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Declaring the "Good News" of Jesus Christ

"An unpreached Gospel is NO Gospel at all"  -Reinhard Bonnke
Rio Claro Newspaper!
Debora and I were interviewed by the city newspaper. What a MIRACLE! We were featured on both the front page and a full page inside! The article covered our ministry and the purposes of why we came to Rio Claro. This article has created quite a buzz in the city.  People are excited and word is spreading about the upcoming CRUSADE in October.  PRAISE GOD! 

Igreja Evangélica Pentecostal Nova Vida 
Sunday Night April 6th

1 Salvation & 19 Re-Dedications to Christ

Isabella praying for a girl with similar  eye problems that she was also born with.  

We thank the LORD for this night's ministry.  Many people were touched by God's presence and power.  

Missão Divina Church
Thursday Night April 10th

2 Salvations &  24 Re-Dedications to Christ
1. Testimony (man on left): This young man was healed of gastritis! He suffered for years with pain and discomfort.
2. Testimony (woman on right): This woman had shoulder pain and had also been seeking the Face of God for two days. Both of her prayers were answered as she was touched and as her shoulder was healed. Thank you Jesus!
What a thriving church with so many young people! One man at the beginning of the service was healed of scoliosis. He stood up to testify about what had just happened. His back became straight and he had no pain or limitations of movement. Two other notable testimonies from this service were: a woman who suffered from lung issues testified of what God did for her as her pain left. She said she felt heat moving inside of her! Another person had two herniated discs and was healed! He was jumping and showing the church what God did for him.  
The message preached was "The One Thing I Seek"  from Psalms 127.
Assembléia de Deus Bom Retiro Jundai 
Sunday Night April 13th 

2 Salvations & 25+ Re-Dedications to Christ

1.  Testimony (man on left): This man had severe pain while walking. He was even limping. After prayer all of his pain was gone and he was jumping on stage! Thank you Lord! 
2.  Testimony (girl on right): This young girl was gripped with sadness and oppression in her life. The Joy of the LORD touched her and after prayer she testified of the peace that flooded her soul! Thank you Jesus! 

TESTIMONY:  One woman came to Debora privately after the service to share her testimony, she said she was embarrassed to share it publicly. Her breasts were infected from a surgery and she had open holes along incisions that were not healing. During prayer time she felt the power of God touch her as she sat in her seat, so she went to the restroom to check it out. What she found was completely unexpected! The open holes and infected incisions were covered by a membrane that was not there before. Praise God!
This was a blessed and powerful service!  A husband and wife came forward and  they both gave their lives to Christ, accepting Jesus as Savior. A true blessing! The message preached was on the Holy Spirit. The altars were full and overflowing as 100+ came forward and were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. The weight of God's glory was heavy and the lives of many were impacted and changed from the Presence and Power of the Lord. Thank you God for the spirit of renewal in our lives.

 Evangélica Congregacional de Mococa Church
Sunday Night April 20th 

2 Salvations & 17 Re-Dedications to Christ
          We  ministered on Resurrection Sunday in Mococa. A city about 2  hours drive from Rio Claro. 
God's Presence was beautiful as many were healed, renewed, and several were born again.
Here are some of the wonderful testimonies from this service!
A man broke clavicle 3 yrs ago and couldn't move his right arm HEALED 
An older woman had problem in her femur which gave her a lot of pain HEALED 
A woman had pain in her neck from arthritis, herniated disks for 30 yrs, as well as foot pain HEALED 
A woman had a migraine HEALED 
A young girl had problems in the jaw for 6 yrs which gave her a lot of pain HEALED 
An older woman had a problem in her spine and had a lot of pain for 5 years.  She said she couldn't wait to testify to her doctor. HEALED.   
(Her doctor who was also at the service was healed from a locking in her knees! ) 
An older woman had arthritis and couldn't open or close her hands HEALED
 A woman said she had pain in her stomach for 4 months from nervous anorexia PAIN GONE
A woman had a lot of pain in her arm for 20 yrs HEALED 

April 18th, 2014

1 Salvation & 6 Re-Dedications to Christ

Left:  With pastor Anderson and his wife.
Right:  We had this young girl pray for this woman who had carpal tunnel on her right wrist. Guess what? She was healed! God can use everyone!
The environment was rich with expectation. Several were healed and restored in the faith. One woman was healed from a herniated disc she had suffered from for the past 10 years. Several weeks later we heard she was playing volleyball. Praise God! Also, there was an older woman who had issues with her leg in which she could not bend. During the service she began to shout and came running up front. She was so excited she did not even realize she interrupted the service. It was so sweet! She showed everyone what God had done for her and how she could kneel and pray.
Primeira Evangelho Quadrangular (Four Square Church)
 Sunday Night April 27th

3 Salvations & 27+ Re-Dedications to Christ
Right:  Altar call after the Word.  Glory to God for all He has done!
This Church has deep history in the city.  Located in the center of the city it was the original Four Square church.  Now, many years later there are over 23 four square churches in Rio Claro.  A wonderful work they are doing in the city.

