothing that isn't already further discounted (the 5 very full 50% off racks or the $24 rack.)
(20-50% off  already discounted prices)  
 Pt Richmond:Mention LoveTribe and get 25% off the already discounted clothing prices except the 50% off, $11 and $24 racks.

Shaye's West Hollywood pop-up Library ... popped! 
Shaye's LA Weeklypic

Shaye's clothing Library in West Hollywood closed last week, just in time for many to go rushing in to say they wanted to get involved after reading the
article on her and her library which came out last  week. It was a full page in the LA Weekly in print as well as an online blog. article which you can read clicking below.
LA Weekly Blogs -


Shaye hadn't meant for her health challenge/opportunity to get "outed" but had been very sick the day she was interviewed and the writer used it as an angle. However, Shaye was very happy with how clearly the writer communicated what the Library is about. A first, as many past articles missed the point. And maybe it is now time to share her health process, as so many people are either personally going through something like this, or are supporting someone who is.
A beautiful clothing article, with an awesome silver lining ... 
Now the silver lining we are going for is her health and contributing how this unfolds amidst  the huge challenge ... of diagnosis (finally we can check that one off after 18 years!), of treatment (Oi! Though it's an epidemic, it's extremely hard to treat and isn't "covered"). Meanwhile, she is living with extreme pain, while keeping a positive stance for me and those around her. And for me, as her mother, living with the immense pull to suffer over her suffering ... letting it break my heart enough to keep it open, yet not so much that it breaks down. Big Sigh... Sounds familiar?

We are excited by the possibility of her health. Cleaning out the overload of "bugs" (those greedy lovers!) and getting her body back in balance, strength and out of pain.
The apartment she was going to sublet up here fell through, so we are still looking for something temporary (1-6 months), if you know/hear of anything, please email. 

Breathing in deeply ...this beautiful bay area sky... A weekend of beautiful weather reported ... look forward to seeing some of you Outback.
xoxo Devi
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