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The EPN Consulting Newsletter No. 57 - May 2015 

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H2020, FP7 & other Calls shortly expiring
New Calls recently published
ENV+TRA: EU helps MS switch to a common Train Control System
INN+TEC: Graphene speeds up light-to-electricity conversion
EUP+TRA: New cars' CO2 emissions well below Europe's 2015 target
ENV+EUP: EU launched 3 million EUR prize to improve Aiq Quality in cities
TEC+TRA: Underground Freight Travel tested in UK
EUP+LEG+TRA: New EU Driving Licence Code
EUP+LEG: Europe's microstates aren't irrilevant
News from SBOING
Next Professional Events in Europe
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The EPN Consulting's Core Values

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Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to the May 2015 issue of the EPN Consulting Newsletter received every month by over 2,400 selected professionals in Europe.

We are pleased to start this editorial with the new EPN Consulting crowdfunding campaign: "Boosting SMEs Ambition" aiming to help 5 ambitious SMEs that have great ideas to grow their market. More details further down in this newsletter.

In line with jobs creation and fostering growth and competitiveness, the EU President Juncker recently identified 'Jobs, Growth and Investment' and 'A Connected Digital Single Market' as the first two priorities for EU policy.
Specifically in the Transport sector, such tools could improve the use of existing resources and the daily life of citizens. In this frame, the EC has set up the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) to address this topic during the next three years.

A Call for Applications for the selection of DTLF members accompanies the Commission's Decision. The European Commission is looking forward to applications from organisations meeting the criteria outlined in the call not later than 17 May 2015.

One of the newsletter articles regards the EU alcohol policy in relation to the driving licence. In the 28 EU Member States there are many difference models and types of driving licence. Now you can search for a particular driving licence by choosing the country and then the date when the licence was issued.

Finally, in EPN Consulting we are very much in favour of innovation as this means progressing in the humanity evolution. Here you can find a valuable infographic on the "Innovation Union".

EPN Consulting as a Consultancy
Contact EPN Consulting  for more information: you may want to book our professional assistance to convert your project idea into a real & funded work.
Alternatively, if you need pure consultancy, EPN Consulting will carry out feasibility and viability studies that will include some intelligence on EU projects that have been already funded to catch ideas and adapt them to the Client's needs. This will ensure the design of cutting-edge solutions that avoid re-inventing the wheel with a much appreciated consequence of saving time and money.

EPN Consulting
provides assistance to public and private organisations as well as Universities and Research Centres.
Special attention on cities that would like to become "Smart" and be assisted during this challenging and exciting process  as well as on SMEs that could enjoy a growth by using the great number of European funding available.

EPN Consulting
is also an ideal partner for your project consortium as we have got a lot of experience in dealing with European projects. Contact us to know more about how we can help you.
If some of you are already involved in European projects and would like to publicise your progress, contact us and you will be impressed by the range of opportunities that are waiting for you.



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The EPN Consulting is not only a consulting firm but also a vibrant Network of Professionals that generates a lot of excellent know-how. If you are not a member yet, don't wait any longer and join us: a number of exclusive services are waiting for you including outstanding visibility in Europe!

The EPN Consulting membership fees in GBP will be kept unchanged until 31 Dec 2015
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The EU Accession Countries continue to enjoy a fantastic 50%-discount on membership fees ! 


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We wish you a proactive May ! 

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Horizon 2020 & other Calls shortly expiring   
European Projects

The following calls for proposals are close to an end in the next weeks: 

12 May 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-INT-INCO-2015 call (Europe as a Global Actor)

12 May 2015 Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-ECSEL-2015-1-RIA-two-stage call (Stage 1) - Stage 2 deadline on 08 Sept 2015

12 May 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-ECSEL-2015-IA-two-stage call (Stage 1) - Stage 2 deadline on 08 Sept 2015

14 May 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-INNOSUP-2014-5 call (intermediate deadline)

25 May 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the EUROGIA2020 Call 04 - 2nd cut-off date

28 May 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-REFLECTIVE-6-2015 call (Reflective Societies: Cultural Heritage and European Identities)

28 May 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-YOUNG-SOCIETY-2015 call (The Young Generation in an Innovative, Inclusive and Sustainable Europe)

28 May 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-EURO-SOCIETY-2015 call (Overcoming the Crisis: New Ideas, Strategies and Governance Structures for Europe)

28 May 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-EURO-6-2015 call (Overcoming the Crisis: New Ideas, Strategies and Governance Structures for Europe) 

28 May 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-REFLECTIVE-SOCIETY-2015 call

28 May 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the ERC-2015-PoC call (ERC Proof of Concept grant) - 2nd cut-off date