The pastor's conference will be a full day! The day will begin with breakfast, then two teaching sessions, lunch, and also two more teaching sessions. Following that we will have an evening break with dinner appetizers and then an impartation service with the pastors and spouses to close. 
For REVIVAL to BIRTH in RIO CLARO, we need to invest into the lives and ministries of these pastors. 
We feel that this will be a great avenue to build unity, a way to LOVE the pastors, and collaborate for the City-Wide Crusade.
We estimate that the cost of this conference to be $50 per pastor. ABOUT $4,000 is still needed. Most of the pastors attending have limited resources for the conference. We don't want any to be left out! 
 If you would like to participate in sponsoring a pastor or pastors PLEASE click on this link:
Thank you for sowing seed into the lives of these men and women and for being a part of bringing REVIVAL to Rio Claro, Brazil.
Michel and Débora Borchardt

The Borchardts
Missionary Evangelists

Thank you for standing with us!

We appreciate our partners so much!
It would not be possible for us to be bringing the "Good News" to Brazil without you.
   THANK YOU!    

All Nations is a 501 (c) (3) Kansas  not for profit religious organization. Financial giving is tax deductible.

Débora's Column

Hi everyone!

Sometimes words are just not enough to express all that God is doing! The month of April was full of new and unexpected things.  We  continued to be very busy with all the invitations for ministry, meeting more pastors and ministers in the city and preparing for the Pastor's Conference. God continues to blow our minds with the doors that He is opening and the people that He has sent our way who so willingly lend a hand. He always shows up in power, with miracles, healings and lives delivered each and EVERY service! We are often speechless and completely humbled!
We were invited to celebrate Ressurrection Sunday with some new friends in the city of Mococa, and had a great time! Though we were away from our family we felt very much at home and so welcomed into theirs. From Mococa we drove the girls straight to the airport in Sao Paulo and sent them home - by themselves!!! - To surprise the family. My heart felt like it  was being squeezed to death as we prayed, hugged  and said our goodbyes, but we truly felt it was God's timing and will to do so - so to  the US they went. I  cried my eyes out watching everyone's reactions (via FaceTime), as the girls just showed up to my Mom's b-day party at Carlos and Jackie's home. It was an amazing moment!!!

It was hard being away from the girls, and the house felt pretty empty - but we were so busy between ministering, meetings, networking for the conference and all, that the 2 weeks went by at lightening speed. God is so good! He is such a loving Heavenly Father! On April 29th the city newspaper published an article about us and we were so happy and excited. While we were on our way to celebrate with some friends, a motorcycle came out of nowhere and ended up under our car. It all seemed like a nightmare, not reality... but God in His amazing power intervened and the young woman that was driving the motorcycle ended up with a minor injury and her dad was even able to drive the motorcycle home. Wow, we were shaken up, but ever so more aware of God's deliverance. He is our protection, and Deliverer every moment of everyday! We still celebrated that evening, but much much later...

We had many more "surprises" in May, but that is all coming in the next newsletter... 

Again, THANK YOU for taking the time to read this, for your prayers, your support and for the encouragement that so many of you pour over our lives. We are extremely grateful!

Praise Jesus for all that He has done and will continue to do! The best is yet to come for all of us!

Love you all,


PLEASE be in PRAYER for the Pastor's Conference we are hosting and conducting. It is scheduled for June 7th in Rio Claro, Brazil. 

1.  Unity among churches
2.  FINANCES for the conference
3.  Revival "fire" to be imparted to the pastors and evangelists
4.  Net working with churches 

On April 3rd, we had the wonderful privilege of being invited to the City Hall to meet the Mayor.  God provided an opportunity that we got to bless and pray for him.  

As well, one of the state coucilmen invited us to his office and we prayed together for REVIVAL and God's move upon the city. 


Fun Facts
 About Brazil

Brazilians prefer to drive manual (stick) cars over automatic.

Mopeds and motorcycles are a major form of transportation in Brazil.

In Rio Claro, they average about 15 motorcycle accidents a day.

The people are friendly and so amazing!

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