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H2020, FP7 & other Calls shortly expiring
New Calls recently published
ENV+ICT: A Digital Market for Europe
BIZ+EUP+FIN: Further efforts to support EU recovery
INN+TRA: Google's prototype Driverless Car on the road
ENE+EUP+ICT: Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy
EUP+ICT: EU and Japan cooperate on 5G
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Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to the June 2015 issue of the EPN Consulting Newsletter received every month by over 2,400 selected professionals in Europe.

Last 09 May Europe celebrated its birthday remembering the concepts of peace and unity included in the Robert Schuman's speech given in 1950.
On this occasion Eurostat published a useful and dynamic infographic that you can find here

Talking about infographic there is another good one concerning The Eastern Partnership, established in 2009, that covers relations between the 28 EU countries and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

To celebrate 30 years of the EU flag next July 2015 the 19 Eurozone countries will jointly issue a commemorative Euro coin, here depicted.

Finally, next week the EU will launch the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2015. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about Europe's low-carbon future, decentralised energy, smart-energy solutions, sustainable mobility, renewables, smart cities, energy efficiency, energy-intensive sectors, the Energy Union, energy democratisation ... and many other topics.

EPN Consulting as a Consultancy
Contact EPN Consulting  for more information: you may want to book our professional assistance to convert your project idea into a real & funded work.
Alternatively, if you need pure consultancy, EPN Consulting will carry out feasibility and viability studies that will include some intelligence on EU projects that have been already funded to catch ideas and adapt them to the Client's needs. This will ensure the design of cutting-edge solutions that avoid re-inventing the wheel with a much appreciated consequence of saving time and money.

EPN Consulting
provides assistance to public and private organisations as well as Universities and Research Centres.
Special attention on cities that would like to become "Smart" and be assisted during this challenging and exciting process  as well as on SMEs that could enjoy a growth by using the great number of European funding available.

EPN Consulting
is also an ideal partner for your project consortium as we have got a lot of experience in dealing with European projects. Contact us to know more about how we can help you.
If some of you are already involved in European projects and would like to publicise your progress, contact us and you will be impressed by the range of opportunities that are waiting for you.



EPN Consulting as a Network of Professionals 

The EPN Consulting is not only a consulting firm but also a vibrant Network of Professionals that generates a lot of excellent know-how. If you are not a member yet, don't wait any longer and join us: a number of exclusive services are waiting for you including outstanding visibility in Europe!

The EPN Consulting membership fees in GBP will be kept unchanged until 31 Dec 2015
Fees in EUR may be revised quarterly, however no increase has been applied in the 2nd quarter 2015
The EU Accession Countries continue to enjoy a fantastic 50%-discount on membership fees ! 


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Finally, if you are already an EPN Consulting Member, please remember our Member-Get-Member campaign: if you introduce a new member both of you will receive a discount on your membership fees!
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We wish you a satisfactory June ! 

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You receive this newsletter because you have been in touch with EPN Consulting or its Founder & CEO. 
Horizon 2020 & other Calls shortly expiring   
European Projects

The following calls for proposals are close to an end in the next weeks: 

11 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-BG-2015-1 call (Blue Growth: Unlocking the Potential of Seas and Oceans)

11 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-BG-2015-2 call - Stage 2 - (Blue Growth: Unlocking the Potential of Seas and Oceans)

11 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SFS-2015-1 (Sustainable Food Security)

11 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SFS-2015-2 - Stage 2 -  (Sustainable Food Security)

11 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-ISIB-2015-2 - Stage 2 - (Innovative, Sustainable and Inclusive Bioeconomy) 


16 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the URBACT III 1st Call for Action Planning Network

17 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SMEINST-1-2015 call - 2nd cut-off date (SME Instrument Phase 1)

17 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SMEINST-2-2015 call - 2nd cut-off date (SME Instrument Phase 2)

25 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SESAR-2015-1 call (Exploratory Research H2020 Call 1)

14 July 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-INNOSUP-2014-5 call (intermediate deadline)

23 July 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the COS-DESIGN-2015-3-03 call

27 Aug 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-DS-2015-1 call (Digital Security)

27 Aug 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-DRS-2015 call (Disaster-Resilience)

27 Aug 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-BES-2015 call (Border security and External Security)

27 Aug 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-FCT-2015 call (Fight against Crime and Terrorism)

27 Aug 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-JTI-FCH-2015-1 call


Find out more expiring calls on the EVENTS Section of the EPN Consulting website.
If you would like to be advised on how to prepare and submit project proposals within EU Programmes, EPN Consulting is the right consultancy to choose. Visit the EU Projects Consultancy  for more information.


EPN Consulting Members enjoy discounts on EU projects assistance as well as up to a fantastic 20%-discount on Training Courses packages.  Join us!

New Calls recently published  
European Projects
05 May 2015 - H2020-JTI-FCH -2015-1 (deadline 27 Aug 2015)

12 May 2015 - COS-DESIGN-2015-3-03-1 (deadline 23 July 2015)

19 May 2015 - H2020-BBI-PPP-2015-1-1 (deadline 15 Sept 2015)

More details on our EVENTS Section.