28 May 2015 Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-INT-SOCIETY-2015 call (Europe as a Global Actor)

28 May 2015 Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-INSO-2015 call (New Forms of Innovation)

28 May 2015 Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-INSO-2015-CNET call

02 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the ERC-2015-AdG call (ERC Advanced Grants)

04 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA call (Energy Efficiency Research and Innovation)

04 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-EE-2015-3-MarketUptake call 

04 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-EE-2015-4-PDA call (EE Market Uptake Project Development Assistance)

11 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-BG-2015-1 call (Blue Growth: Unlocking the Potential of Seas and Oceans)

11 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-BG-2015-2 call - Stage 2 - (Blue Growth: Unlocking the Potential of Seas and Oceans)

11 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SFS-2015-1 (Sustainable Food Security)

11 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SFS-2015-2 - Stage 2 -  (Sustainable Food Security)

11 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-ISIB-2015-2 - Stage 2 - (Innovative, Sustainable and Inclusive Bioeconomy) 


16 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the URBACT III 1st Call for Action Planning Network

17 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SMEINST-1-2015 call - 2nd cut-off date (SME Instrument Phase 1)

17 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SMEINST-2-2015 call - 2nd cut-off date (SME Instrument Phase 2)

25 June 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-SESAR-2015-1 call (Exploratory Research H2020 Call 1)

14 July 2015 - Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-INNOSUP-2014-5 call (intermediate deadline)


Find out more expiring calls on the EVENTS Section of the EPN Consulting website.
If you would like to be advised on how to prepare and submit project proposals within EU Programmes, EPN Consulting is the right consultancy to choose. Visit the EU Projects Consultancy  for more information.


EPN Consulting Members enjoy discounts on EU projects assistance as well as up to a fantastic 20%-discount on Training Courses packages.  Join us!

New Calls recently published  
European Projects
14 Apr 2015 - H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2015 (deadline 01 Oct 2015)

16 Apr 2015 - H2020-CS2-CPW02-2015-01 (deadline 30 July 2015)

22 Apr 2015 - H2020-GARRI-2015-1 (deadline 16 Sept 2015)
22 Apr 2015 - H2020-GERI-2015-1 (deadline 16 Sept 2015)
22 Apr 2015 - H2020-SEAC-2015-1 (deadline 16 Sept 2015)

More details on our EVENTS Section.

If you would like to be regularly informed on EC activities relevant to your areas of interest, join EPN Consulting and become one of our valuable members. You will receive exclusive services and first-hand items of information as well as gain immense visibility on the European scenario.


EPN Consulting Members enjoy discounts on EU projects preparation assistance as well as up to a fantastic 20%-discount on Training Courses packages.  Join us!
EPN Consulting launched the BOOSTING SMEs AMBITION crowdfunding campaing to help EU-based SMEs grow

Short Summary - SMEs are the backbone of the EU economy and in this particular period we would like to help ambitious SMEs grow.

That's why we launched the "Boosting SMEs Ambition" campaign. We are going to invite EU-based SMEs to send us their best project ideas to grow their business. We will choose the best 5 ideas (one per SME) and, thanks to your contributions, we will provide them with our professional service for free to prepare an SME Instrument Phase 1 proposal that will bid for EU funding (€50k, about 35k, each) to carry out a feasibility study and business plan.

In Phase 1 SMEs have to describe how they intend to proceed to expand their business, increase their clients book and employ more people. Sometimes, although they have great ideas, they are not capable to express it properly and fail.

Thanks to your contributions, we will help them - for FREE - prepare a robust and effective proposal and increase their chances of getting higher scores to be ranked for funding. 


What We Need - From our part we will work for free during the launch of the "Boosting SMEs Ambition" campaign, during the reading & assessment of ideas received and final selection of the best 5 ideas.

We intend to reach 15,000 to be able to serve 5 successful EU-based SMEs for free. This means you will give these 5 SMEs the chance of having their innovative project ideas converted into project proposals.

Your contribution will help these companies access an opportunity that on their own may not be able to get for whatever reason.

If we are not going to reach the entire sum, one or more of the selected SMEs will not be able to be included in this exciting campaign.


What You Get - As a token of appreciation for your support in helping ambitious SMEs succeed, we designed the following rewarding scheme:

  • 100-contribution will entitle you to receive a  1-year FREE  EPN Consulting Membership: the more projects funded the larger the free package value & services:

- BASIC (package value 130), if 1 project is funded
- STARTER (package value up to 825), if 2 projects are funded
- PREMIUM (package value up to 2,900), if 3 projects are funded
- ULTIMATE (package value up to 4,900), if 4 projects are funded
- 15-month ULTIMATE (package value up to 6,100), if 5 projects are funded

Other Ways You Can Help - we realise some people can't contribute with money even if they would like to. If this is your case, please give us your contribution in publicity on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and as word of mouth. We need to raise that sum to satisfy 5 great and ambitious SMEs. Don't forget you can also use the Indiegogo share tools!

