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Declaring the "Good News" of Jesus Christ
MISSION'S BREAKFAST - Saturday April 18th, 2015

We had a great breakfast at the Holiday Inn (Overland Park, KS) as we shared about the 14 months we spent in Brazil and our future plans.  We appreciate all who were able to attend! Without our prayer partners and supporters we could not be doing the work and accomplishing the amazing things that have been taking place. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the people and to make many new friends in the ministry.

"Missions is a Divine Partnership between the Holy Spirit, the sent, and the sender (you), who all are working together to fulfill the "Great Commission"

 -Michel Borchardt 

At the end of our lives, what will we have to show?
The only thing you can take with you into eternity are the lives that you touched while you lived your life on earth. Our PASSION is to PREACH the "GOOD NEWS" Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. How can they come unless they hear? The "Great Commission" is not the "Great Suggestion." Preaching SALVATION is at the HEART of All Nations, as there is no substitute for the GOSPEL. What is amazing is how the LORD works through each of us to accomplish this task. There are no superheros in the Kingdom of God, just everyday people who have a LOVE for OTHERS.

The Bible talks about a DIVINE PARTNERSHIP:
"One sows, one waters and another harvests. Yet, they equally 
share in the reward" John 4:34-38 (paraphrased) 


Photo: Homeless man in the city-center of Rio Claro, Brazil (Aug. 2014)

While ministering to the homeless in the city-center of Rio Claro, Brazil in August of 2014 we met a woman who said...


"YOU'RE CRAZY, you left everything in the States to come here to Brazil. There is nothing here that is worth it!  "


"YOU are here, and YOU are worth it!"

Tears immediately flowed down her cheeks. We shared God's amazing plan of salvation; she opened her heart, prayed and gave her life to Jesus Christ. I believe the Lord will introduce you to her when you get to heaven!

Jesus went out of His way to reach the ONE that was in need, the ONE that was lost and the ONE that needed a miracle.

 ONE SINGLE SOUL is worth it all!


SECONDLY, our PASSION IS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NO DEFENDER.  Specifically, these are the Orphan Children. In Brazil, 1 in 8 children are orphaned and live on the streets, where they basically become enslaved to predators. We must do our part to save & rescue these precious children! 

The All Nations ministry has on hold a 30-acre property in Campos do Jordăo, Brazil (pictured below), that we are working to establish into an orphanage that will be able to house 100+ kids. This is a HUGE undertaking and we need your prayers and immediate help. This center will also function as a missions base where we will receive people and groups for short, mid-term or long-term missions trips.


CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO READ THE BROCHURE.                                   




We are needing to acquire a sound system for mini-crusades in Brazil. This will be a quality portable system that we can transport from city to city to conduct two-day mini-crusades in local venues. This is an essential tool to preaching the Gospel. THANK YOU for your heart in helping to see the Gospel spread. 

This is important because it allows for the day-to-day functioning of the ministry. Without this support the actual work of the ministry could not go forward. THANK YOU for considering being a MONTHLY supporting partner of the ministry. 

Acquiring the property for the orphanage and establishing its infrastructure is a HUGE task. We know this is God's heart. As we step out in faith we trust that God will use many amazing people to participate and bring this to reality.

Whether you are giving a one-time donation and/or becoming a monthly partner we have established giving through PayPal which is safe & secure.  Donations may also be mailed to the ministry address. 



THANK YOU for forwarding this e-newsletter to a friend.

The Borchardts
Missionary Evangelists

Thank you for standing with us!

We appreciate our partners so much!
It would not be possible for us to be bringing the "Good News" to Brazil without you.
   THANK YOU!    

All Nations is a 501 (c) (3) Kansas  not for profit religious organization. Financial giving is tax deductible. 

Débora's Column

5 months have passed since we arrived back in Kansas! It's just incredible to think how fast this time has really gone by. We've been figuring out how to make a 2 bedroom place work for 5 people, 2 (very large) dogs and 2 cats... you can kind of imagine it! Thank God Mike is so knowledgeable about construction and so hard working! We all worked tirelessly for days and were able to do a few improvements to make things work better for us. It feels great to be in our own place, even if it is small and cozy.
Thank you so much to all of you that came to the mission's breakfast! It is always such a treat to reconnect with so many people that have been part of our lives and ministry and to also form new relationships. We hope that we were able to clearly share our hearts with you.
As the days go by here, I keep trying to imagine the future, and quite honestly I can't wrap my mind around it. So, rather than driving myself crazy by trying to figure it all out, I just take it to God in prayer. I'm so glad that He has things under control and that He has our entire future mapped out. I'd make such a mess of things if it were up to me. When doubt starts to creep in He always sends a word of encouragement, when fear begins to manifest itself, He reminds me of who He is, and when I feel inadequate, He once again tells me that it is through Him working in me that I can do all things... THANK GOD!
We Love you all so much! Thank you for walking with us and for standing with us in prayer!

Bless you,
The All Nations
Ministry is GROWING

All Nations is establishing our non profit status in Brazil so we can work effectively with the Brazilian government and local entities on behalf of the needs of the Orphaned Children. 


Did you know that All Nations has invitations from 4 cities in Brazil to do city-wide crusades?  Keep this in prayer as we prepare for growth and preaching the Gospel.

Networking and sharing missions is the heartbeat of the Great Commission.  We want to share about Brazil and make new friends who love missions and Brazil.  
If you would like us to come to your church or home group, or perhaps you know a pastor, please contact us and let us know. 
We would love to come share the Word, testimonies and the missions work in Brazil.

Fun Facts
 About Brazil

Brazil will host the summer olympics in 2016.

Brazilians eat their hot dogs with mashed potatoes.

Each car in Brazil has a mini fire extinguisher and hazard sign. 

The vast majority of jobs in Brazil are salary, not hourly, paid. 

The people are friendly and so amazing!
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