Announcing:  A Sage-ing®  Intensive for the Midwest

"Aging With Wisdom"
A two-day Intensive Workshop
Sponsored by Sage-ing® International

at the Center for Aging and Community
University of Indianapolis

Friday/Saturday, June 23-24, 2017
OUR GOALSage-ing is a new approach to growing older. Our culture often presents a view of aging that marginalizes us as we gain experience and wisdom:  It pressures us to disguise the visible signs of aging, to accept 'age-ist' euphemisms in place of respectful terms for elders, and to retreat to the edges of life to make room for younger people.
Instead, Sage-ing provides skills, philosophies, perspectives, and tools to improve the second half of life - not by trying to pretend we are not growing older, but by recognizing the value we offer, and responding in practical, positive ways to the changes in our lives.
A Sage-ing Intensive Workshop provides opportunities to harvest life experience leading to further growth throughout life. Our materials are not specific to any religious discipline, but enhance spiritual maturity for persons who embrace any humanistic practice or faith.

We will:
  • Identify the unhelpful myths of aging and affirm the potential our elder years
  • Harvest our own wisdom to transmit as a legacy to future generations
  • Examine our past with 'life review' and use wisdom we have gained for 'life repair'
  • Understand that forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves
  • Create peace of mind by doing the work needed to face our own mortality
  • Identify ways for us as elders to serve as mentors and healers in society
  • Develop our own vision of self as an elder
  • Nourish ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually
Who can benefit:
  • Older adults and their families;  anyone interested in conscious aging
  • Seasoned adults 45 and over who wish to envision their second half of life
  • All who work with older adults: clergy, social workers, hospice workers, caregivers
  • Anyone interested in exploring a new paradigm of the life cycle described in Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's book, From Age-ing to Sage-ing©
Rosemary CoxCertified Sage-ing Leader, South Bend, IN
Rosemary is Sage-ing International's Education Coordinator, and 2012 recipient of  Sage-ing's Reb Zalman Leadership Award.  She has an MA   
in Counseling and Education and has worked in the  aging field for over 23 years specializing in the area of brain health & development.

Jeanne Marsh, Certified Sage-ing Leader, Dallas, TX
Jeanne coordinates the Sage-ing International Certification Program for those seeking to become certified as Sage-ing Leaders.  She holds an MA from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and brings an abundance of skills from her many roles in life, including 27 years in corporate Human Resources and Training & Development.  

Georgeanna Tryban, Certified Sage-ing Leader, Indianapolis IN
Georgeanna is a retired Indiana State University professor and a Certified Sage-ing Leader.  She received her PhD from Michigan State University, her Certification in Aging from the University of Michigan, and did a post-doc at the Center on Aging and Health at Case Western Reserve University. She has an MSW from Tulane University. 


The $275 fee includes workshop materials, lunches, snacks, and an abundance of resources from Sage-ing International (SI).  For more information on SI, go to:
A discount is available to those who have completed a previous Sage-ing Leadership event.  Contact Rosemary Cox at 574-386-1962 (cell/text) or for special registration details.

To RegisterEither click on this active link:    Registration Page 

If you have questions, please contact: 
Georgeanna Tryban (317.298.1922 or )
(This workshop is one way to fulfill the pre-requisite for Certified Sage-ing® Leadership training.) 

Live elsewhere in North America? Intensives are planned also in New York City, Seattle, and Northern California.  See the BULLETIN. 
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