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Pavilion Opening Ceremony
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Pavilion Opening
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The Gardens at HCP are pleased to announce the opening of the much anticipated Couvelier Pavilion. 


Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon, Saanich Mayor Frank Leonard and the Couvelier family were on hand for the opening ceremony Oct 9, 2013.
We look forward to seeing you Nov 2 at the Gala and Casino event.


Commemorating Plaque Couvelier Pavilion Opening


October 9th, 2013


Lisa Ballinger, provides a glimpse of the excitement surounding the opening ceremony of the new Couvelier Pavilion.


The building is ready for action, and events are being planned including the Gala Nov 2.


Read the story online and view photos of the opening ceremony.


Report from the President
by Ron Cox
Ron Cox, the President of the HCP Board of Directors, gives this timely report on the current focus of the Board.
He describes the opening ceremony and the impact this new building will have on operations at the HCP. 

Read Ron's report online.

October To-do List 
by Linda Petite, Head Gardener
  • sumac tree bring houseplants and tropicals indoors before fall frosts
  • time to plant garlic for harvest next July
  • seed cover crops in empty garden beds
  • prune back all fruited raspberry canes
  • continue to plant tulips and narcissus for spring color
  • best time to transplant established shrubs and trees
  • clear up fallen leaves regularly - compost or use as mulch on garden beds
  • lift and store dahlia and begonia tubers
  • check tree tie and stakes before winter winds cause damage
  • get out for a walk and enjoy the lovely fall colors (not as good as the East Coast!)



Head Gardeners I have known

 by Bob Clarke - Curator


In my 17 years as a volunteer and curator of the Takata Japanese garden at HCP, I have known six different head gardeners - some great some not so great! Some got burned out and exasperated when too much was expected of them and some got fed up with trying to solve the problems of the antiquated irrigation system that has never kept pace with an ever expanding garden. In my estimation, Linda Petite (and she is petite) is the cream of the crop.

She is competent, cheerful, and seems to be everywhere at once!

She took the job on her terms and obviously opted for a scaled down pay-cheque, while others were brought on board to handle the jobs that were a burden.

Like other head gardeners before her, she is hampered by a budget inadequate to meet the demands and requests of those curators and volunteers without whom, this large garden could not begin to exist. 

The Saturday group of volunteers, which, Michael Dowling popularized, has been given a shot I the arm by Linda's winning smile and personality, as well as her tireless work ethic. Linda is an absolute delight - and definitely a keeper.  

Bob Clarke Volunteer Opportunity of a Lifetime

by Bob Clarke, Curator Takata Garden


A few limitations of age, at 81, preclude some of the heavier work in the Takata Japanese Garden that has kept me busy for 17 years.  I still put in 14 hours per week doing what I love to do, but my 30 year old back operation is gradually catching up to me.

So I am putting the word out that I need someone to gradually take over so that I can putter around continuing to do some of the light work.

  1. A fair knowledge of the Japanese style of gardening
  2. A willingness to devote at least 12 to 14 hours per week
  3. An interest in speaking with interested visitors who could be potential donors to the garden. (the Takata Garden has always been self-sufficient using this approach)
  4. The ability to work well with volunteers, students, and the head gardener.
  5. A fair knowledge of bookkeeping to maintain a healthy balance in the Takata account.
Please contact Amanda Price at 250-479-6162 or volunteers@hcp.ca with your interest or for further information.
Propagation Group


Propagation Group


In this online article, Delphia Scratchley gives us an inside look at the operations of the propagation group at HCP.


The polyhouses are the nesting ground of many of the less hardy species of the demonstration gardens.  As well, they host the cultivation of many new plants.



Plant of the Month
miscanthus giganteus

by Linda Petite

Miscanthus x giganteus
 Known as 'Giant Silver Grass'
  • a giant for the garden
  • 3-4 m ht x 1.5 m spr.
  • full to part sun
  • tolerates all soils
  • pink plumes in September
  • excellent living screen or specimen
  • clumps are not invasive and easily divided in early spring
  • cut back in February/March and use strong bamboo-like stems for garden projects
  • deer and rabbit resistant

Come see our living hedge in the Takata Garden!


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