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March 21st Conference
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The HCP website has a brand new look and feel, thanks to the creative mind of Lisa Ballinger, Director Marketing and Sales.

Check it out...    HCP.ca


Lisa has also brought exciting changes to the giftshop.


First Nations Education Conference comes to the pavilion on March 21st.


See all details below...

Ron Cox
Message from our President


Ron Cox, President of the HCP Board of Directors gives report in this online message to start off the New Year.


Ron touches on highlights of a new strategic plan.



Dig This logo
DIG THIS store at HCP
by Lisa Ballinger
In this online article, Lisa describes how the giftshop at HCP will be managed by Dig This.  Come out and see the new look.
Read Lisa's report online....    


Giftshop Merchandise Sale
by Lisa Ballinger


In the lunchroom, all leftover giftshop stock now priced under $20.

Early bird gets the worm.

When the stock is gone, it's gone.


We are clearing the giftshop to make space for Dig This.

Save the Date

by Roger Charles, Executive Director


Save the date March 21st  for the inaugural 

First Nations Education Conference,

hosted by HCP in the Couvelier Pavilion.


For more info please contact Roger Charles 

director@hcp.ca or call 250-479-6162



Plant of the Month Viburnum x bodnantense   

by Linda Petite


Viburnum x bodnantense
  • upright, multi-stemmed deciduous shrub

  • cross between Viburnum farreri and Viburnum grandiflorum

  • developed at Bodnant Gardens,North Wales

  • sun / part shade

  • 3m height x 2m spread

  • year-round interest with fragrant flowers all winter, orange/red fall foliage and blue berries

  • prune after flowering  

Northwest Material Basket
Coming Soon in Community Education
Basketry Using Northwest Material

Saturday February 1st 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

with Joan Carrigan

Zig Zag Twill Basket

Sunday February 2nd   9:30 am - 4:30 pm

With Joan Carrigan
Year Round Harvest 2014                

We are once again running two classes of Year Round Harvest. It remains one of our most popular courses and no wonder. Did everyone catch the report on the CBC that stated that over 37% of produce sold under the organic label carry traces of pesticides? The only way to make absolutely sure is to grow it yourself. Linda Gilkeson is one of the best teachers I have ever encountered and every one of her evaluations is a rave- quite boring to read after a while. She can make growing your own fruit and veggies as easy as can be. There are still a few spots in each of the classes but please call the main office at 250-479-6162.



Seed Catalog

January is for seed catalogues

by: Linda Petite, Head Gardener


For me,seed catalogues arriving in the mail are a sure sign of spring!  They are fun to browse through and very informative.


Last year I purchased SOW EASY seeds by Livingston Seed Company.

They are pelletized seeds that makes small seeds like lettuce and carrots easier to handle.  Pellets are made of diatomaceous earth, the fossilized remains of diatoms and an organic insecticide.  A natural food coloring maybe used, but is not harmful to the seed or the soil.

This seed is also "primed."  Priming means to begin the germination process.  The seed is pre-germinated, then coated in a layer of diatomaceous earth which stops the germination process until the seed is planted.  Primed seed germinates faster , but has a 1 year shelf life.


What is your favorite seed catalogue?


Some of mine include

Renees Garden
Thompson & Morgan
Suttons Burpee
and of course the seeds that are sold to perform well in our climate are from West Coast Seeds.


January To-do List 
by Linda Petite, Head Gardener
  • inspect stored bulbs of dahlias and begonias for rot 
  • remove foliage from hellebores to improve the appearance of the plant, making it easier to see the flowers and prevent disease 
  • check containers under eaves for watering; they dry out faster with cold winds
  • dormant spray can be sprayed on fruit trees, roses and lilacs to control overwintering insects and disease (no wind, dry weather and temperatures above freezing) 
  • late January, sow seeds indoors of begonia, salvia, snapdragon, dianthus, lobelia and pelargonium

  • place your seed orders early


Update From Your Library


Painting and renovating of the "new" premises are going on at a rapid pace. We hope to get shelves in place in the next few days.  After that will be a period of sorting and shelving the books.  Just when that last stage is finished remains to be seen, but we will be advising our students and members as soon as the end is in sight.


In the meantime, we are not able to accept book donations. (You will doubtless realize that we have no way of knowing at this stage whether or not there will be space for them.)


We'll be looking forward to seeing you all shortly!