If you would like to be regularly informed on EC activities relevant to your areas of interest, join EPN Consulting and become one of our valuable members. You will receive exclusive services and first-hand items of information as well as gain immense visibility on the European scenario.


EPN Consulting Members enjoy discounts on EU projects preparation assistance as well as up to a fantastic 20%-discount on Training Courses packages.  Join us!
EPN Consulting launched the BOOSTING SMEs AMBITION crowdfunding campaing to help EU-based SMEs grow

Short Summary - SMEs are the backbone of the EU economy and in this particular period we would like to help ambitious SMEs grow.

That's why we launched the "Boosting SMEs Ambition" campaign. We are going to invite EU-based SMEs to send us their best project ideas to grow their business. We will choose the best 5 ideas (one per SME) and, thanks to your contributions, we will provide them with our professional service for free to prepare an SME Instrument Phase 1 proposal that will bid for EU funding (€50k, about 35k, each) to carry out a feasibility study and business plan.

In Phase 1 SMEs have to describe how they intend to proceed to expand their business, increase their clients book and employ more people. Sometimes, although they have great ideas, they are not capable to express it properly and fail.

Thanks to your contributions, we will help them - for FREE - prepare a robust and effective proposal and increase their chances of getting higher scores to be ranked for funding. 


What We Need - From our part we will work for free during the launch of the "Boosting SMEs Ambition" campaign, during the reading & assessment of ideas received and final selection of the best 5 ideas.

We intend to reach 15,000 to be able to serve 5 successful EU-based SMEs for free. This means you will give these 5 SMEs the chance of having their innovative project ideas converted into project proposals.

Your contribution will help these companies access an opportunity that on their own may not be able to get for whatever reason.

If we are not going to reach the entire sum, one or more of the selected SMEs will not be able to be included in this exciting campaign.


What You Get - As a token of appreciation for your support in helping ambitious SMEs succeed, we designed the following rewarding scheme:

  • 100-contribution will entitle you to receive a  1-year FREE  EPN Consulting Membership: the more projects funded the larger the free package value & services:

- BASIC (package value 130), if 1 project is funded
- STARTER (package value up to 825), if 2 projects are funded
- PREMIUM (package value up to 2,900), if 3 projects are funded
- ULTIMATE (package value up to 4,900), if 4 projects are funded
- 15-month ULTIMATE (package value up to 6,100), if 5 projects are funded

Other Ways You Can Help - we realise some people can't contribute with money even if they would like to. If this is your case, please give us your contribution in publicity on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and as word of mouth. We need to raise that sum to satisfy 5 great and ambitious SMEs. Don't forget you can also use the Indiegogo share tools!

Thank you in advance for becoming part of the "Boosting SMEs Ambition" campaign!



EUP+ICT - A Digital Single Market for Europe: 16 initiatives to make it happen
06 May 2015 - The aim of the Digital Single Market is to tear down regulatory walls and finally move from 28 national markets to a single one. A fully functional Digital Single Market could contribute €415 billion per year to our economy and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

The Digital Single Market Strategy adopted today includes a set of targeted actions to be delivered by the end of next year (see Annex). It is built on three pillars: (1) better access for consumers and businesses to digital goods and services across Europe; (2) creating the right conditions and a level playing field for digital networks and innovative services to flourish; (3) maximising the growth potential of the digital economy.

More information available here.
BIZ+EUP+FIN - Further efforts needed to support a robust recovery
13 May 2015 - Further policy is needed to return to self-sustaining growth. The European Commission adopted country-specific economic policy recommendations for 2015 and 2016 asking for national actions to create jobs and stimulate growth. In particular:

- Boosting investment to support future growth
- Delivering ambitious structural reforms in product, service and labour markets that raise productivity, competitiveness and investment
- Pursuing responsible fiscal policies that strike a balance between short-term stabilisation and long-term sustainability
- Improving employment policy and social protection support and protect people throughout their lives

More information available here.
INN+TRA - Google's prototype Driverless Car hits public roads this summer

15 May 2015 - Google's first consumer-focused prototype driverless cars will takes their first drive on public roads this summer, taking to the streets of Mountain View (USA).

In a blog post, Google's self-driving car project director Chris Urmson explained that a handful of the cars will rolled out in Google's neighborhood. The cars - which will be fitted with a removable steering wheel, accelerator pedal, and brake pedal - will be supervised by safety drivers and capped to a maximum speed of 25mph (40 km/h).

The cars will be powered by the same software as Google's experimental fleet of Lexus RX450h driver-less cars-which have so far clocked up around 1 million miles on the roads of California.
More information available here.
ENE+EUP+ICT - The EC launched the Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy

26 May 2015 - The European Commission launched a new 'Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy' to help European regions and EU countries to make full use of EU funds for sustainable energy under the EU's Cohesion Policy.

Cohesion Policy funds are available for Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Smart Grid and Energy Infrastructure projects - all of which will feed into the EU's Energy Union strategy launched earlier this year. 

The platform - launched at a high level conference in Brussels on 26 May - also allowed members to share expertise, triggering the creation of new, innovative low-carbon technologies.

