Jarunfest Outreach 
June 2016 
Jarunfest 2016

As the final song of the last concert at this year's Jarunfest was being played, heavy storm clouds covered the sky over the Multi-sensory park at Lake Jarun where our largest outreach event of the year was held. The first raindrops began to fall as we packed our stuff and left the park. During the week preceding the event weather had been unstable but we fervently prayed for a nice, sunny day so that we wouldn't have to reschedule the event. God answered our prayers and throughout the entire day the weather was beautiful and sunny.  At one point a rainbow even appeared in the sky behind the stage as if to remind us that God's promises are yes and amen! With concerts featuring Christian bands from various churches and towns, a children's program and puppet show, jumping castles, face painting, balloon art and many other fun activities both kids and adults joined us at the park for fun and games. During the day we handed out 1,500 free hamburgers and hot dogs along with Gospel tracts for each unsaved individual. Visitors of the park were pleasantly surprised with the free program, and they had the opportunity to hear the message of salvation. We were privileged to see the fruits of our labor the very next day when a lady that had visited Jarunfest attended our Sunday service. Our week of fasting and prayer during the month of May brought forth fruit. We know that God answered our prayers and poured his blessings. 

We also held a short baptism service during a break in our program at the lake. Five new believers confessed their faith and joined our church family through water baptism. We are excited that throughout the last couple of years we have had preteens and teens of our church accepting Christ and being baptized. As a church we invest a lot in the new generation and are thrilled to see them grow in faith. 
Church Facility Issues
Issues regarding our facilities continue. Even though the owner of our current location verbally agreed to allow us stay at a lower price, he changed his mind before we could sign a contract with him as he received a better offer for the space. We are presently in the process of looking for a new meeting place with extremely short notice. This is a very difficult situation for us as the kind of facilities that would meet our needs tend to rent for prices above our financial limits and often require renovation or some kind of construction to adapt them to our needs. In addition, moving always represents stress for the entire church body and its ministries as well as additional cost. Please pray for God's guidance, open doors and a miracle in locating a suitable meeting place.
USA Ministry 
Mario is currently very busy planning his trip to the States. He will be leaving in mid-July and traveling and ministering in Texas for a month in the Dallas and Houston areas. If you live in the area or are visiting during the month of July or August, you will be able to find his ministry schedule on Facebook.
Our children finally finished out the school year and we are very satisfied with how the year turned out. It was a difficult one, but their hard work paid off. Bonnie and the children are relaxing and enjoying their time off.  
We thank you for all of your faithful prayers and support. May the Lord bless you during these summer months as you enjoy the sun and hopefully relax at some point.
Mario and Bonnie Ducic
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