March Newsletter

Get your lawn & garden ready for spring! Now is the time to fertilize your lawn. Picking the right fertilizer can seem overwhelming. Check out our blog, Alan's Answers for some tips to picking the right fertilizers.

Save the date for our  annual one-day Stihl Tent Sale on Saturday, April 5th! You won't want to miss this day-long event of demonstrations and amazing deals on Stihl products.

Baby chicks arrive weekly. The next delivery is scheduled for March 5th.  You can find all our delivery dates and types of chicks on our website here. Come in and pick up some baby chicks and all of your supplies.

We "spring forward" on March 9, 2014! Be sure to set your clocks one hour ahead on Saturday evening!

We hope to see you soon!
New Braunfels Feed & Supply
Alan's Answers: Time to Fertilize

For those of you who tested your soil this spring, and for those who didn't, it's time to pick the proper fertilizer for the lawn. The most important component of the fertilizer is nitrogen (the first number in fertilizer). We all need to apply nitrogen a couple of times a year. Nitrogen is used for plant growth and ...
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One Day Stihl Tent Sale

Mark your calendar for April 5th, for our biggest Stihl sales even of the year! Join us on April 5th for our annual ONE DAY Stihl Tent Sale. New Braunfels Feed and Supply will be offering discounts on all power equipment. This includes grass trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and more! Save 10% off all Stihl Units! Stihl sales reps will be o ...
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Win Stihl Products Every Day

Enter the Stihl 365 Sweepstakes - A Winner Every Day! Stihl is celebrating 40 years of manufacturing in America! Every day in 2014, STIHL will be giving away $200 worth of STIHL equipment! Just register once and you're entered for the whole year. So don't wait - enter today and enjoy a year's worth of opportunity! New Braunfels Feed & Supply is proud t ...
Mobile Pet Care Clinic of Texas

The Mobile Pet Care Clinic of Texas, San Antonio's "original" source for low-cost pet vaccinations and affordable pet outpatient treatments, will be holding a clinic at New Braunfels Feed & Supply on Saturday March 5, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The clinic will offer Rabies vaccines, Arthritis shots, Health Certificates ... Read More
Chick Days Are Here!

Chick season is upon us!! Chicks arrive weekly now through May, 2014. You can expect to see the following types of chicks available from week to week: Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, Barred Rock, Sil Wynadotte, Ameraucana, Deleware, Dominique, Crested Special, Asst. Silkie Bantam, French Guinea, Hatchery Choice Duck, White Leghorn, Black Aust, Buff Orpington, Ancona, Siclian ...Read More
Tips to Prepare Your Chicken Coop

We are in the full swing of chick season. You might have even purchased your baby chicks and they grow fast. When your baby chicks are ready to leave your brooder, make sure you have your coop ready to go. Most chicks can be transferred to their coops as early as 4-5 weeks of age. If you have already purchased ...
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Whiskey Barrels

Looking to add new feature to your back patio or house? Check out these whiskey barrels, available in half and whole sizes. 

Wondering what to do with them?  Check out our  Facebook and Pinterest page for some unique ideas.    
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Garden Ideas: Herb Container Garden

It's time to start dreaming of summer gardens and fresh herbs! Check out this idea from Bonnie Plants for an edible herb container garden using garden pots. Here is what you will need, of course feel free to plant your favorite herbs. 3 garden pots (24-inch, 18-inch, & 14-inch) Orange Mint Chocolate Mint Grapefruit Mint Onion Chives Thai Basil Boxwood ...
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Chick Starter Homes 

Looking for a place for your baby chicks to live? Chick starter homes are now available at New Braunfels. You can provide your baby chick an ideal living environment designed specifically for their needs for just $27.99.

 Baby Chick Start Homes features include ... Read more

Purina Top Performers Award Applications

     Attention all 4-H kids; All Purina Feed Winners; Champions and Reserve Champion; Breed Champions and Best in Show: Please come and see us at New Braunfels Feed & Supply for your Top performers award  ... Read More
Spring Plants

The weather is warming up, the ground is thawing and beautiful flowers are ready for planting! These colorful beauties, among many other blooming beauties are here at NB Feed! Imagine your flower beds bursting with color...and it's so easy. Come in...