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Bob McDonald has a new book and coming to HCP! 
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Villages & Gardens of the Cotswolds & Chelsea Garden show tour for May 2015 for Niche Women's Tours
October E-news                                                
Horticulture Centre Of The Pacific                                                                                                                     October 15, 2014
Chair's Message

This has been another busy and exciting month at the HCP with an important strategic hire, a successful pilot project with students from China, and a new plant research partnership.

Looking for wreath making supplies...

Hi everyone, before you know it we will be in full swing with our Christmas Wreath making workshops.

I am in need of sourcing out evergreen boughs and berries.

If you have conifers in your yard that could use a pruning,please contact me.

By Linda Petite, Head Gardener

Panicum virgatum'Heavy Metal'
Blue Switch Grass
  • Poaceae family
  • upright clump forming perennial
  • stiff metallic blue foliage
  • airy pink tinged panicles late summer/fall
  • bright yellow fall foliage
  • seed heads add winter interest
  • full sun,tolerates both moisture and drought
  • 1.2 1m.spread
Invasions in the Veggie Garden

The veggie group was expecting a repeat invasion of last year's Tromboncino crop, but were rewarded with just one feeble-looking sample this season. However, they did have a major invasion of Pattipan summer squash. ("Nourish" came up with an amazing variety of recipes for those "spaceships.") Wilhem is to be thanked for the second invasion. His contribution of black cherry tomatoes led to a bumper crop that started early and continues to produce. Paul and his sidekick, Larry, have been building a new storage shed for the veggie garden. They are now being invaded with the women's ideas for finishing details. All are enjoying some very interesting discussions, and it is suspected that the men have little chance of defending themselves from this final invasion.
October to-Do List
By Linda Petite, Head Gardener

  • plant spring blooming bulbs now, a great selection at the local garden centers,
       if space is limited plant in containers and in layers
  • plant cover crops in empty veggie beds to increase the Nitrogen in the soil
  • excellent time to divide overgrown perennial clumps and rhubarb crowns
  • late October onwards is a good time to mulch beds
  • move tender plants inside
  • plant garlic now for July harvest
  • plant winter blooming annuals for color in beds and containers
Garden of the month: Takata Garden
By Bob Clarke, curator
Nineteen years ago,Agnes Lynn, Jack Eldridge and I took on what turned out to be a labour of love.
We hired Michael and Sean Greenfield to design and build the necessary basics of what has become a very popular addition to the gardens at HCP.
Agnes was our plant expert who chose and placed appropriate selections, while Jack and I were the slaves that did the grunt work.
I promoted the fledgling garden at garden club meetings and many displays. We enthused monetary supporters and lovers of Japanese style gardens.
To this day the garden has been self-sufficient,with about 1/3 of the plantings having been donated,along with generous donations from many appreciative supporters.
William Andringa joined our small but dedicated crew and has built many of the additional structures throughout the garden at the cost of only the materials.
A small group of volunteers maintains the garden,and I still put in 14 hours a week doing what I love!
College news
Time to get in your applications for next year's full-time program - our Landscape Horticulture Certificate Program starts on January 19, 2015!

We will be holding a free information session on November 6, 2014, 6:30 pm - please register before November 3 by emailing, or phoning 250-479-3210.

Check out for more information about the program, and bring all your questions to the info session!

Upcoming part-time courses

The last part-time course for this year is our Soils 2 online course from November 3 to December 7. You do not have to have completed Soils 1 to register for this course.

Pesticide Applicator's Licence Course

Last chance for this year - we still have some space in the November course November 22 and 23, 9am to 4:30pm, exam November 24. 6-9pm! Cost is 400$ icluding text books and exam fee.

Call or email the college office to register!
Someone should do something. . . .

We often hear the remark, "Someone really should do something about that;" but the maintenance volunteers actually DID something about the proverbial "it." Having noted that some of the wood siding on the Pavilion had not been stained - and would be a different colour by spring if the job weren't done immediately - they broke into their piggy banks and then set to work!

It took the next four Wednesdays to complete the job, but we all are now most impressed with the results of their investment of time and money. The next time you walk past the Pavilion, do remember to take note of the nice uniform colour of the siding!
Youth Programs (4-12 years)
New this Fall...
Join our Children's Garden Club!
We meet once a month to do fun seasonal gardening and activities around the grounds at HCP. This month we are harvesting from the JMG Garden and planting garlic! See you Saturday October 25th (10:00 am - noon)
Terrarium Gardens...oh my!
Bring along a glass container and you can create a magical mini garden with your own theme! Friday October 24th (10:00 am - noon)
Family Fun...Wild About Bats!
Join us for a walk, talk and activity time devoted to these Superheroes! Dress in costume, scavenger hunt & contest Saturday November 1 (10:00 - noon)

Community Education

What IS that Mushroom?
Saturday November 1st 1-4pm

Join Juliet Pendray on a foray for mushrooms. Learn about basic ID and habitat interpretation in a lively session that will expand your knowledge of this "hidden" kingdom. Bring your samples along and be sure to dress for the weather.

Cattail Lidded Basket
Sunday November 2nd (9:30-5:00)

Joan is back with another amazing basket, featuring locally harvested materials including cattail leaves, rush and cordage.
If you have never taken a basket making course before, you are in for a treat!

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