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Declaring the "Good News" of Jesus Christ
This CRUSADE EDITION is longer than the normal monthly e-newsletter. It's full of GREAT reports and testimonies. 
We hope you will take the time to read and enjoy all of the amazing things that took place this past month. 

Pre-Crusade Worship & Prayer Night
Friday Night: October 3rd

Photo: Local pastors uniting in prayer.
There were over 1,000 people in attendance for this Friday night meeting!

This was the first time in the city's history that the churches came together to worship and pray. It was quite a historic and memorable night. The service was devoted to worship and prayer for the city, revival, and the crusade.  

Testimony: The day after this service, we received a Facebook message. A mother wrote that following the service her young son (toddler) was prayed for. He had not eaten solid food for over two years because of a respiratory/digestive system issue. She told us that when they got home the boy said, "Mom, I'm hungry can you give me some food?" To her surprise he ate perfectly fine with zero complications. What a way to start the crusade week!

Testimony: After the service a local pastor who had been ministering in Rio Claro for over 35 years told us this story. Forty years ago to this date, two women who were well known in Brazil for their visions and revelations from the Lord gave a prophecy about this city. He said they prophesied that Rio Claro would come into revival and that God would do extra ordinary things here. Rio Claro translates to Clear River in English. They said there would come a time when the churches would unite and the waters would serve for healing and that people would come to this city to be healed and find blessing.  

It is especially interesting because the short message we preached was about the Israelites spending 40 years in the desert, but the day came for them to cross the river and receive the promise of God. "There is a river that whoever comes to it will be healed." (Revelation 22) WOW! God is awesome. The pastor's word about the two women's prophecy over the city 40 years ago matched the sermon, WHAT AN AMAZING CONFIRMATION FROM THE LORD!


Primeira Igreja Presbiteriana
(First Presbyterian Church)
Sunday Night: October 5th

8 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ!

 "Love through the eyes of God, Jesus Looked at Him and Loved Him." Luke 10

This church is the second church founded in Rio Claro. It has over 100 years of history and we were honored to be invited to speak and be part of this great church. It was so fitting to be preaching here the Sunday before the crusade. The senior pastor, Geraldo Souza, is a man with a huge heart and the passion to share the Gospel with the city. Meeting this pastor has truly been a highlight of our time here in Rio Claro. 


Fire Conference
Friday & Saturday Mornings: October 10th & 11th

We hosted a two-day fire conference for pastors and ministry workers during two of the mornings of the crusade. These meetings were focused on imparting vision, encouragement, and spiritual fire into the ministries of the local church. When we came to Brazil we only knew a few people, but during our time here we had the privilege to be connected with TWO of the most respected Christian leaders throughout this region. Long story short, they were the two speakers for the Fire Conference. It was clearly God appointed that two men of this stature would come to Rio Claro for this event. 

Pastor Edson Rebustini: Pastors a large vibrant church in the city of Săo Paulo and is an author and has a weekly TV program.  
Pastor Antonio Stephan: Is the general superintendent for the Four Square church and pastors a thriving church in Piracicaba, Brazil.

The depth of vision and wisdom that these two men brought as they poured into the men and women at the Fire Conference was invaluable.  


October 9th, 10th & 11th

Getting the Stadium
It is hard to put into words what God did during the three days of the crusade in the local soccer stadium. The year we have spent in Rio Claro has come to bear fruit. When God called us to this city it was to prepare for a crusade and bring the churches together. It was over a year ago in March of 2013 when the Lord spoke to us about this city and winning it for Christ, we had no clue how it would come about. In March of 2014 I found a journal entry dated almost exactly a year earlier. It said, "If we are to win this city, I must meet the mayor." Strange entry I'd say at the time. Well fast forward one year from the entry and we had just met the mayor! We were invited to the mayor's office for a meeting, without our initiation (I must add). As we sat in the meeting room the Lord promoted my spirit and I asked the mayor for the use of the stadium to gather the churches. After a short pause, he agreed! WOW. As we left his office, I thought to myself, "What just happened?" How is that even possible? Being a stranger, an outsider from this country, to be given a seat with the mayor, and then have his ear, and to be given the stadium for a crusade! From this point on... GAME ON!  

