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4th Nov., 2014

Circuit Design Inc. will be exhibiting radio products and solutions for industrial applications at Electronica 2014 in Munich Germany.


Circuit Design Booth No. A4. 345

Circuit Design will exhibit various new radio module products and solutions for industrial remote control, telemetry and wireless audio applications. In addition, we will present animal tracking systems currently available in the Japanese market.

Our exhibits are

Low power radio modem solution for long range communication

The MU-2 low power radio modem is used for long range telemetry applications such as irrigation control and environmental monitoring systems such as landslide monitoring.
At the booth, we will show unique demonstrations of the MU-2-R 434 MHz using Arduino, Bluetooth and tablets.

Highly reliable sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz radio transceivers for industrial applications

STD transceivers are widely used for remote control in industrial applications such as remote control of construction equipment including cranes, EOT and hoists. We will also exhibit the new
compact 2.4 GHz transceiver for the global market for the first time at Electronica.


Integrated radio modules for telecommand applications         
Our telecommand radio modules incorporate most of the components necessary for sending on/off remote control signals. Circuit Design has added new 2.4 GHz telecommand modules to
this product line. Our modules use frequency hopping technology and operate on a very low current.

Wireless audio module for voice and sound transmitting applications

Our wireless audio modules incorporate compression and decompression processes. The modules include most of the components necessary for sending analogue sound signals,
enabling engineers to realize their ideas in a short space of time.

Animal tracking devices and systems 

Circuit Design offers tracking devices and systems in the Japanese market. We will present a video showing our latest project using a radio relay mounted on a multicopter.
See more details about our tracking devices at http://www.tracking21.jp/

Take this opportunity to discuss your applications and ideas with us.
We look forward to seeing you at our booth A4. 345

For more information, please contact Circuit Design.
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