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Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy. ~Nisargadatta 


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The Center for Integrative Medicine is supported in part by philanthropic donations. We raise money to help cancer patients access massage therapy and acupuncture who may not otherwise be able to afford these services. If you would like to donate, please click here for a list of funds you can contribute to or contact Jordan Mann, Practice Manager, at for more information.

Complementary Cancer Support Funding Program

Thanks to generous donations and fund raising efforts, TCFIM is often able to offer some of our CAM therapies at no cost to patients undergoing active cancer treatments.  While our program can only enroll a limited number of patients at one time, we encourage you to apply if you are in active treatment and we will let you know if we have funds available. See the brochure for more information on the program.

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Summer offers its advantages of giving us motivation and incentives to live healthier. Your behaviors have adapted in unique ways to the warmer months allowing for good habits to be established. For instance, warm weather brings a greater opportunity to get outside and be active. Or when you eat, you are probably motivated to eat lighter with more fruit and vegetables. This newsletter offers some health tips for beating the summer heat, patient insight on how chiropractic has helped with cerebral palsy, an acupuncturist's insight on tongue diagnosis and mastering the art of positive thinking.


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The Center for Integrative Medicine  

Seasonal Health Tips    
Summer 2013


Warm weather and long days promote energy and activity. Read on for some tips on eating foods that balance the summer heat, some common health myths and do-it-yourself ideas.  


Click here for tips on healthy living at this time of the season.


Patient Insight
Chiropractic Therapy 
Gary Crites


Patient Gary Crites has been coming to The Center for Integrative Medicine for the past four years to receive relief from some of the side effects of cerebral palsy through chiropractic therapy.


Provider Brian Enebo talks about his treatment philosophy and some common chiropractic myths.


Read the full article here.

Alternative Therapies
Tongue Diagnosis  
Dr. Daisy Dong

If you have ever seen an acupuncturist or other Traditional Chinese Medicine provider, they may have asked you to stick out your tongue and you may have wondered why. What are they looking at? How much information can a tongue actually reveal about a person's health? As it turns out, quite a lot.


Read on for some insight from one of our acupuncturists, Dr. Daisy Dong, on how the subtle imbalances that can be detected by eastern medicine techniques may allow for illnesses to be caught at its inception stage, before costlier and more devastating illness takes place. Read full article here
Mindful Living
The art of positive thinking 


Psychology tells us that our mind controls our body. So, taking charge of your mind becomes a vital factor in keeping your body healthy. Just like any art, once you build the basic skills and start to flow with it, your creations (thoughts and manifestations) become more and more satisfying.

Read on for some theories on negative thinking, methods for positive thinking and how happiness may actually lie in the middle of the two extremes. Read full article here.