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Declaring the "Good News" of Jesus Christ
Debora leading worship
Rio Claro Crusade 2014

THANK YOU for your partnership in spreading the Gospel.  Lives are being eternally changed!
Saturday July 11th, 2015

We would like to thank Pastor Onário and the Brazilian church for receiving us so warmly for a special missions breakfast to promote the ministry of All Nations in Brazil. They have added All Nations to their missions and we are honored to know that we have the prayers and support of the Brazilian Church in Kansas City. It was also a great surprise and blessing to see (after so many years) Pastor Efraim and Melyda from Guatemala who happened to be at the breakfast. What a small world! We ministered with them many years ago in San Rafael, Guatemala. They have a thriving work planting churches there.
Pastor Onário asked us to come back the next day to preach at the  Sunday evening service. We had a great meeting as several lives were touched by God's amazing grace and one person gave their life to Jesus Christ.  Also, one woman under chiropractic care for a slipped disc and another woman with a twisted ankle that had an ankle bone out of place was healed.  Praise God!  
We thank the Lord for the work that the Kansas City Brazilian Church is doing and the many lives they are reaching out to and impacting. 


I always wanted to write a book. Over the years, many books came to my mind, but none settled in my spirit, so I have been waiting. I asked the Lord about what He would have me write. Years have gone by and now during our short time back in the states I have finally completed about 2/3 of the book as of this newsletter. 

I wanted to write about something I'm passionate about and that there would be a need for. The book is about the
Power of the Cross. The disciples preached a singular foundational message of the Cross and it produced incredible results. My opinion is that the average Christian, or person for that matter, only sees the cross as a historical event. The cross is the power of salvation to those who would believe and it is a divine portal between heaven and earth in which every person has the opportunity to know God Almighty.  

Its significance is relevant today and it has POWER to change lives on a daily basis. The cross is a divine invitation to live a supernatural life in direct connection with God Almighty. My hope and prayer is that this book and accompanying study guide will be a an instrument to bring the cross front and center.

I look forward to sharing this with you when its published.  


July 15-29th
This is exciting news as we are preparing the logistics for our return to Brazil. During this two week sprint, we have lots to do...

1.  Meet with the lawyer for our non-profit status in Brazil.
2.  Meet with city officials for setting up the orphanage.
3.  Meet with the accountant to properly file our documents.
4.  Meet with the owner of the property we are acquiring for the                orphanage.
5.  We will be shooting an infomercial, so to speak, about the                    establishment of the Sozo Mountain Orphanage in Campos do                Jordão, SP. As well, we will be going to various places (such as Rio        and São Paulo to the streets and favelas) to document the plight of        children in Brazil. Did you know 1 in 8 Brazilian children are                 considered homeless?  The results are popularly child slavery, sex         trafficking, drugs and crime. 
6.  We will be preaching in 4 services.
7.  We are visiting an existing orphanage in northern Brazil run by              Americans for 2 days.
8.  We will also meet with pastors to strategize and plan for upcoming        crusades.



The All Nations ministry has on hold a 30-acre property in Campos do Jordão, Brazil (pictured below), that we are working to establish into an orphanage that will be able to house 100+ kids. This is a HUGE undertaking and we need your prayers and help. This center will also function as a missions base where we will receive people and groups for short, mid-term or long-term missions trips.







We are needing to acquire a sound system for mini-crusades in Brazil. This will be a quality portable system that we can transport from city to city to conduct two-day mini-crusades in local venues. This is an essential tool to preaching the Gospel. THANK YOU for your heart in helping to see the Gospel spread. (Reached $2,200 of the goal) 

This is important because it allows for the day-to-day functioning of the ministry. Without this support the actual work of the ministry could not go forward. THANK YOU for considering being a MONTHLY supporting partner of the ministry. (Currently at 30% of monthly support)

Acquiring the property for the orphanage and establishing its infrastructure is a HUGE task. We know this is God's heart and rescuing children it worth it all. As we step out in faith we trust that God will use many amazing people to participate and bring this to reality. 

Whether you are giving a one-time donation and/or becoming a monthly partner, we have established giving through PayPal which is safe & secure.  Donations may also be mailed to the ministry address. 


THANK YOU for forwarding this to a friend.

The Borchardts
Missionary Evangelists

Thank you for standing with us!

We appreciate our partners so much!
It would not be possible for us to be bringing the "Good News" to Brazil without you.
   THANK YOU!    

All Nations is a 501 (c) (3) Kansas  not for profit religious organization. Financial giving is tax deductible. 

Débora's Column

Congratulations, you are approved for Citizenship! Those were wonderful words to hear this morning! I am so relieved and thankful! Things are on track as we continue to move forward and prepare for what is ahead.
I love that we are here for summer, and that we get to enjoy the sunshine (even though it really hasn't been that sunny), the pool and all the awesome summer stuff, but also get to come into our air conditioned home and sleep without melting under our covers! Oh how I missed AC while we were in Brazil. 
We were able to spend a few days in Colorado with some of our family this past month, and it was amazing! How much beauty God has put into this world for our eyes to see and for us to enjoy. We took several walks, hiked, ate, talked, got on each other's nerves, of course, and we laughed and appreciated the opportunity to be together. Family is a gift!
We leave for Brazil this Wednesday for 2 weeks to do  some planning, working on documentation, preaching, filming, dreaming, etc... We have a TON of stuff to fit into these 15 days, and it'll take a miracle to get it all done! Please pray for us, and also pray that my voice would hold up. The interpreting non-stop can be hard and I usually loose my voice for a few days, but we can't have that happening this time! Also, pray for the paperwork to move forward without holdups (Brazil has a lot of bureaucracy), for favor, for clear direction and for wisdom. We absolutely don't want to do ANYTHING outside of what God has planned for us.  There are many opportunities, and we want to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in ALL things.
I pray that you are enjoying this summer, enjoying your family, delighting in the love that Our Heavenly Father wants to pour over your life everyday! Please know how much He loves you and how amazing and precious you really are in His eyes!

Much love,
We would love to come share the Word, testimonies and the about the missions work in Brazil.

If you would like us to come to your church, home group, office or perhaps you know a pastor that loves missions,  please contact us and let us know. We also love to share one-on-one over coffee.

Fun Facts
 About Brazil

Semi trucks often have 3 trailers hooked up to them!

Florida is the vacation destination of choice for Brazilians.

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world.

Attendants pump your gas at gas stations.

Brazil has the largest population of Catholics.

There is a 10,000-seat replica of Solomon's Temple in São Paulo.

The people are friendly and so amazing!
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