Devi 12/1/12
Aloha LoveTribe,
First bit of news is the sale is continuing,
there is still an additional 20% off everything (except French coats).
Second bit is
there are new beautiful pieces including Pile ou Face, a "can not be advertised" line, and 2 lines coming in early in the week, Alberto Makali and Johnny Was (yes, recieved more of all sizes).

I'm on a quick trip to LA, Studio City Outback, Sh
aye's Library "open mic night"(very fun!). Sorry to my LA friends I wasn't able to visit or even let you know I was here, please don't take it personally!
 In the meantime, besides the 20% off the entire store (until new clothing comes in), each Sunday night, I put new styles on our 50% (of 50%!) off racks (for treasure hunting fun for all, to provide clothing for those  needing lower prices and to make room for new treasures that come my way). 


Open in Point Richmond 12-6 every day except Sat 11-6 DIRECTIONS 
Outback Banner Store
 1799A Fourth Street * Beautiful lights still up on Fourth Street!
(across from Peets on Delaware between Bare Essentials and Byrn Walker)
Mon-Sat 10-6 * Sunday 11-6 * 510.527.1945
Pop-up Shop in Studio City (Los Angeles)
12240 Ventura Blvd. (1 1/2 blocks west of Laurel Canyon)
 Mon-Sat 11-6 * Sunday 11-4  * 818.509.9725
Being Fearless - Choosing Love
xoxo Devi
Devi Outback ... In the Temple of Venus