Thank you in advance for becoming part of the "Boosting SMEs Ambition" campaign!



EUP+TRA - EU helps Member States switch to a common Train Control System
13 Apr 2015 - The EU's TEN-T Programme will support with over €15 million the development and installation of the common European Train Control System (ETCS) in Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and The UK.

The new system is expected to improve the interoperability, safety, reliability and capacity on European railways.

More information available here.
INN+TEC - Graphene speeds up light-to-electricity conversion
14 Apr 2015 - The efficient conversion of light into electricity plays a crucial role in many technologies, ranging from cameras to solar cells.

It also forms an essential step in data communication applications, since it allows for information carried by light to be converted into electrical information that can be processed in electrical circuits.

Graphene is an excellent material for ultrafast conversion of light to electrical signals, but so far it was not known how fast graphene responds to ultrashort flashes of light.

More information available here.
ENV+TRA - New cars' CO2 emissions well below Europe's 2015 target

15 Apr 2015 - The average emissions level of a new car sold in 2014 was 123.4 grammes of CO2/km, significantly below the 2015 target of 130 g, according to provisional data from the European Environment Agency (EEA). Since monitoring started under current legislation in 2010, emissions have decreased by 17 g CO2/km (12%). Manufacturers will, nevertheless, have to further reduce emissions to meet the target of 95 g CO2/km by 2021.

More information available here.
ENV+EUP - EU launched a 3 million EUR prize to improve Air Quality in Cities

16 Apr 2015 - A prize of €3 million will be awarded to the person or team that develops the best material to reduce the concentration of particulate matter in urban areas.

The aim is to improve air quality in cities and reduce the serious health risks posed by particulate matter (PM), the air pollutant which has the most severe impact on health.

The rules of contest are available online. Contestants will be able to submit their entries from 26 January 2017 until 23 January 2018.

More information available here.
TEC+TRA - Underground Freight Travel tested in Northampton (UK)

16 Apr 2015 - A high-tech study to see whether underground freight deliveries could become reality in the UK is to be carried out in Northampton.
A government grant will allow Cambridgeshire company Mole Solutions to see whether its magnet and track-based system could work in urban areas.

It is hoped the scheme could eradicate congestion and pollution from lorries. The firm's technical director Stuart Prosser said the feasibility study will run for nine months.
A decision will then be made on its financial viability, which if successful could lead to pipelines being dug throughout the town.

More information available here.
EUP+LEG+TRA - Road Safety: New EU Driving Licence Code on alcohol interlocks
27 Apr 2015 - 
To improve road safety the European Commission has introduced a harmonised EU code on alcohol interlock devices for driving licences (Commission Directive (EU) 2015/653 of 24 April 2015 amending Directive 2006/126/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on driving licences). The new Directive will enter into force EU-wide on 15 May 2015.

This new code "69" will replace different national codes in use, for programmes where the driver is restricted to drive vehicles that are only equipped with alcohol interlock devices. Such programmes are planned or in use in several Member States, notably to prevent drink-driving offences from re-occurring.

A harmonised EU code will facilitate EU-wide understanding of the restriction as well as enable Member States to enforce it. However it is still for the Member States to decide both whether or not to introduce such programmes and how to enforce the restriction.

More information available here.
EUP+LEG - Europe's microstates aren't irrilevant. They can teach a lot about sovereignity 

27 Apr 2015 - 
On first examination, Europe's microstates seem irrelevant, mere historical oddities that somehow managed to survive despite being surrounded by larger powers.

They are, however, some of the wealthiest places on Earth and play an important role as service economies. European microstates are notable because they offer lessons on how to build a foreign policy on the principle of survival, the most basic need of any sovereign state.

More information available here.
News from EPN Consulting Members: SBOING from Greece
Sboing logo
SBOING was one of the 10 teams from 10 EU countries that participated 
in the final round of the "Net Futures 2015 Challenge" held during the "Net Futures 2015" Conference, in Brussels, between 23-26 march 2015. 
The competition was about proposing and developing innovative applications for perishable products (specifically food and flowers), using the FIWARE tools and framework (http://catalogue.fiware.org).
The results of the "Net Futures 2015 Challenge" are on: http://www.finish-project.eu/challenge .