More information available here.
EUP+ICT - The EU and Japan announced co-operation on 5G mobile technology

28 May 2015 - On the occasion of the EU-Japan summit, organised in Tokyo, both parties announced a milestone agreement in the global race to develop 5G mobile technology. The EU and Japan have agreed to join forces to cope with the increasing need for wireless Internet.

5G represents the way we will connect in the future, it won't just be faster, it will bring totally new functionalities and applications for the benefits of our economies and societies.

This is the 2nd cooperation agreement on 5G that the EU signs with a third country, a year after a joint declaration with South Korea. The Commission is working towards closer cooperation with other countries, including China. Such international agreements strengthen the position of the EU on the global stage and complement current efforts to create a Digital Single Market in Europe.

More information available here.
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Next Professional Events happening in Europe

10-12 June 2015 - Turin (IT) - BIZ - 9th WORLD CHAMBERS CONGRESS

10-12 June 2015 - Riga (LV) - INN+TEC - EURO NANO FORUM 2015 - 7th Networking Conference on Nanotechnologies, Material Science, Innovation and Business 

15-17 June 2015 - Riga (LV) - INN - 1st INNOVATIVE ENTERPRISE WEEK - Access to Finance for Research, Innovation and SMEs   

15-19 June 2015 -  Europe - EU SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK

15-21 June 2015 - London (UK) - FIN+ICT+INN - LONDON TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2015

16 June 2015 - Istanbul (TR) - ENE - 6th TURKEY WIND & SOLAR ENERGY FORUM

16-18 June 2015 - London (UK) - ICT - INTEROP LONDON - Connecting the IT Community & Driving Innovation

16-18 June 2015 - Lisbon (PT) - ICT - INTERNET-OF-THINGS WEEK 2015

16-18 June 2015 - Stuttgart (DE) - TEC+TRA - AUTOMOTIVE TESTING EXPO 2015 EUROPE

17-18 June 2015 - Stuttgart (DE) - TEC+TRA - AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE TEST & DEVELOPMENT Symposium 2015

18-19 June 2015 - Sheffield (UK) - BIZ+PRO - ICEIRD 2015 - 8th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development

18-19 June 2015 - Birmingham (UK) - EUP+INN - UKRO (UK Research Office) ANNUALCONFERENCE 2015

22-23 June 2015 - Riga (LV) - TRA - TEN-T DAYS 2015

23 June 2015 - Brussels (BE) - BIZ+INN - THE REINDUSTRIALISATION OF EUROPE - Innovation, Growth and Jobs

23 June 2015 - London (UK) - BIZ+LEG+TRA - 7th Annual UK PORTS Conference

24-25 June 2015 - Edinburgh (UK) - ENE+ENV - 2nd WORLD OCEAN POWER SUMMIT

29 June - 02 July 2015 - Paris (FR) - ICT - EUCNC 2015 - European Conference on Networks and Communications

30 June 2015 - London (UK) - ARD+BIZ+ENV+FIN+CIV+TRA - BASE LONDON 2015

01 July 2015 - Birmingham (UK) - TEC+TRA - IET Event - MANUFACTURING OF AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES - Addressing the Challenges of delivering a reliable and efficient Production Line  

06 July 2015 - Brussels (BE) - EUP+ICT+INN - INFORMATION DAY ON FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) OPEN CALL

06-07 July 2015 - Bradford (UK) - ICT - WISATS 2015 - 7th International Conference on Wireless and Satellite Systems

06-08 July 2015 - London (UK) - TRA - 1st International Conference on Transport and Health

08-11 July 2015 - Athens (GR) - ICT - IC-EpsMsO 2015 - 6th International Conference on Experiments/Process/System Modeling/Simulation/Optimisation

28-30 July 2015 - London (UK) - ICT+INN - SAI 2015 - Science And Information conference

28-31 July 2015 - Lisbon (PT) - TRA - TRANSED 2015 - 14th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons


Find out many more 2015 events on the EPN Consulting Events Section.
(More events could be added to the list during the current month)

There are Fantastic Business Opportunities for you:
if you buy one of the Sponsorship Packages you could sponsor one or more events or even have your logo on the top page of the Events Section (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze packages available).

Please drop us an email if interested and we will provide you with all information. 


EPN Consulting Members enjoy up to 20% discount on sponsoring packages. Join us!

The Website of the Month: EXPO MILANO 2015

Expo Milano 2015, FEEDING THE PLANET, is the Universal Exhibition that Milan (Italy) is being hosting from 01 May 2015 until 31 October 2015. Over this six-month period, Milan will become a global showcase where more than 140 participating countries will show the best of their technology that offers a concrete answer to a vital need: being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the Planet and its equilibrium.

The Expo expects to welcome over 20 million visitors to its 1.1 million square meters of exhibition area. During the 1st month of opening the Expo was visited by over 2,700,000 people worldwide.

A platform for the exchange of ideas and shared solutions on the theme of food, stimulating each country's creativity and promoting innovation for a sustainable future, Expo 2015 will give everyone the opportunity to find out about - and taste - the world's best dishes, while discovering the best of the agri-food and gastronomic traditions of each of the exhibitor countries.

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