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February 2014

Updates from TRIPLL!

The Translational Research Institute on Pain in Later Life (TRIPLL) is an NIH funded Edward R. Roybal Center. Our eNewsletter provides recent news, events, and funding opportunities related to pain and aging. In this issue we feature studies that evaluate exercise programs for older adults with pain, fear of falling among community dwelling older adults, and pain detection among older adults with cognitive impairments; as well as upcoming events and recent pain and aging related funding opportunities. 

News and Recent Research

The following section features recent news and research studies that focus on pain and aging 

Pain and Psychological Concerns about Falling among Community Dwelling Older Adults

The authors of a recent study published in Disability and Rehabilitation reviewed the research evidence "linking pain to psychological

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concerns about falling in community dwelling older adults." The authors conducted a systematic review of 3398 studies, of which 12 "measured psychological concerns related to falling in a sample of community dwelling older adults with pain," and were subjected to further review. The results of the review provides "provisional evidence that pain may increase older adult's risk of developing fear of falling (FOF), avoiding activities due to a FOF and impact their falls efficacy," and that "the impact of falls on pain conditions are rarely investigated." 


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Pain Detection in Older Adults with Cognitive Impairments

In Pain Medicine the authors of a recent study examined possible

methods for detecting "pain among older adults in long term care facilities who are unable to communicate due to cognitive impairments." The authors enrolled 59 older adults with limited ability to communicate and assessed their pain using the "Pain Assessment Checklist for Seniors with Limited Ability to Communicate (PACSLAC) and the Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia (PAINAD) assessment tool." The study results indicate that the PAINAD and the PACSLAC were better at detecting pain in comparison to standard interdisciplinary evaluations conducted by health professionals in long-term care facilities.


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Fitness Standards of Older Adult Women with Fibromyalgia

The authors of a study published in Journal of Aging and Physical

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Activity "compared fitness of older adult women with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) with performance standards associated with functional independence in late life." The authors reviewed data collected from a "longitudinal study that tracked physical/cognitive function of 93 women with FMS and included the most recent symptoms, activity levels, and fitness assessments of each participant." The authors conclude that "high proportions of women with FMS do not meet fitness standards recommended for maintaining physical independence in late life, indicating a risk for disability."


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Cryotherapy for Older Adults with Back Pain

The authors of a recent study published in Aging Male aimed to evaluate the effects of whole-body cryotherapy  (WBC) "treatment on the improvement of spine activity and back pain in elderly men." The authors enrolled 96 older adult men age 65-75 who experienced chronic lower back pain over the span of 3 months. All participants "performed physical exercises at a gym, of which half of the examined patients performed only physical exercises while the second half of the group participated in WBC before performing the same exercises." The authors found that the WBC group reported significantly lower pain levels and displayed increased mobility."

Click here for more pain and aging related research studies. 

 Upcoming Events

The following list includes upcoming seminars, meetings, wellness courses, and conferences that  focus on aging, pain, or general research methods

TRIPLL's January Work-in-Progress Seminar 

TRIPLL will host a Work in Progress (WIP) seminar on  

February 11, 2014 from 12:00PM -1:00PM EST (please note the date change).
 The WIP is an open forum designed to improve the research proposals of junior and senior researchers, faculty, and health care professionals. Contact Marcus Warmington at maw2054@med.cornell.eduif you have any questions or would like to participate.  
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TRIPLL's February 2014 Webinar 

Keela Herr, PhD, RN; Co-Director, John A. Hartford Center for Geriatric Nursing Excellence, University of Iowa College of Nursing, will make a presentation titled "Quality Pain Care for All Older Adults: Progress & Future Directions." on

February 24 from 3-4PM EST.


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Social and Psychopathologies of Aging (CASOPSY)

Randi Anderson, JD, MSW, of Hunter College School of Social Work, will teach a course on the psycho-social, cultural and biological factors that influence psychological wellness during aging. The price of the course if $450 and class sessions will be held on  February 18, 25 and March 4, 11, 18 from 6-9 PM EST.


