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August 2013


Volume 7, No. 8



Well this change in weather has brought some welcome rain. It just goes to prove there is no use in trying to predict. I look forward to hearing from market vendors about prospects for the next couple of months. For now, the market is looking good and the selection is continuing to grow.


Please join us for music and breakfast burritos on Saturday.  I've set up a pre-order option on the market website that will be open through Thursday at 5:00PM. Just in case you want to make sure we have yummy sausage or bacon or vegetarian burrito with your name on it! Or if you want to treat your co-workers for breakfast on Saturday, let us know in advance that you are making a large order and we'll have them packaged and ready for you.


We look forward to more music, more veggies, more vendors, more fun at the market in August. Don't forget to check out the guidelines (below) for the Murphy's Menu Fruit Pie Cook-Off on Wednesday, August 28. Win fame and the devotion of your pie-loving friends! It'll be fun. Bake us a pie! 


See you at the market!


Tracy Simmons
Market Manager     


Thanks to the market's lead sponsor


ESB Financial  


ESB Financial

ESB Financial, Emporia's only home owned and operated bank, and the 30-year-old Emporia Farmers Market continue their partnership in fresh and locally grown food. ESB Financial has been the official lead sponsor of the market since 2003 when the Farmers Market kiosk was installed. EFM has experienced steady growth with annual sales up 34 percent from 2008-12.

Become a Friend of the Emporia Farmers Market


Stop by the Market Kiosk to become a Friend of the Emporia Farmers Market , or join/update your membership online  today!


Emporia Farmers' Market

In This Issue
Breakfast Burrito Fundraiser
Murphy's Menu Fruit Pie Cook-Off
Watermelon Carving Contest Winner
Emporia Farmers Market Series of Classes at Community Connections
Cool Cucumber for Hot Days
Introducing 2013 Vendors
Breakfast Burrito Fundraiser
by Friends of the Emporia Farmers Market  
Live Music by Savanna Chestnut


Join your friends and neighbors for breakfast at the market on Saturday, August 3


ESU President, Dr. Michael Shonrock

Emporia Lawyer, Rand Simmons

Saturday, August 3, starting at 8:00AM

Sausage & Bacon Burritos $4.50
Vegetarian Burritos $4.00


New! Pre-order and pay for your burritos online if you wish.

All burritos are made with fresh and local ingredients. Locally raised Berkshire Pork (bacon or sausage). Potatoes, onions, peppers (both sweet and spicy) from EFM vendors. Mama Lupe Tortillas (Moundridge, KS) and Alma Cheese (Alma, KS) courtesy of Country Mart North. Vegetarian burritos include black beans seasoned with in-season market ingredients.

Thanks to Country Mart North, Emporia, for sponsoring our breakfast burrito fundraisers!



Murphy's Menu
invites you to enter
Homemade Fruit Pie Cook-Off


FREE entry. All are welcome to enter -- EFM vendors and shoppers alike. All ages!


Wednesday, August 28

Entries due at the market kiosk by 4:45pm


One entry per baker. Please bring  copy of the recipe with your name and telephone number on it.


If you want your pie plate returned, please be at the market at 6pm to collect it.


Bite-sized portions of entries will be served, starting at 5pm when the market bell rings. Shoppers will get to vote on their favorite pie.


Winning entry announced at 6pm; winner will receive a culinary goody bag. (And fame!)

For more information contact Regina Murphy, [email protected] or (620) 342-4800.



Homegrown Celebration Watermelon Carving Contest Winner
Melanie Madden

  Watermelon Carving Contest Winner

More images from the 10th Annual Homegrown Celebration can be found on our Facebook page.

Emporia Farmers' Market The Emporia Farmers Market Series of Classes at Community Connections  

Check out the website for a full listing of classes:  http://flinthills.augusoft.net or

Enroll online, at the front office or call 341-1392 today!