During this competition, apart from attending a FIWARE Workshop, SBOING presented and demonstrated their business concept called WJETS, ("Whole-Journey Experience of Internet Things through 'Sensourcing'") in the context of sensitive goods' freight.
WJETS, shows a new paradigm in addressing the challenges of transport quality management for Verifiable Quality (VQ) and Traceability, by enabling transportable, consumable and perishable "Things" (IoT) to "tell" their whole-journey experience (WJE) from production to consumption, through the monitoring and collection of sensor data from all freight legs (called "sensourcing", as an extension of the concept of crowdsourcing to the world of sensors).

WJETS is a horizontal approach to the transport and delivery of goods, which introduces a novel business model in the transport chain of producers, logistics, retailers and consumers, utilizing mobile,big data technology.

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Next Professional Events happening in Europe

12-13 May 2015 - Stratford upon Avon (UK) - ENV+TEC - IET Event - WATER: PROCESS CONTROL AND AUTOMATION - Engineering for the Water Industry

12-14 May 2015 - Copenhagen (DK) - ENV+EUP - ECCA (European Climate Change Adaptation) CONFERENCE 2015

12-14 May 2015 - Birmingham (UK) - TRA - RAILTEX 2015 - 12th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment Systems & Services

14 May 2015 - London (UK) - ITS+TRA - IET Event - AUTONOMOUS PASSENGER VEHICLES - Essential Strategies in bringing Driverless Cars to Market

14-15 May 2015 - Tbilisi (Georgia) - BIZ+FIN - EBRD Business Forum


20 May 2015 - Glasgow (UK) - TRA - STAR (Scottish Transport Application & Research) CONFERENCE 2015

20-22 May 2015 - Berlin (DE) - CIV+ENE+ENV+ITS+TRA - METROPOLITAN SOLUTIONS 2015

21-22 May 2015 - Portroz (SLO) - TRA - ICTS 2015 - 17th International Conference on Transport Science

25-28 May 2015 - Brussels (BE) - ICT - ISWCS '15 - 12th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems

27 May 2015 - London (UK) - LEG+TRA - THE FUTURE OF LOCAL PARKING ENFORCEMENT - Delivering a Fairer Deal for Motorists


27-29 May 2015 - Lisbon (PT) - ITS+TRA - ASECAP DAYS 2015 - A Multimodal, Smart and Safe European Transport System: The Key Role of Motorways

27-29 May 2015 - Istanbul (TR) - ITS+TRA - INTERTRAFFIC ISTANBUL 2015

30 May - 05 June 2015 - Europe - ESDW 2015 - EUROPEAN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WEEK

31 May - 03 June 2015 - Istanbul (TR) - ENE+ENV+TRA - ISSA 2015 - International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation

01-04 June 2015 - Vienna (AT) - ENE+ENV - EUBCE 2015 - 23rd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition   

02-04 June 2015 - Leicestershire (UK) - CIV+TEC - PLANTWORX 2015 - The UK's Dedicated Working Construction Exhibiton

02-05 June 2015 - Nantes (FR) - ENV+TRA - VELO-CITY 2015 


03-05 June 2015 - Brussels (BE) - ENV - GREEN WEEK 2015

04-05 June 2015 - Riga (LV) - EUP+INN - WIRE 2015 - Week of Innovative Regions in Europe

08-10 June 2015 - Milan (IT) - TRA - UITP 2015 WORLD CONGRESS - Smile in the City 

10-12 June 2015 - Turin (IT) - BIZ - 9th WORLD CHAMBERS CONGRESS

10-12 June 2015 - Riga (LV) - INN+TEC - EURO NANO FORUM 2015 - 7th Networking Conference on Nanotechnologies, Material Science, Innovation and Business 


Find out many more 2015 events on the EPN Consulting Events Section.
(More events could be added to the list during the current month)

There are Fantastic Business Opportunities for you:
if you buy one of the Sponsorship Packages you could sponsor one or more events or even have your logo on the top page of the Events Section (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze packages available).

Please drop us an email if interested and we will provide you with all information. 


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The Website of the Month: EUROVELO ROUTES


We are now in Spring and we are all willing to spend good quality time outdoor.

That's why we have chosen the EuroVelo Routes that will allow us to discover Europe in a very sustainable way!

The EPN Consulting's Core Values   
EPN Consulting Limited


to provide you with industry-unbiased solutions 


to quickly understand your problems and design bespoke solutions


to meet all your requirements


to allow you carry out your day-to-day business with peace of mind


to exceed your expectations 


to provide you with brand-new solutions

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Stefano Mainero

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 EPN Consulting Limited 
London, UK 
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