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Is Printer Ink a Scam?
4 Support Obstacles Relieved By Vendor Management
Desktop Virtualization
3 Solutions to Minimize the Risk of a Server Crash
The Business of Malware and Your Mobile Device
How to Request Service


Always CALL if your request is an emergency!

1. Call (586) 258-0650
If you are a S.M.A.R.T. Services plan client, press "1" and enter your PIN when prompted.  You will be connected to a S.M.A.R.T. Services system administrator 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

2. Email us at
You may email us for all non-urgent service requests.  Please provide as much detail as possible.

3. Use the online portal
Visit and click "Client Login." Enter your user name and password, then provide details about your service request.  Please call or email us if you do not have a user name or password. 
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Tip: Use Word to Fill in Scanned Documents

Have you ever got stuck having to fill out a paper document, only to butcher it with your handwriting? Paper forms filled out with sloppy handwriting are unprofessional and may even miscommunicate an important detail. To help your paper forms look professional, Microsoft Word allows you to scan the doc and then enter text; we'll show you how!

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Tech Fun Fact!

Seven of the first ten domain names registered went to universities. 
Is Printer Ink a Scam?
Have you ever gone shopping for new printer ink, paid the retail price, only to walk away feeling like you've been ripped off? With ink jet printers especially, buying the three new ink cartridges needed for photo printing will end up costing more than the printer itself! Why is ink so pricy and what can be done about it?


4 Support Obstacles Relieved By Vendor Management
When tech support is done right, it can be a beautiful service. When tech support is done poorly, it will only add stress to an already frustrating problem. You know that we provide excellent tech support, but if you are seeking support for a technology that we don't cover, then you may think you'll run into obstacles.


Desktop Virtualization
Desktop Virtualization is a great solution that lets you run two operating systems simultaneously on one computer. This allows users to no longer be tied down by one machine, and it can save your company money by cutting back hardware expenses. Local and Client/Server are the two models of Desktop Virtualization; here's how they compare.
3 Solutions to Minimize the Risk of a Server Crash
Servers are one of most powerful pieces of equipment in the office, but that does mean they are the toughest. The hard drives in servers are made up of ridiculously fast moving parts. One day, these small parts will fail and end the server's life with a sudden crash. Here are a few steps you can take to prepare for server doomsday.


The Business of Malware and Your Mobile Device
We often view hackers as creeps who are bent on spreading viruses to disrupt everyone's lives, perhaps for the sake of anarchy or some extreme ideology. But when it comes down to it, most hackers are in it for the money and are just trying to make a quick buck. In fact, hacking groups may even be more organized than your business!