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June 2014

Volume 8, Number 5



Rainy days and rhubarb! It just goes to show that you can never really guess how the market season is going to unfold. We've been fortunate to hold TWO markets in the rain so far this season (and the rain has been gentle and kind during market hours, even parting for blue skies before the market was over last Saturday). I am often asked if the market closes for bad weather. My answer is always, "Well we haven't closed for bad weather, yet." We've gotten late starts. We've had to close early. If the vendors have produce to sell, they will more than likely be there.


If you haven't yet made it to the parking lot this season, here's a list of produce we are currently seeing: Tomatoes arrived just last

Thanks to Martha & David McKay, our bell ringers for opening market on May 3rd!

Saturday! I am told we can look forward to more rhubarb this week. There are still a few vendors with asparagus. On Saturday we saw green onions, beets, turnips, bok choy, cabbage, fresh herbs, salad mixes and greens, broccoli, and snap peas. We have cherries! The grassfed beef vendors who joined us this winter will continue to sell at Wednesday markets. The parking lot is getting full, with between 15 to 20 vendors at recent markets. 


Please join us on Saturday for our first Murphy's Menu cookoff of the season. Do you make the best coffee cake in town? Details below.


See you at the market!



 P.S. Watch our website for an introduction to our new and returning vendors!

June Market Calendar

Wednesday, June 11 - Market starts at 5pm, to be followed by Emporia Celebrates the Flint Hills Concert in the parking lot featuring The Skirts


Saturday, June 14 - Market opens at 8am. Murphy's Menu Coffee Cake Cookoff. See details below.


Wednesday, June 18 - Market starts at 5pm.

Sick Plant Clinic with Travis Carmichael, K-State Research and Extension, Lyon County.


Saturday, June 21 - Market opens at 8am.


Wednesday, June 25 - Market starts at 5pm, followed by Live in the Lot. See the entire Live in the Lot schedule by clicking here. (Emporia Gazette Link)


Saturday, June 28 - Market opens at 8am


Wednesday, July 2 - Market starts at 5pm. 


Murphy's Menu Coffee Cake Cookoff

This week, prepare for the Murphy's Menu Coffee Cake Cookoff which will take place on Saturday, June 14. Entries should be delivered to the market kiosk between 7:45 and 7:55am. 


Bring your coffee cake entry, a copy of your recipe, and get your photo taken by Regina Murphy of the Emporia Gazette. When the market bell rings at 8:00am, shoppers will be invited to taste and vote for their favorite entry. 


The winner will receive a culinary goodie bag, courtesy of the Emporia Gazette, and will be featured in a future issue. 

Thank you Friends and Supporters!
Dirty Kanza Pre-Race Palooza Dinner


We want to take a moment to thank everyone (community members and riders) who came out for our Pre-Race Palooza Dinner. It was a tremendous fundraiser and a learning opportunity, as always.  


Thanks to Graze the Prairie for partnering with us for this event. 



Thanks also to The Orchard for apples to make wonderful apple crisp for the event.  




And thanks to Emporia Subways!

Emporia Subways  


We couldn't have done it without our wonderful farmhands, of course. A huge round of applause goes to Janet Brassart, Naomi Brenzikofer, Ele Browning, Rachel Haag, Marcia Lawrence, Keith LongKristi Mohn, Wanda Myers, Linda Pechin, Ruthann Resch, Gretchen Russell, Barb Say, Anna Sharenburg, Evie Simmons, Kaman Simmons, Linda Simmons, Maddie Simmons, Rand Simmons, Becky Smith, Brandi Smith, Ben Stallings, Jessie Stallings, Ruth Wise and special thanks to Jim Cummins and the organizers and volunteers of the Dirty Kanza for inviting us to be part of this event.



