October 2013   



Hispanic consumers are the most likely group in the U.S. to embrace cause marketing, according to a new study by Cone Communications. Hispanics: 
  • outpace the U.S. population in purchasing cause-related products products  (94% vs. 89%)
  • go beyond the register to donate (70% vs. 65%) 
  • volunteer (47% vs. 42%) 

We're hard-pressed to find many sophisticated cause campaigns targeting Hispanics. One good example: "ALDI's Healthy Eating Sponsorship for New Futuro," an education-themed collaboration between the discount grocer ALDI and New Futuro, a B-Corp offering guidance to help Hispanic students get into and succeed in college.   


Launched in the fall of 2012, the campaign promotes a 10-step college plan to multiple generations of Hispanics. The multiple-channel effort leveraged large-scale events, in-store micro-events, local workshops, product samples, $1,000 scholarships and coupons.   


The program establishes ALDI as a trusted family partner by appealing to a family's dream of sending a child to college and providing useful resources, according to New Futuro's Jennifer Woods. 

In the last year, the partnership successfully hosted 13,000 attendees at grassroots events; increased ALDI store traffic; generated positive customer feedback and positive coupon redemption rates; and elevated employee morale. 


There's more data on Hispanic consumers and many other insights in Cone's latest research. Dig into the study for more great cause-related data points. 


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David Hessekiel


Cause Marketing Forum


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OctoberWebinarRecapThis month's webinar challenged cause marketers to 
step out from their place of certainty, content to follow in the footsteps of others, and embrace a more innovative, risk-taking approach to cause efforts. Presenter Phil Haid challenged participants to:
  • Move beyond promoting good as the "right thing to do" to embrace cause engagement as fun, different, remarkable and meaningful.
  • Encourage cause marketing to have reciprocal benefit (something in it for me, too).
  • Connect cause results with bottom line profit results in order to generate impact at scale 


MSLWebinarLast month's free webinar sponsored by MSLGROUP  

offered a glimpse into the world of effective cause marketing promotion at retail and involving consumer products. MSLGROUP's Anne Erhard guided attendees through a promotional path that recommended:
  • Pairing up with employees to educate, train, incentivize, celebrate their contributions around cause efforts from associate to corporate levels to create a critical cause ambassador program
  • Creating multi-player partnerships that involve supplier, retailer, cause, media partners, other brands or entertainment partners to generate more eyes, more people, more dollars and more fans
  • Pushing the visual envelope to get creative with interactive displays and "live" engagement, real time tracking, moving signage and wearables, multi-channel and paperless promotions and geo-targeting

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