Assembling the Executive Committee
We assembled an Executive Committee with the leaders of all the major denominations in the city. A task that many have equated to the parting of the Red Sea. NEVER, as they have all testified, has the evangelical leadership of the city even sat in the same room together. What God assembled was truly a move of the Holy Spirit. 

Crusade Director
When we came to the city God immediately brought us into contact with Pastor Marcio Azevedo. It became evident that God's plan was for him to be the crusade director. This man sacrificed an immense amount of time and energy to bring this event together. How God used him so mightily! His wife later told us that a few years ago she had a dream that her husband was organizing a crusade. How cool is that!?

Well after countless meetings, much sweat, frustrations, and victories the churches were mobilized in the following ways...

110+ churches represented
250+ volunteers from various denominations
400 voice youth choir
100 instrument orchestra
60 voice adult choir
worship team assemblied from numerous local churches
65,000 flyers distributed throughout the city
6 billboards strategically placed advertising the crusade

OCTOBER 9th, 10th & 11th

Day 1: 90+ came to Christ
Day 2: 185+ came to Christ
 Day 3: 225+ came to Christ
12,000+ people came to the crusade in the 3 nights!

Photo: Setting up the platform.

Photo: 12,000+ people came during the three day crusade. 

  Photo: Day 1 People coming forward to give their lives to Christ. 

Photo: People praying and giving their lives to Christ.

Photo: People praying and giving their lives to Christ.

Photo: People praying and giving their lives to Christ.

Photo: Débora leading worship.

Photo: Mayor of Rio Claro (cream jacket) on his left and right: city councilmen.

Photo: Gigi helping mom by being part of the worship team. 

Photo: People worshipping during the crusade in the stands.

Photo: This woman has paralasys due to a stroke and was blind as well. After prayer she was completely healed!
The next night she brought her medical records verifying her previous condition.  

Photo: We stayed into the night praying for everyone who wanted prayer.

Here are a few of the many testimonies of healings that happened during the crusade. With all that God was doing, it is impossible to list all of the miracles, but you can get a good idea of what took place. The Glory of God was so evident in the stadium, many people testified to the Presence of God that caused them to weep as they sat in their seats and many were healed right in their seats.  

1. In the car on their way home a granddaughter said to her grandpa, "Grandpa, you're playing with me with your right arm." He began to cry. He previously had a stroke and his right arm was paralyzed. Praise God!
2. A man who had psoriasis on his arms and back testified that when he got home his skin was like new. He went to the doctor and got a clean bill of health. Amen!
3. One woman with 3 years of sciatic nerve damage could not even walk on stairs. Healed 100%!  
4. On night one: 2 separate people testified they were going to commit suicide. But when they heard the Gospel preached they gave their lives to Jesus and hope and joy filled their soul. They felt free!
5. One couple that came was listening to the crusade from their car because the wife was hemeraging and could not leave. She was completely healed and came to testify to what God did for her. Thank you Lord!
6. A man addicted to crack was walking by the stadium and came into the crusade. He gave his life to Christ and his two hernias were instantaneously healed! Then he saw his best friend who he had lost contact with many years ago at the stadium. A beautiful reunion!
7. A woman with 75% and 50% hearing loss received full hearing! Wow!
8. A woman who had dedicated herself to Satan in a cemetery by drinking blood came to the crusade with a knife.  She said that voices instructed her to kill herself at the crusade. The Glory of God was so strong in the services that she manifested in her seat. She was prayed for and confessed Christ as her savior. Afterwards, she confessed and testified to what she was there to do.  
9. One woman with lumps throughout her body testified that they all disappeared and all that remained was the dried remnants.
10. An engineer came for prayer with a sweat glad issue. His hands and feet never quit sweating. His hands literally looked as if they were dipped in a bucket of water. 30 minutes later he came to show that the sweating had stopped. His hands were sweat free for the first time in his life. AMEN!
11. One younger woman just got out of jail. She made a living off of robbing people. At the crusade, she ran into her last victim that was the catalyst for her jail sentence. She approached her and asked for forgiveness. The victim was a Christian. The thief said to her, "I received Christ tonight. God has changed my life. I'm so sorry for what I did to you. Will you forgive me?" They both hugged! Praise God. I remember this previous thief, she stood out at the altars as she wept profusely. The change in her countenance and the glory that was upon her was undeniable. 
11. So much more was done. We will never know the full account of all that happened until we get to heaven. But one thing is for sure! MANY, MANY, MANY lives were impacted by the "Good News" of Jesus Christ.


