2.4 GHz frequency hopping telecommand radio module with CE, IC, FCC and ARIB approval. 
Circuit Design, Inc, the leading supplier of low power radio modules, has announced the release of an embedded telecommand NK-2.4Y module capable of transmitting upto 8 switching signals. 
Holding FCC, IC, ARIB and CE certification, the user can integrate the module without need for additional radio approval.
The NK-2.4Y incorporates FH without need for channel selection, making it suitable for reliable operation in difficult RF environments and proximity to other 2.4 GHz W-LAN and Bluetooth devices. With CRC-16 error detection and a Hamming Distance of 6, user does not need to worry about unintended operation caused by communication errors. This allows continuous reliable communication of switching signals in a safety critical environment without too much concern on RF conditions.
The NK-2.4Y consumes an average current consumption of only 3 mA during transmit (input mode) allowing portable handheld operation. Feedback reception is available to the user via a LINK terminal output pin to constantly monitor communication link.
The NK-2.4Y, requiring only minimal components for interface and the option of an onboard antenna allows existing user systems to be configured to transmit wireless signals easily. An ID system combined with the frequency hopping function used by the NK-2.4Y can allow multiple user systems to operate in the same area.

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The technical features and applications of the NK-2.4Y are as follows:

Technical features:
CRC-16 Error Detection
Hamming Distance of 6 to minimize receiver malfunctions
Transmission of 8 switching signals using only simple external circuitry
Low current consumption
Communication link monitoring
Frequency Hopping with pairing feature allowing multiple unit operation in one area.
FCC Part 15, IC-RSS-247, ARIB STD-T66, EN300 440 compliant.
RoHs compliant
Compact size 35.3 x 17.8 x 4.3 mm

Remote Tail Lifts on trucks
Remote Control of care lift
Shutter open and close

Example interface
  <Input mode>

  <Output mode>

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