February 2016
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Total projects certified since 2000: 16,134

Total projects certified in 2016: 37

Total BG member companies: 476
Our mission is to promote ecologically friendly home building methods and practices, and to enhance our communities through leadership in sustainable development.

Are you a member of Built Green and the Master Builders Association? If so, your company is designated with a small, green tree on the Master Builders Association's website that signifies you as a Built Green member. Your company is also listed on the Built Green website.
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gProjects 5-Star Single Family Homes
416 19th Ave E is a five-unit townhouse development located in the heart of Capitol Hill in Seattle. Designed by B9 Architects and built by gProjects, the townhomes are a demonstration of advanced energy performance and high indoor air quality in an elegant infill design that takes advantage of the small park to the south and their location in the 19th Avenue village.

These townhomes also demonstrate dramatic reductions in water use by collecting rain water for flushing toilets and outdoor watering, with excellent use of both pervious and recycled materials on the exterior. There is an impressive green wall on the street front - one of the first of this size on a townhome project in Seattle.

Read the full case study at the Built Green website.
New Incentive from Seattle City Light
Great news for builders! Seattle City Light is offering an incentive to builders with projects in the utility's territory. Projects consisting of five or more single-family homes (including townhomes) that use ductless heat pumps as the primary heat source and achieve Built Green 4- or 5-Star certification can receive $1,500 per unit! For more information on this opportunity, please contact Scott Cooper.

WaterSense New Homes Incentive Program Expanded
Built Green and Cascade Water Alliance will continue offering the WaterSense New Homes Incentive Program in 2016. In fact, we are expanding the $1,000 per unit offering to reward both multi-family and single-family projects! We have 100 rebates available, and individual builders may claim up to 20 each. For more information on the incentive, and to see how you may be able to receive a rebate for building sustainably in Cascade's water service territory, click here. See below for details on our class about achieving the incentive!

Green Builder with Heart and Leadership Wanted!
Sawhorse Revolution is looking for one excellent builder to lead a group of 8-12 diverse high school students through a build project, supported by 5-6 adult volunteers. The group will create a tiny house for the Nickelsville Homeless Community. This house will incorporate as many recycled, reused, and up-cycled materials as possible, engaging youth in creativity inspired by "using what we have." The builder is able to design the structure, if desired, and will be responsible for leading the crew through the build process. They are looking for a builder with excellent leadership skills with a keen eye for design and a desire to pass these skills on to the next generation. If you are interested, contact Leah who can provide more details and put you in touch with the right people.
Save the Date! Built Green 2016 Conference
Block off September 13, 2016 on your calendars! This year's Built Green Conference will be held that day at Cascadia College in Bothell, WA. We will be announcing more details over the coming months, so stay tuned.

Who is Ellen Aebischer?!
No, Built Green doesn't have a new staff member...The Built Green Coordinator, formerly known as Ellen Cole, just got married! We're sending her our warmest congratulations. Please be sure to update your contacts with her new email address, eaebischer@mbaks.com and don't get confused when you receive emails from this strange new contact!
We look forward to more silliness and hard work with Ellen!
Enter Your Remodel Project Online for the 2016 REX/T-REX Awards
Help us celebrate the remodeling and trades professionals who help make our region shine. We would love to see Built Green members honored! The 2016 combined REX/T-REX Awards ceremony will take place Saturday, May 14. New and convenient online entry is now available. Register your project today!

The Future of Sustainability: A Community UnConference
February 11, Blakely Hall, Issaquah Highlands
Part of a series of events celebrating 20 years of Built Green in the Issaquah Highlands! This eventful day will include a class, How Millennials are Changing Real Estate (CEU Accredited), a happy hour with networking and a keynote and panel discussion on the past and future of the Issaquah Highlands. Find out more.

Built Green Home Tour: Sun Ridge by Ichijo USA
March 2, Sun Ridge Development, Issaquah
Take a tour of a home located within this 35 single-family home development. All homes are Built Green 5-Star and include 3.24 kw solar panels! These homes were featured in a case study by Built Green. Come see and learn more in person. Register for the free tour here.
Sustainable Cities Roundtable: Native American Perspectives on Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change
February 18, Wing Luke Museum Community Hall, Seattle
Western civilization has tended to view humans as somehow separate and distinct from the natural world, rather than as an integral part whose health and well-being is inextricably linked to that of the world around us. Many of today's great environmental challenges relate back in some way to this view. Looking at environmental stewardship through different cultural lenses can provide a new understanding of these challenges, their impacts on society and lessons to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Join us for a conversation about Native American perspectives on environmental education and stewardship, where speakers from various tribes and professional backgrounds will share their expertise and offer their unique perspectives on interacting with, learning about and respecting nature.
PHIUS Certified Builders Training
February 5-6 & 11-12, Glasswood Commercial Passive House Retrofit, Portland
This course covers material from an introduction to design theory and climate-specific detailing to materials, techniques, project management and quality assurance. It covers not only craftsmanship, but also focuses on the risks and liability to the passive house contractor and guidance in both problem solving and (more importantly) problem avoidance. The full program runs four days. Please note, there is currently waitlist space only. For more information and to register, please refer here.

WaterSense/Built Green Incentive Class
February 10, MBA Housing Center, Bellevue
Come learn about how you can receive $1,000 per unit for building green! This incentive is available for projects in Cascade Water Alliance's territory. In this class, we will cover the basics of Built Green certification, WaterSense New Home certification and the process of enrolling and receiving the incentive. Please RSVP to builtgreen@mbaks.com.

Lunch and Learn: Speak with Power - Start Building Authentic Stories
February 18, MBA Housing Center, Bellevue
You design, build and sell homes that save more energy, create more comfort, and change the world for the better. Yet, chances are that your current presentation about projects is still built out of plywood PPT, using general statements, big promises and reams of unnecessary data. This Lunch and Learn featuring Executive Speech Coach Leo Novsky, who has been coaching Northwest EcoBuilding Guild speakers for the last three years, will show you how to build a powerful presentation out of specific examples backed by specifically picked data - powered by your own passion - and deliver it in a time efficient, audience-friendly manner that inspires action in others and transforms the world one authentic story at a time. Register here.


Congratulations to:
Block II, LLC
for certifying 12 single-family townhomes in Seattle as 4-Star
Built Green.
for certifying four single-family townhomes and three single-family homes in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.
for certifying one 278-unit multi-family apartment building in Seattle as 3-Star Built Green.
Seadog Construction LLC
for certifying six single-family townhomes in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green

for certifying one 12-unit multi-family apartment building and three 24-unit multi-family apartment buildings as 3-Star Built Green.

Green Canopy Homes
for certifying three single-family townhomes in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

Pacificstar Development Inc. 
for certifying one single-family home in Kirkland as 4-Star Built Green.
Square One Construction LLC 
for certifying three single-family townhomes in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

Seattle Sound Homes LLC 
for certifying four single-family townhomes in Seattle as 4-Star
Built Green.

Sound Equities Incorporated 
for certifying four single-family townhomes in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

for certifying three single-family townhomes in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

for certifying one eight-unit multi-family apartment building in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

for certifying 256 multi-family apartments in Bellevue as 3-Star Built Green.

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