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The Hidden Ingredient to 
Successful Gymnastics Performance

by Gerald S. George, Ph.D.

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Minimizing the Payload

Dr. George
Dr. George
In gymnastics, unlike other sports such as weight lifting, your "load" is your own body weight. Thus, it is critical for a gymnastics performer to maximize the body's "power to weight" ratio.

The smart way to accomplish this centers upon optimizing percent of body fat.
Muscle is the "engine" of the body, everything else is the remaining "cargo." So we must optimize the engine (lean body mass), and minimize the cargo (non-essential body fat), within healthy limits, of course.

Learning how to strike the most effective balance between these two variables becomes the hidden ingredient to success in gymnastics.
As less effort is required to move one's body, learning takes place more readily and ultimate performance becomes a reality--thus leading to success initially, rather than finally.

There is only one way to accomplish this--proper diet and nutrition.

"It's in the balance, you see."

The Importance of Nutrition in Athletic Performance 

According to current research, the proper mix of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients serves to clearly enhance muscle cell function, which in turn directly translates to high-level performance.  

Proper nutrition not only "fuels" the body, but also recreates the cells of the body on a continual basis. Because proper nutrition directly relates to the quality of our cells and their energy delivery systems, it becomes a critical ingredient to successful performance.

Principles of High-Performance Nutrition

Here are some keys to optimal nutrition for gymnasts by Dr. Roy Vartabedian, one of the world's leading experts on nutrition, and author of the New York Times best-seller "Nutripoints: Healthy Eating Made Simple!"    
  1. Keep total calories and fat calories low, to maintain ideal body weight and percent body fat.  
  2. Keep protein levels moderate to maintain lean body mass, and complex carbohydrate calories moderate to high for energy to fuel muscles.
  3. Eat high nutrient-dense foods get the most nutrients per calorie. These foods are high in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, and low in calories. Generally they are also low in fat, by nature of being low in calories. 

An easy way to achieve all three of these goals is to follow Dr. Vartabedian's Nutripoints book recommendations in his best-selling Nutripoints book and program which identifies the best foods for developing a lean, peak-performing athletic body.   


He does this with a special formula which measures the overall nutritional value of every food (nutrient density). With Nutripoints there is no need for counting calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc...all that work has been done for you, and formulated into just one number--the Nutripoint score. The higher the score, the better the food, it's that simple.


I highly recommend Dr. Vartabedian's book and program for gymnasts as simple way to get the best nutrition for achieving a healthy body fat ratio and peak athletic performance.


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How Nutripoints Works 

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