Announcing:  A Sage-ing®  Intensive for the Pacific Northwest

"Aging With Wisdom"
A weekend Intensive Workshop
Sponsored by Sage-ing® International

at the Peace & Spirituality Center
Bellevue, Washington USA

Friday-Sunday, October 13-15, 2017
     Often, when we're young, people ask: "What do you want to 'do' 
          when you grow up?" I don't know of anyone who's asked or been 
          asked: "How do you want to 'be' as you grow old?" 
     ...This Intensive asks that question and invites you to consciously 
          explore its nuanced answers. It provides the perspective and 
          tools to support your ...becoming the answer.
                                                - Rees Robinson, two-time Intensive participant

OUR GOAL:  We are pleased to offer a Fall Sage-ing Intensive Workshop in the Seattle area.  This weekend will provide opportunity to improve the last third of life - not by pretending we are not growing older, but by recognizing the value we offer, and responding in practical, positive ways to the changes in our lives. 

In this workshop we will provide opportunities to harvest life experiences leading to further growth. Our materials are not specific to any religious discipline, but enhance spiritual maturity for persons who embrace any faith or humanistic practice. This workshop fulfills the prerequisite for Certified Sage-ing Leadership (CSL) training.

Participants will practice how to:
  • Examine the myths of aging and affirm the potential of our elder years
  • Look at the past through 'life review' and 'life repair' exercises tapping the wisdom of what we know already
  • Explore how forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves
  • Connect with our inner wisdom through growth techniques of psychology and spirituality
  • Harvest wisdom and how to transmit it as a legacy to future generations
  • Nourish ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually
  • Create peace of mind with spiritual preparation for facing one's mortality
  • Identify ways to serve as mentors and healers in society
  • Develop a vision of self as an Elder
Who will benefit:
  • Older adults and the lives they touch
  • 50-something adults who wish to design their second & third stage of life
  • Anyone interested in 'conscious aging'
  • Professionals and care-givers who work with Elders
  • Clergy, spiritual directors, social workers, hospice workers
  • All people who are interested in exploring a new paradigm of the life cycle as described in Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's best-selling book,    From Age-ing to Sage-ing.© Please read it before the workshop!

Pat Lewis (Seattle) a Certified Sage-ing Leader (CSL) since 2000, has led workshops and retreats for a variety of groups including other SI Intensives. An educator by background, Pat has worked with elders in a variety of ways for 30 years, particularly in the area of spirituality. She is a hospice volunteer and she has a business called "Age-ing with Wisdom®." Pat is a founding member of Wider Horizons, a new Virtual Village.

Carol Scott-Kassner
(Seattle) has been a Certified Sage-ing Leader (CSL) since 2004.  She served as Chair of Sage-ing International for two years; chaired the 2014 Sage-ing Conference in Seattle; and was program chair for the 2016 Sage-ing Conference in Loveland, CO.   A retired university professor, Carol has much practice as a presenter and guide.  She is also a certified Spiritual Director, working one-on-one with people as a spiritual companion. 

Both Pat and Carol are recipients of the Reb Zalman Leadership Award from Sage-ing International.     


The US-$275 fee includes workshop materials, lunches, snacks, and an abundance of resources from Sage-ing International (SI).  For information on nearby lodging opportunities for participants from outside the area, contact Pat.  See below.

Discount pricing is available to those who have completed a previous Sage-ing Leadership event.  Contact Rosemary Cox at 574-386-1962 (cell/text) or  for special registration details.
To RegisterEither click on this active link:    Registration Page 

If you have questions, please contact: 
Pat Lewis:  phone) 206-322-9211,    email) 
Live elsewhere in North America? Intensives are planned also in New York City, Northern California, and Indianapolis.  See the BULLETIN. 

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