 More about the Sick Plant Clinic, from Travis Carmichael, K-State Research & Extension Horticulture Agent


Heat, drought, insects, disease, and more heat are a substantial line-up for plant decline.  Just as we are getting into productive gardens or colorful flower displays, problems seem to hit like a brick. Symptoms of insect damage, disease, or environmental stress can all look similar.  Determining the cause of the problem is the first obstacle to get a plant back in good health.
The Sick Plant Clinic, occurring at the Saturday morning Emporia Farmers Market on May 17th  at 8:00 am, is a place to bring your ailing plants for information on diagnoses and treatment.  I'll be there to answer your questions about plant decline, insect damage, yellowing leaves, stunted or distorted growth, or dieback. If you are unsure what a plant is, bring it by for identification.
To participate, bring a representative sample which would include a portion of the plant showing the transition of healthy tissue to the problem tissue. For insect identification, bring the insect as well as the damage being caused.  If it is not feasible to bring in a sample, such as in the case of a tree trunk, pictures or detailed information will help. There is no charge for this educational event.
Try to answer the following questions about your ailing plant before bringing it to the Sick Plant Clinic.  This information will help identify the problem.

1. Kind of plant- Variety
2. How long has it been established in its present location?  I.e. Has it been recently transplanted?
3. Exposure;   N - S - E - W- full sun or shade?
4. What is the nature of the soil?  Tight clay?  Drainage?
5. When did the problem first appear?  Has it happened before?
6. Are any other plants in the vicinity similarly affected?
7. What part of the plant was affected first?  Top or bottom?  Which side?
8. Has there been any construction near the plant?    How recently? 
9. Have underground utilities been installed or replaced near the plant recently?
10. Is the soil around the plant subject to foot or vehicular traffic that could lead to compaction?  Is there pavement near the plant?
11. Have there been any weed killers used nearby?  If so, what and when?  Has salt or other ice melting material been used nearby?
What are the symptoms that have appeared?  How have they progressed?  Is there any pattern of development?
12. What program of watering and fertilizing has been followed?
13. Have there been any fungicides or insecticides used on the plant?  If so, what and when?
14. Is there any evidence of mechanical damage to the plant (i.e. lawn mower/nylon cord trimmer)?
15. Are there any suspicious insects present?  What do they look like?
16. Try to bring as much of the plant as possible, and as fresh as possible.  

For more information on the Sick Plant Clinic, call the Extension office at 620-341-3220.



Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Thank You from Rinker 4-H Club
Dear Tracy Simmons, Farmers Market Board, and Volunteers,

Thank you for agreeing to Rinker 4-H Club holding our breakfast burrito fundraiser on Sat., 5/31/2014 at the Farmers Market Kiosk. The funds raised will help members attending 4-H camp or activities and the continued maintenance of our meeting location, The Union School House.  


We had a really successful fundraiser. Not knowing how many burritos to make, we made around twenty or more of each of the four varieties to sell that morning. Bacon, sausage, veggie, and the works combination were the available choices. Additionally we had some pre-sells. It was a beautiful and very active day at the Market and in Emporia. 


We sold out in one hour!   


We are very appreciative of the help you and the volunteers provided us. We understand for events to come together it requires the dedication of volunteers. You are fortunate to have friendly and knowledgeable volunteers helping at the Market. Thank you also for helping promote this fundraiser for our club. Even though we did promotional articles with the local media and posters, you were able to touch another part of our community.  


Theresa McFarland along with Rinker 4-H Club Members and Families  

Thank you to our Market Farmhands & Musicians
May Farmhands: Janet Brassart, Ele Browning, Ellen Hansen, Marcia Lawrence, Mary McGaw, Ruthann Resch, Jamie Roberts, Becky Smith, Brandi Smith.

Sam Bland, Kendra Briggs, Kenji Bolden, Nick Dikin, Rick Garcia, Bob Haselhun, Jane McCoy, and Eric Murphy. 
Kendra Briggs & Kenji Bolden

Three Old Men!? Market shoppers enjoyed music by Ric Garcia, Nick Dikin, and Sam Bland.

Eric Murphy


Jane McCoy played for our first Wednesday Market.
Here's a shout out to TFI Family Services for hosting our May 10th market. Thanks for the shopping bags! Thanks for the help checking vendors in and out. Thanks for the good company! Thanks for supporting the Emporia Farmers Market.


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