Pie Baking 101 with Farmgirl Fresh
Wednesday, August 14, 6:00pm-8:30pm. Everything you need to know to successfully turn out beautiful and tasty pies, including two different pie crust recipes and tips on getting that perfect mile-high meringue. In this class each participant will create their own fresh apple pie to take home and bake. Learn the secrets of this timeless art form with the Farmgirl Fresh mother-daughter team who bakes year round at home and for the Council Grove Farmer's Market season. Sponsored in part by the Emil Babinger Charitable Trust.
Seed Saving
Thursday, August 29, 6:00pm-8:00pm. Growing and saving old time vegetable varieties has become increasingly popular among gardeners as they seek to preserve genetic diversity, cultural heritage, and regional adaptation of crops. Learn how to save your favorite vegetable seeds for your own use and to share with friends. This class covers seed saving basics, from growing and harvesting, to proper drying and storing techniques.
Rain Barrel Workshop
Wednesday, August 21, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Take advantage of summer showers!  During this class you will learn how to create a rain barrel that can be used at home to collect rain water.  Join us and take one step toward "greening" your home.  You'll leave with the finished product.
Check out all the courses offered through Community Connections by visiting their website at http://flinthills.augusoft.net or look for a course catalog at the market or any area business
Cool Cucumber for Hot Days
Cool Cucumbers for Hot Days 
When I go out on hot summer days, I often trade my bottle of water for a cool cucumber--or two, or three. The clean flavor and crunch make cucumbers much more satisfying and thirst quenching, not to mention more nutritious, than plain old water--or even newfangled vitamin water.

A Tall, Cold...Cucumber?


Because cucumbers are mostly water, they are refreshing and cooling. Once thought to be largely devoid of nutrients, food scientists have found that cucumbers do in fact have significant amounts of nutrients, especially in their skins. For starters, they contain vitamins C and A, folic acid, iron, potassium, manganese, and silica. Silica works synergistically with calcium and vitamin D to increase collagen production, promoting healthy skin and connective tissue-so go ahead and put those cucumber slices on your eyes like they did in the old movies!

Healthy Inside and Out


In addition, cucumbers are a good source of molybdenum--which is not only fun to say, but is vital for many brain functions, including memory. Finally, cucumbers are one of the very few vegetables that contain the amino acid tryptophan, which can convert into the neurotransmitter serotonin, and may function as a natural mood-lifter and appetite-curb.


Cucumber skin contains large amounts of caffeic acid, an antioxidant that mops up free radicals and prevents cell damage. The skin also contains high amounts of fiber, potassium, magnesium and silica.

Quick and Easy to Prepare


Local farmers often grow heirloom cucumbers, bred for flavor, not for travelling long distances or staying on store shelves for weeks. These varieties have thin skins, and are super-easy to prepare. Try slicing them for sandwiches or salads, or eating them on their own, like an apple or carrot. Here are a few quick serving ideas:

  • Make a cold gazpacho soup by putting cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers (sweet and/or hot) and onions in a food processor. Then add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Add diced cucumber to tuna fish or chicken salad
  • Slice thinly, and make a cucumber salad with a few thin slices of sweet onion, a few splashes of rice vinegar, a few drops of sesame oil, and a little salt and pepper
And, yes, water makes up 90 percent of a cucumber's weight, which makes them low in calories and good for making sure you're hydrated. So instead of toting a bottle of water this summer, carry a crunchy cucumber from your local farmer! 




Asian Cucumber Salad



1 tablespoon sesame seeds

1 pound cucumbers

� teaspoon salt

1/3 cup seasoned rice vinegar

� teaspoon instant Dashi granules (optional; available in many grocery stores)

1 teaspoon sesame oil, or to taste


1. In a dry heavy skillet, toast sesame seeds over moderate heat, shaking skillet, until golden. Let cool.

2. Cut cucumbers into very thin slices. Sprinkle with salt and drain in a colander 10 minutes.

3. In a bowl stir together vinegar and dashi granules until granules are dissolved. Add cucumber and oil, tossing to coat.

4. Serve at room temperature or chilled, sprinkled with sesame seeds.


Seasonal Cook's Notes: You can use any variety of cucumber for this salad, but the long, thin Japanese or English cucumbers have thin skins, and fewer seeds.




Send us your photos and links to the recipes you make, and we'll share them with our 1,000+ Facebook followers.  If you'd like to include your name, location, and a caption for your photo, we'll share that as well.  Send to [email protected]. 


For more information about the benefits of buying local food and a chart of what's in season when, check out our Farm Fresh Now! Infographic


The best way to enjoy healthy, seasonal produce is to buy it from your local community farmer. To locate the farmers' market or CSA nearest you, or visit www.localharvest.org

Farm Fresh Now! is a project of The Land Connection, an educational nonprofit that preserves farmland, trains new farmers, and connects people with great locally-grown foods. This series is made possible with generous support from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Article by Terra Brockman; photo by Cara Cummings.








Introducing 2013 Market Vendors

The following is a list of vendor who have joined market since the last newsletter. For a complete directory, including images (in progress), please see our website.




Troublesome Creek Farms ~ Cathy Ernst

Year began selling with EFM: 2013

Products Offered: A variety of tomatoes, melons, peppers and cucumbers. Will have grapes in the fall.

Vegetables are grown in a hoop house.

Carmen Esch

Year began selling with EFM: 2011
Products Offered: A variety of garden produce.



