Moving Time 
July 2016 
New Church Facilities

With our impressions of Jarunfest still settling in, as a church we had no time to rest. For immediately following this massive, exhausting yet fruitful event, as a church we were faced with the problem of  having to move out of our current facilities. Finding a new place of meeting suitable to our needs has been a huge challenge, especially on such short notice and considering our current budget. Most of the places we've looked at tend to rent for prices above our financial limits and often require renovation or some kind of construction to adapt the facilities to our needs. We've devised a temporarily solution by renting a conference hall in the hotel adjacent to our offices, but this is operationally very complicated as our children's ministries are being held in our office space while our adult services are held in the conference room in the hotel next door. We also needed to rent storage space for all of our equipment and furniture. 
Through all of this, God has been so faithful. He provided us with storage space at a very low cost through some acquaintances and we've just this last week found facilities located above a grocery store near the center of Zagreb. Their renting price was over double what we could afford, however, we decided to make them an offer that we could afford and additionally asked for 3 months rent free due to renovation and our offer was accepted! The owners are also willing to put our rent toward purchasing if we decide to do so within 5 years. Please pray for us as we sign the contract with them this week. We will need to raise an additional $25,000 to complete renovations and move in by September. It is a step of faith, but we are believing that as God has miraculously opened doors thus far, he will continue to do so.
New Church Members
Regardless of the uncertainties with which we are presently faced, it is a great joy to see new people joining our church and becoming members. Our last Sunday service in our former facilities was a special one because we had the opportunity to officially accept several new members who've gone through our new believers course and had been baptized in the lake during Jarunfest. They came forward to publically receive their baptism and membership certificates and we prayed a blessing over them and in their lives as they continue to walk with Jesus. One of them is a twelve year old girl who attended the class and was baptized together with her father. Her mother was baptized last year and the entire family (three younger girls) is faithful in attendance and service in the church
Political Unrest in Croatia
Since the formation of the new government in November 2015, there has been political and governmental unrest in Croatia. After long, exhausting negotiations and several turnovers, the Government was finally formed out of the two main political parties. However, from the very beginning the new government has seemed generally unstable and unable to make decisions within appropriate time frames. After almost two months of political crisis caused by an affair connected to one of the Vice Prime Ministers (due to conflict of interest), Parliament has voted on the removal of the Prime Minister and consequently the entire government. We are now facing new elections (likely to be held at the beginning of September). Please hold our country in your prayers. We are in great need of a new, capable government that can bring about wise, profitable decisions for the people. 
Texas Ministry

Our family is doing well. The children are enjoying their time off of school. Mario will be leaving for the States in mid-July and traveling and ministering in the state of Texas for 5 weeks in the Dallas and Houston areas. If you live in these areas or will be visiting during the months of July or August, you will be able to find his ministry schedule on Facebook. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. We are truly thankful to God for you all!
Mario and Bonnie Ducic
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