December 13, 2012 Vol. 23, No. 22

Introducing New Online, Onsite Format for MBA     

Mike Trick & Students Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business will offer its world-class MBA in a new blend of online and onsite formats beginning next fall.

The FlexMBA program creates a new model for online business education, combining in-person sessions, online classes and self-paced learning to deliver the same coursework, faculty, team interaction, personal leadership coaching and career services found in the school's highly-acclaimed full- and part-time MBA programs.

In contrast to current trends that are building increasingly larger online classes, the FlexMBA approach delivers the MBA program to focused sections of 20-30 students, who will interact frequently with faculty, alumni, school resources, and each other online and in person.

"By utilizing diversified channels, we will offer the flexibility of online education while maintaining the high-quality interaction of the MBA student experience found in our traditional programs," said Michael Trick (pictured above), senior associate dean for education at the Tepper School.

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Inspire Innovation Campaign Update    

WE Graphic As of December 1, 2012, Carnegie Mellon's Inspire Innovation campaign had reached $1.09 billion. Since November 1, 2012, the campaign raised $7,940,877.  


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Students Set Table for Tasty Post-Gazette Blog    

Six students in the Master of Arts in Professional Writing program have spent the semester cooking up a way for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to increase readership through social media.  


They decided to create a new blog with a focus on food, titled


"Food seemed smaller and more manageable than something having to do with sports or the Steelers but still has a very wide appeal," said James Berndt, who is expected to complete his degree this semester.


"I would joke in class that the number of people who eat in Pittsburgh is greater even than the number of Steelers' fans, though perhaps by a narrow margin, so the choice of food as a blogger category made sense," said Tom O'Boyle, an adjunct English professor who is senior manager of audience and associated strategies at the Post-Gazette.


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Scientists Call for Chemical Safety Testing System 

Carnegie Mellon's Terry Collins (right) is part of a group of scientists from North America and Europe that has developed a five-tiered testing system that manufacturers can use to ensure that the chemicals and consumer products they produce are free of harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals like DDT.

Their study, "Designing Endocrine Disruption Out of the Next Generation of Chemicals," will be published in the January 2013 issue of the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Green Chemistry, and is currently available online.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals, which are commonly used in consumer products, can mimic hormones and lead to a host of modern-day health epidemics including cancers, learning disabilities and immune system disorders. The new testing system can help manufacturers avoid creating products that contain the harmful chemicals.

"Endocrine disrupting chemicals are a clear and present danger to the welfare of all living species," said Collins, the Teresa Heinz Professor in Green Chemistry and director of the Institute for Green Science at CMU. "It is important for people everywhere and especially for future generations that we strive to design chemicals that are not endocrine disruptors themselves and materials that are inherently free of endocrine disruptors."

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