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The following Wellness Course is for Community Dwelling Older Adults



Yogalates is a popular form of exercise that blends the best of yoga

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and Pilates. Both techniques combine to help improve stamina and posture while developing a general sense of well-being. In the beginner level class, participants focus on integrating breathing with movements and basic stretching and learn the importance of core muscle strength for better posture. In the intermediate level class, the focus is on elements learned in the beginner level class along with more advanced movement sequences to improve strength and flexibility. Space is limited to 10 participants.

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Serenity After Sixty: A 4-session Mindfulness Meditation Series for Older Adults

Margo Kakoullis, PsyD,  Nimali Jayasinghe, PhD, of Weill Cornell Medical College, will host a series of meditation classes for older adults. Meditation sessions are free and open to the public and will be held on February 6,13, 20 from 1-2PM EST.


Call: 646-962-5721 or email: for more information.


Click here for more pain and aging related events.

Funding Opportunities

Recent pain and aging related funding for health care professionals, senior academic researchers, and junior faculty 


Recent Pain and Aging Related Funding
Pain in Aging
Funder: National Institute of Health
Funding Amount: $200,000
Due Date: June 16, 2014
Overview:This FOA encourages Small Grant (R03) applications from institutions/organizations that propose to study pain from an aging perspective, including studies of older populations, studies of age differences and age-related changes in pain processes and experiences, and studies of pain treatment and management in older adults. This FOA particularly encourages studies on 1) mechanisms and predictors of pain experience in aging, 2) development and evaluation of pain assessment tools for older adults or older model organisms, and 3) development and evaluation of pain management strategies in older adults, with particular attention to the challenges associated with treating pain in patients with multiple morbidities.

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Development of Opioid and Adjuvant Fixed Combination Dosage Forms for the Treatment of Chronic Pain with Reduced Addiction Potential 
Funder: National Institute of Health
Funding Amount: TBD
Open Date: March 5, 2014
OverviewThis Funding Opportunity Announcement seeks small business organizations to develop opioid and adjuvant drug combinations within a single dosage form for treatment of a pain condition. The drug combination should provide improved analgesia when compared with the same dose (morphine equivalents) of opioid monotherapy. Such dosage forms should minimize opioid exposure while optimizing analgesia, in order to reduce risk of addiction and limit severity of other opiate adverse effects.

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Mechanisms, Models, Measurement, and Management in Pain

Funder: National Institute of Health

Funding Amount: TBD

Due Date: Rolling Acceptance

Overview: New advances are needed in every area of pain research, from the micro perspective of molecular sciences to the macro perspective of behavioral and social sciences. Although great strides have been made in some areas, such as the identification of neural pathways of pain, the experience of pain and the challenge of treatment have remained uniquely individual and unsolved. Research to address these issues conducted by interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research teams is strongly encouraged, as is research from underrepresented, minority, disabled, or women investigators.     

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Multidisciplinary Studies of HIV/AIDS and Aging (R21)

Funder: National Institute of Health (NIH)

Funding Amount: TBA

Due Date: April 8, 2014

Overview: "This funding announcement invites applications proposing to study HIV infection, HIV-associated conditions, HIV treatment, and/or biobehavioral or social factors associated with HIV/AIDS in the context of aging and/or in older adults. Research approaches of interest include clinical translational, observational, and intervention studies in domestic and international settings." 


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Click here for a list of ongoing pain and aging related funding announcements.

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The Translational Research Institute on Pain in Later Life (TRIPLL) is an NIA funded Edward R. Roybal center with a focus on persistent pain due to both cancer and non-cancer related causes. TRIPLL is a collaboration between investigators at Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell-Ithaca, Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, Hospital for Special Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Visiting Nurse Service of New York and Council of Senior Centers & Services of NYC, Inc.