November 29 , 2013 




This is a cutting edge case for animal rights.  It recognizes the special place that pets have in our families.
Dog of War.....Historic NY Divorce Custody Case.....



Sherri Donovan, Esq., family and matrimonial lawyer representing Ms. Murray states "that the recent decision by Judge Cooper sets a new standard for pets to be treated with respect in divorce cases, not just a piece of furniture."

Ms. Donovan further states that, "this case points out that animals have emotions, attachments and have a special status in divorce cases. They are considered more than property but not quite as extensive as children. The new standard for determining with who and where a pet will reside after spouses split will be what is best for all concerned including where the pet is best taken care of and who attended to the pet's needs."

Ms. Donovan also mentions "that the Court determined that there are no visitation rights or financial support. It is all or nothing."

Judge Matthew F.Cooper, ".... Although Joey the miniature dachshund is not a human being and cannot be treated as such, he is decidedly more than a piece of property, marital or otherwise."



Sherri Donovan
Sherri Donovan
 Sherri Donovan
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