Jayashree George

Year began selling with EFM: 2013

Products Offered: Small paintings, greeting cards, journals and miscellaneous hand crafted items.



Heck Family Farms Produce - Duane Heck

Year began selling with EFM: 2000

Products Offered: Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Cantaloupe, Watermelons.



Jase Hubert

Year began selling with EFM: 2006

Products Offered: A variety of fresh garden produce.



Jirak Brothers Produce: Steve Jirak

Year began selling with EFM: 1983

Products Offered: Sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, pumpkins and gourds.



Lyon Farms: Greg & Teresa Lyon

Began selling with EFM: December 2013

Products Offered: A variety of garden produce.

Jason Vogts
Year began selling with EFM: 2011

Products Offered: Tomatoes (Big Beef, Celebrity), Onions (Candy, Texas Super Sweet), Peppers (Banana, Bell)



Z Gardens: Tony Zouplna
Year began selling with EFM: 2013

Products Offered: A variety of fresh vegetables including potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, tomatillo. Baked goods including zucchini bread. Five types of day lily plants.

We use natural mulches, avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers whenever possible.




A complete directory (in progress) of Market Vendors will be available at



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 Thank YOU for Shopping Emporia Farmers Market.


Thank You for shopping the Emporia Farmers Market
photo by Evie Simmons


Wednesdays 5 PM 

till approximately 6:15 PM, depending on weather and produce available -- shop early for the best selection! 


Saturdays 8 AM

 till approximately 10:30 AM, depending on weather and produce available -- shop early for the best selection!



August 3, 8AM 

Breakfast Burrito Fundraiser

Music by Savanna Chestnut


August 7, 5PM


August 10, 8AM 

Music by Lee Muller



Sunday, August 11, 5PM, Lyon County Fairgrounds

(north end)


August 14, 5PM


August 17, 8AM


August 21, 5PM


August 24, 8AM

Music by Lance Fahy


August 28, 5PM 

Murphy's Menu Homemade Fruit Pie Cook-Off 


August 31, 8AM

 Market hosted by Clean Sweep Emporia



Located in 

Downtown Emporia


Parking Lot at 7th & Merchant




The Emporia Farmers Market Accepts Vision Cards 


The market is currently offering $2 in market tokens for every $1 a customer spends on a state of Kansas Vision Card. Please see a volunteer at the market kiosk/desk for details. Offer good while supplies last.


This gift made possible by the Emil Babinger Charitable Trust. 

Thank You to our Farmhands


The Market could not run without you!


July Market Volunteers:

Riley Botkin

Taylor Botkin

Ele Browning

John Dougherty

Missy Floyd

Ellen Hansen

Jessica Hopkins

Ruthann Resch

Evie Simmons

Kaman Simmons

Maddie Simmons

Rand Simmons

Becky Smith

Ben Stallings

Marilyn Thomas


ESB Financial Homegrown Celebration Crew!

ESB Homegrown Celebration Crew  


KDHE Rapid Market Assessment Assistants

Riley Botkin

Taylor Botkin

David Fowler

Katherine Macgregor

Evie Simmons

Kaman Simmons

Maddie Simmons


Veggie Valets:

Ashlyn Alingh

Jarrett Botkin

Bradley Scheller




Market Musicians:


The Neighborly Brothers  

The Neighborly Brothers


Savanna Chestnut

Savanna Chestnut


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Emporia Realty Group 

PraireLand Partners
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The Emil Babinger Chartiable Trust


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 Elbert Liquor Store


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Simmons Law Office 


Don & Ruth Wise

Many Thanks to the Friends of the Emporia Farmers Market & Farmhands

Tom & Rachel Andrews
Heath & Kim Botkin
Riley Botkin
Taylor Botkin
Janet Brassart
Harold & Naomi Brenzikofer
Ele Browning
Jessica Bucholtz
Betty Campbell & Margaret
Laura Clawson new!
Judy Conway
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Kaman Simmons
Maddie Simmons
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Anna Tall
Pam Thuma
Cheryl Unruh
Jesse & Beth Wilson
Ruth Wise
Casey & Erin Woods
Jennifer Youngblood
Barbara Younger
and Market Musicians
Sara Coltrane
Savanna Chestnut
Sue Claridge
Lance Fahy
Joe Foster
Bill Ihling
Eric Martin
Jane McCoy
Lee C. Muller
The Neighborly Brothers
Carlos Pringle
Ben Stallings
P.J. Stephenson
Anne Strobel
Charlie Wilks
Anton Zouplna
Anton Zouplna, Sr.
Anton Zouplna, III
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