The Borchardts
Missionary Evangelists

Thank you for standing with us!

We appreciate our partners so much!
It would not be possible for us to be bringing the "Good News" to Brazil without you.
   THANK YOU!    

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Débora's Column

Hi everyone!

October 2014 will have a special place in my heart forever! There is something incredibly amazing about seeing someone (in this case hundreds of people) give their heart to Jesus and thousands of people lifting His name in worship. I do not have the right words to describe what the days of the crusade felt like. All the craziness of the move here to Brazil, the goodbyes, the tears, the countless meetings, setbacks, planning, EVERYTHING was so worth it! One single soul is worth more than the whole world... so any sacrifice, any time invested into preaching the gospel and seeing someone come to Jesus is more than ok!!! I wish you all were here to see with your own eyes what we saw. How humbling it is to think that God allowed us this privilege. My heart is full.
We took a few days off to regroup and now we begin the goodbyes around here. It is amazing to think that more than a year has gone by and that He's moving us on to somewhere else (we don't know where yet). We are getting ready to head home in a couple of weeks to do some paperwork and take care of a few things, and should be coming back to Brazil sometime around March 2015. It will be Awesome to spend Christmas with our family and to see everyone again. We'd love to see as many of you that are in the US as possible, so please send us a message if you'd like to get together when we are there. We are also planning a Mission's Breakfast for a Saturday morning, and will send out the info as soon as we work out the details. We would LOVE to give you a hug and share in person some of the highlights of our year here in Brazil.
First and foremost, I would like to thank God for ALL that He has done! He deserves ALL the honor and the glory in everything that has taken place! He is our EVERYTHING! Secondly, I would like to thank each of you. Your prayers, your support, your words of encouragement, and your love kept us going, kept us motivated, came many times at the exact right moment... I cannot thank you enough! 
Love you all,


So what happens with all the people who came to Christ at the crusade?

We asked the people who came forward to give their lives to Christ to fill out a salvation card. These cards were then distributed to local churches according to the address of the person. The churches will take responsibility to follow-up and help the people get plugged into a local church and to grow and be discipled in their new walk with Christ.
Fun Facts
 About Brazil

Brazil just re-elected its current president Dilma to another 4 year term.

Corn on the cob is typically a beach food. Brazilians also put corn on pizza and they have corn ice-cream.

You have to pay for parking at every shopping mall.

Police don't personally take radar, they have stationary cameras that take photos of your license and mail your ticket to you.

You can't turn right on a red light.

When invited to someone's home an 8pm or later invite is not uncommon.

Students have the option of attending school in the morning or the afternoon because school is only 1/2 a day.

The people are friendly and so amazing!

Eye witness accounts from the first night of the crusade saw a shooting star exactly at the moment the Word of God was picked up at the podium to preach the "Good News"  

One person explained it this way.  We had just been talking about how we had not seen any shooting starts in such a long time.  As soon as the Word of God was picked up at the podium we witnessed a shooting star.  Usually they are so distant, but this one was so close and near and its position was exactly over the platform.  

This is such a cool testimony.  It reminded me of how the bible says that the heavens and the stars gives witness to the glory of God. AMEN!  

God's glory was truly present in that stadium.  Not as a figure of speech.  But literally, people are still talking about the Glorious Presence that was so evident.  Words could not adequately describe it.   Oooh, gives me chills just thinking about it.  
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